Monday, November 23, 2009

Letter from a former Regular Worshipper

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date : Nov 18, 2009 10:53 PM

subject : Thanks for your continuous noble quest

Calvary Today,

I used to be a regular attendee of Calvary Church Damansara Heights until recently. Throughout my one and half year or so association with Calvary Church, I sensed something is very wrong with the leadership of the SP and his wife. Of course, I feel blessed that Calvary Church still have great pastors such as Steven Kum, Richard Yun and David Seah but the same cannot be said of SP and wife.

For that reason alone and reckoning that I am probably the lone voice in the wilderness, I have decided to stay away from Calvary Church. Today news report in the STAR confirms what I have been suspecting all along and when I googled further and discovered “Calvary Today” blog, I can’t help but to rejoice knowing that my sentiment had all along been shared by at least a probably small righteous group amongst the CC congregation.

I just want to express my sincere thanks for your great works in standing up for the truth and pray that God will bless all of you abundantly.

P____ L______

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Anonymous said...

I used to fellowship in Calvary DH way back in 1992. Even back then, I felt uneasy with the way funds were constantly raised. Asking for faith promises by asking the congregation to write on a piece of paper in the presence of all is exerting undue pressure. I didnt last long there. Left within a yr or two as I didnt feel the great emphasis on raising money is right. Now this matter has imploded and it is sad on the one hand but I guess the truth when it surfaced, will set everyone free.