Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bario Revival 1973 - 40th Anniversary

2013 is a very significant year for Malaysia. As a nation, we just had our 13th General Elections which saw a large population unite together to break down the walls of racism, fear and intimidation and to rise up to voice out for greater unity among the many races and to proclaim peace and harmony in our country.  

 However, for the Church in Malaysia, 2013 is even more significant as it also marks the 40th Anniversary of the Bario Revival in Sarawak, East Malaysia which happened in 1973.

 As such, we have decided to REPOST the article we published in April 2011 to remind us of the goodness of God upon our country and our people, especially for the people of Sarawak. The number 40 has many great significances in the Bible. It usually signifies the ending of something old and crossing over to something new.

 As we revisit this old article, may we be reminded of God’s grace upon our nation especially for the people of Sarawak and may we also be encouraged to believe that God will send us another Revival experience and this time it will be a Revival for the whole nation.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bario Revival 1973, Revisited

This is a major Revival which happened in Bario, Sarawak which we believe should be told and retold so that what God has done in Malaysia will never be forgotten for generations to come. In fact, it is our prayer that God will revisit us and send us a fresh Revival. As an introduction to the Bario Revival, we found this article which gives a very comprehensive in depth information. Please click on the Title to read the full article. It is worth your time.

by John C. Miller (Peniel International Ministries)

I hope this short report may inspire your faith and praise for our magnificent Redeemer.

Malaysia is divided into two sections: the west occupies part of the peninsula at the south eastern tip of Asia and the eastern section is part of the island of Borneo. Ethnic groups include the Malays, Chinese and Indians.

Among the aboriginal tribes there are the famous ex-head hunters. One of their customs was that, when a youth reached maturity, he should bring back the head of an inhabitant of a neighbouring village. This continued until missionaries took the Good News of the gospel and there were great changes among them.

The people in Borneo were more open to the Spirit than in the western section of Malaysia. Some of the aboriginal tribes of the island had known several revivals accompanied by miracles and signs. The first of these moves took place in the forties.

The Lung Bawang tribe of Borneo was looked down upon by the others. They lived practically drunk, under the influence of alcohol, one hundred days in the year. A book called «Drunk Before Dawn» tells how God intervened in their lives. They were so degraded that, after head hunting was forbidden, they gave themselves over to drinking. A government report said that only the dogs remained sober. Because of there behavior, they became subject to plagues and pests. God intervened when they faced extinction. Christianity brought tremendous changes, today they are the tribe with the highest percentage of professionals.

In the year 1973 another sovereign move of God began in a high school among a group of young people in a place called Bario. This group used to get together at night to pray for hours after class. They were inspired by the book «Like a Mighty Wind» and believed God could sovereignly move among them also. They prayed: "God, if you did it in Indonesia, you can also do it here."

When the answer came from heaven, they were overwhelmed by deep repentance accompanied by crying. Conviction was such that even small things appeared great in their eyes. Impoliteness or arriving late to class was seen as something terrible in the eyes of God. At first the teachers were very put out. The students spent all night praying when they would soon be having their final exams. The Spirit of God began convicting the teachers till they also started to cry out to God. Revival began with a group of 20 or 30 people, but it became so large that it can be read about in government archives.

(To read the full article Click Here : Malaysian Revivals

This is a recording on the introduction to the first hand witnesses to the Bario Revival.

This is the testimony of Pastor Solomon Bulan, a first hand witness and the teacher then, responsible for the start of the Bario Revival.

This is the testimony of Dato' Sri Idris Jala, a first hand witness and a student then, who was present at the start of the Bario Revival

This is the testimony of Osart Jallong, together with Dato' Sri Idris Jala, who were students then, share their personal experiences regarding the Bario Revival

More testimonies on the supernatural signs & wonders of the Bario Revival

Dato' Sri Idris Jala shared on what happened to him after the Bario Revival.

Pastor Solomon's concluding exhortation

This is a book documenting the events that happened in Bario, Sarawak.
The Bario Revival written by Solomon Bulan & Lillian Bulan-Dorai.