Monday, September 17, 2012

Hope of Jubilee Celebration Service

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Last Sunday evening, the Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT USJ) was packed with about 2,000 faithful Christians gathering to celebrate the beginning of the Year of Jubilee for Malaysia.

Promptly at 7pm, the service started with the blowing of the shofars by about 50 people.

This event was indeed a historic event for the Church in Malaysia as Churches in the whole of Malaysia, from the north to the south of Semenanjung and all the way to East Malaysia, shofars were sounded at the same time, 7 pm sharp, to declare the Year of Jubilee for Malaysia together as One Body in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then, the theme song for the Hope of Jubilee was sung by the worship team accompanied by the worship dancers. It was really a beautiful sight to behold.

The Hope of Jubilee Theme song

This is the recording of the introduction to a time of corporate prayer for the Nation.

The flags of the various States in Malaysia were brought out and the National Anthem, Negara Ku, was sung with high spirits by the congregation. Then people were told to touch the State flag nearest to them and pray for that State.

The service ended with the following four Declarations over Malaysia.

Listen to a compilation of Pastor Julius Suubi's exhortation for the Church in Malaysia

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 - Year of Jubilee for Malaysia

This Sunday, 16 September 2012, is a turning point for our nation. It's MALAYSIA DAY!

It is again no coincidence that this year, the Malaysia Day falls on a Sunday, which will see Christians in the whole nation gather in different Churches to worship God and also to usher in the beginning of the Year of Jubilee for Malaysia.

While it is joyous to enter into the Year of Jubilee with a hope for a new and fresh beginning for us, we are also entering into the year of the 13th General Election which will be held very soon.

We need to pray for God's wisdom and guidance to help us make the right decision at this coming 13th General Election.

The following are events that have been organized for all Christians to heed the urgent call to gather and pray for our country.

Link to the list of all the VENUES  

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 24-7 Year of Prayer for Malaysia - September

We have just celebrated our 55th Merdeka Day with a great display of our country's unity, peace and prosperity at the National Day Parade in Dataran Merdeka. While most of us who are reading this enjoy and share a certain amount of our Nation's prosperity, there are many of our fellow Malaysian who do not enjoy this privilege.

This month's call is to pray for the POOR in our land. Let us remember the poor by praying for them according the the items listed below.

However, let us not only remember the poor in our prayers but also let us be willing to go the second mile by being the hand extended to help them too. Let us pray that God will let us hear His heartbeat for the poor and respond generously to the call to provide help and assistance to them.

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