Saturday, September 18, 2010

Betrayed Calvarite # 3001 said...

Open Letter to Prince & Petrina Guneratnam,

I am sorry to say I have lost my respect for the both of you and your family members, in particular Pam Guneratnam.

I started attending Calvary Church in my youth, about 40 years ago, served in the leadership, gave my tithes and Faith Promise faithfully without fail, every 6 months renewing my pledges to the Lord, raised up my children in the Church and saw them started serving the Lord in their teens.

We loved you and trusted you, then. What a blow it was to discover that for all these years you were just pretending to be holy. You plotted and schemed to get your hands on the money which we, and other faithful, trusting Calvarites kept giving, 'unto the Lord,' mind you, not knowing that wolves in sheep's clothing were in our midst! Ravening wolves, with the titles of Reverend, were robbing the sheep, devouring our meat, sucking us dry, and just made a great pretence of serving the Lord, using His holy Name in vain. you preached the Word from the pulpit, the sacred desk, to manipulate us naive sheep, all the while probably rubbing your hands with glee as you accumulated properties not only in Malaysia but now, we've recently discovered, also in the U.S. You told lies from the pulpit without shame! You tell your staff that those who rent properties also have their names registered in Intellius!! You have no more conscience, your conscience being seared with a hot iron!

You treated the funds and finances of Calvary Church as your own private bank account, living a lavish life, and ensuring your children and grandchildren live such a luxurious life too, enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous, able to study in comfort, with no worries, for 7-8 years in the States at the expense of God (it was His money, after all!), and His people (who gave willingly and cheerfully unto the Lord, not unto the Guneratnams!)! Was it not enough for you both to earn such a high salary that you must covet God's missions money as well? Wasn't the missions money meant for the poor and needy, that they may hear the gospel? You have robbed the poor and needy, and much will be required from you both! Come to think of it, Calvary Church never did have an Orang Asli Ministry, in spite of the fact that this church was considered as one of the leading churches in Malaysia....why? Are they considered a liability to you because you can't expect them to give to you, AND on top of that, they may very well tarnish your Government-sanctioned titles and put you in the Government's bad books? How much did you pay to get your Datukship and TanSriship? Was it paid out of our missions funds as well?

1 Timothy 6:3-11 describes you exactly. Will you not flee from the wrath to come? Will you not make restitution for all the money you had stolen from the church? Will you not humble yourself and apologize to all the Calvarites whom you had deceived for all these years? Will you not make amends for stumbling so many of God's sheep?
September 10, 2010 10:21 AM

The above is an Open Letter written by a Calvarite and placed as a Comment in Calvary Today. Anyone reading this who is close to PG or have access to PG, please print and hand him this and tell him, "This is a letter from one of your hurting member."

Below is an encouraging exhortation in response to the letter by "Betrayed Calvarite # 3001".

Bamboo Conspiracy said...

None of us can know all the facts especially on the timing of events and details that happended years ago. Nevertheless we can focus on the SPIRIT behind the LETTER and "hear" the heart of the matter.

If you want to hear the CRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT deep within the heart of some of God's children in Calvary Church, then, blogs such as that written by "Betrayed Calvarite # 3001" are excellent examples.

They that have spiritual discernment will know that this IS INTERCESSION. As I said before Intercession is not just prayer - it is deeper than prayer and goes to the very heart of God.


If any read such a blog as that written by "Betrayed Calvarite # 3001" and your heart was NOT MOVED - please go before God and ask Him to melt your heart. Ask Him to make your heart sensitive to the cry of His people.

To those such as "Betrayed Calvarite # 3001" - the Lord has heard your cry and has declared "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.

God will vindicate His people. This is clearly and abundantly proved in Romans 12:19, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10; Revelation 6:9-11; Deuteronomy 32:40-43.

September 17, 2010 9:25 AM


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your presence here Bamboo Conspiracy. Many Christians draw much comfort in your words. Especially all those AOG leaders who have chosen to wash their hands and decided its none of their business.Those leaders who abuse Gods redeemed and abuse them in many ways- be sure Judgment is heading your way. God shows no favouritism. You time is up.The Spirit of indifference has set in among AOG leadership.They have betrayed our trust.

Anonymous said...

Deadlier then Ponzi scheme, unless the Gunaratnams come forward to tell their side of the story. Sooner the better. Finger pointing is not of God, lying is a deadly sin, fighting amongst believers are not acceptable, prolonged disagreement will bring shame and great harm to the church, it's a joke by now if you all failed to realize.

Actually, if one has nothing to hide, one should come forward and have a meaningful clarification session with all in God fearing manner, in the absence of lawyers please, can't God's people have a decent discussion without the lawyers? Nothing against lawyers, they just expensive, and
our tithe should not be used to pay lawyers fees, it was meant to build God's kingdom.

If there are indeed things to hide, then packing up and move on is not a bad idea, go and sin no more. Not stay and sin no more. After all, time will be needed to go seek forgiveness from God, may need a long long time.

These are just my 2 cents worth. By the way, we left Calvary a month or two back. Until and unless this mess is sorted out once and for all, like most Calvarites, we have no urge to continue be led/misled by the blinded.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Prince Gunaratnam, I don't really know if you have been rightly or wrongly accused so far, but your behavior at the recent AGM has definitely stumbled us all, the young believers. Your actions, your speech, your mannerism caused all of us to ponder why were you so defensive towards those questions posted to you. God established kings, God removes kings.

I thought pastors are supposed to be "simple in virtue, steadfast in duty, Jesus bigger, self smaller". It's not happening, is it?

I want to be forthright about this, I strongly believe that you should step down from Calvary church, since the title " senior pastor" is nothing but a title, and I think if the 75% of the previous Calvarites have wronged you, I am sure they will miss you once you are gone, then they will know how stupid they are for not doing their best to keep you, it's their loss. If it turns out that they are right, then you really ought to step down any way, so you might as well do it now instead of dragging on. Not good for your health.

So, okay, that is what I will do if I were to be in your shoes. I hope you take my suggestion seriously.

Anonymous said...

Yes,thats true- Senior Pastor is juat a title created by the system.There are good pastors and there are hirelings.One needs to discern beyond their words and sense their spirit. I have reasons to believe that some Pastors just were mentored in the wrong Bible School-God help us all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous young believer that its time for PG to step down,for PG has STUMBLED the young believers,that is real sad.Even Samyvellu finally committed to a date to step down after much resistance,may be PG should too.No point clinging on a worldly title "Senior Pastor",if you really want to continue to serve God,you still can, just stay away from Calvary,it is quite obvious that PG no longer the preferred leader,the congregation even raised the possibility to introduce "vote of non confidence",and the fact that that huge a number of ex-Calvarites have left the church,what other signs are expected before the message is clear enough for PG to receive before retire graciously.PG's don't need a Calvary chuch facet to serve God,just stop stumbling young believers,and causing so much grieves amongst the old believers.please tell PG to look around,it is still not that bad if he make his decision swiftly,the world is very cruel,delaying will make the already ugly situation more is still not too late,one must learn to let go,and let God take control of the way it has gone astray so far.PG,how long do you think you can hang on to this?I firmly believe all Calvarites that were stumbled,hurt,betrayed,cheated,humiliated by you and your family will be able to put all differences aside,let by gone be by gone,still able to worship with you on Sundays as long as you are out of the leadership team,no longer misleading a group of good believers.if there are really no hidden agendas like you claimed,what do you get to lose?

Anonymous said...

I don't see how PG wants to continue to hang on to the senior pastor position in Calvary Church. He is definitely not a role model to the young people.

Anonymous said...

For Prince Guneratnam - James 3:1.

Anonymous said...

Ministry Credentials
The Discipline for Ministers

The Nature and Purposes of Discipline
Discipline is an exercise of scriptural authority for which the church is responsible. The aims of discipline are that God may be honored, that the purity and welfare of the ministry may be maintained, and that those under discipline may be brought to repentance and restoration.
Discipline is to be administered for the restoration of the minister, while fully providing for the protection of the spiritual welfare of our local assemblies. It is to be redemptive in nature as well as corrective and is to be exercised as under a dispensation of mercy.
Causes of Disciplinary Action
Violation of Christian principles (1Tim 3:1-12; Tit 1:6-9) which may give cause for disciplinary action are as follows:
a.Any immoral conduct unbecoming to a minister or indiscretions involving premarital and extramarital relationship, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, pornography and any other sexual perversions, and immorality.
b.Any defamation such as open slander and libel.
c.Irresponsible action contributing to church split.
d.A declared open change in doctrinal views concerning Tenets of Faith.
e.A habit of running into debt, which brings reproach upon the cause.
f.Embezzlement of funds under trust or breach of trust.
g.Indulgence in drunkenness, drug abuse, smoking and gambling.
h.An arbitrary rejection of district or national counsel or decision.
i.Resorting to violence.
j.Any other serious misconduct.
Disciplinary Procedur

Hasn't no one read this??

Anonymous said...

really an eye opener for me.

- Robson

Anonymous said...

Yonggi Cho mentor of PG sentenced to 3 years jail for corruption, etc. google latest news. read wikipedia latest entry.