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Logos Hope - Inaugural Visit to Malaysia

Latest Update dated 30 September 2011 on the Logos Hope

... in Port Klang, Malaysia 
29 September – 23 October 2011
Port Klang Cruise Centre (formerly known as Star Cruises Terminal, West Port)
Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday :  10am - 10pm

Sunday                  :   1pm - 10pm

MONDAY                 :  CLOSED

Entrance Fee: RM1

Free entrance for children 12 and under, 
but they must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information click on : LOGOS HOPE

To view pictures on the LOGOS HOPE in Port Klang taken by NECF,

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Click on Title for link to Logos Hope website.

Penang : 25 August - 25 September (earlier as reported in their website)

Port Klang : 29 September - 23 October

Kuching : 28 October - 14 November

Kota Kinabalu : 18 November - 4 December

Operation Mobilisation's newest ship - MV Logos Hope (sister ship of MV Doulos) will be visiting Malaysia between month of August and December 2011. We hope through this visit, it would provide many opportunities to bring knowledge, hope & help to our nation.

Operation Mobilisation (click for link to OM website)

Here's a little write up on the mission of the ship taken from the OM website.

Ships – Bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope

Our desire is to share the knowledge of God’s love and compassion with every visitor to our ships and with the wider community in every port.

Cambodian orphans look at ship pictureTouching lives with knowledge, help and hope. For decades, OM’s ships have travelled the world supplying literature, helping people in need, motivating Christians, training young people and sharing the Good News of God’s love.
Today, the Ship Ministry is still touching lives—powerfully demonstrating God’s love through our international community living and serving together onboard Logos Hope.


Known for their floating book fairs, the ships have made over 1,400 port visits in more than 160 nations, welcoming over 42 million people onboard. Visitors can select from over 5,000 book titles, covering a wide range of subjects and available at a fraction of their value. Grants of books to schools, libraries, colleges, churches and universities in developing countries have made a positive impact.


Those caught in the grip of poverty often lack basic education and healthcare. OM Ships workers have undertaken a wide range of relief projects worldwide. Their efforts include constructing orphanages, building shelters for victims of natural disasters and distributing medical aid, food and supplies.


In a world of uncertainty, true hope is only possible by engaging in a personal relationship with God. In every port, volunteer crew members share this message of hope with those they meet.
Having a purpose in life also brings hope. Through the on-board training programmes, we offer an ideal environment for crew members to discover and cultivate their gifts. For many, it’s a significant step towards a life-time of serving God.

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Malaysia’s season for Christian bashing

This is an article taken from FreeMalaysiaToday which highlights the problems that the Church in Malaysia is facing today. Please pray with the National Church Leaders and join hands with other Christians all over Malaysia as we unite in a spirit of prayer in response to the NECF 40-Day Fast and Prayer (click for link to NECF)  which began on 7 August - 15 September.

Malaysia’s season for Christian bashing

Mariam Mokhtar
 | August 19, 2011
So what is it about the Christian faith that scares our political leaders so much? Is it the message of love and forgiveness?

In recent months, Malaysians have seen a constant drip-drip of Christians being persecuted because they were alleged to want to take over the country, both in mind and in spirit.
If we in the east complain that the west is out to demonise Islam, then how different are we from them when any Christian act in Malaysia is seen as a threat to Islam and the Malay race?
Do our political leaders seriously imagine that the Malaysian Muslim is so feeble and his soul so tormented, that he is easily influenced by the devil or by the teachings of Jesus Christ?
Do they think we are so irresolute and weak-willed that another religion, race or culture will swallow up our individual identities?
Maybe they are right. The number of schools with cheerleaders for sports activities, and proms for end-of-year parties with boys in tuxedos and girls in slinky ballgowns, is on the increase.
Perhaps MacDonald’s and KFC should be banned and Starbuck’s closed down to protect our local kedai makan and kedai kopi. It appears that Uncle Sam is a more corrupting influence than religion.
Supermarkets and hypermarkets are not good for our local shopkeepers either. So why are all western imports allowed to proliferate? They act in subtle ways and have a worse effect on Malaysians.
Malaysians seem to be oblivious to the fact that Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guarantees religious freedom for all Malaysians (bar Muslims).
The indoctrination by our ruling party means that we have lost the quality of being respectful of each other’s beliefs. When will the time come before we also lose sight of our own humanity and dignity?
Ipohites will recall that in 2006, the Catholic community in Silibin, had a frightening experience when a hostile mob surrounded their church because of a rumour started by the Perak mufti Harussani Zakaria. He claimed that hundreds of Malays would be baptised.
Was Harussani prosecuted for spreading false rumours and threatening our national security? Hell would probably freeze over before that were to happen.
The Perak mufti got a mighty fright when the public recoiled at his suggestion to ban Manchester United football and other teams with jerseys with “crosses” which “promoted the Devil”.
Harussani also banned Muslims from the poco-poco dance because it contained elements of Christianity and soul-worshipping. Many will recall that Harussani also forbade Muslims from attending open houses of non-Muslims for their festival days.
The ‘Allah’ ban
In 2007, The Herald, a weekly Catholic newspaper, was banned by the Home Ministry from using the word “Allah” in its publications. The home minister at the time, Syed Hamid Albar, said that Christians using “Allah” were a threat to national security and would create misunderstanding and confusion among Muslims.
Does he really think Muslims are as obtuse as the Cabinet?
In 2009, two Muslim reporters from Al-Islam took part in Catholic Mass and received Holy Communion at St Anthony’s Church in Kuala Lumpur. The reporters desecrated the Holy Communion by spitting out the wafers, photographed their actions and then published their deceit in their magazine.
Last Christmas, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak attended the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur’s Christmas tea party but his aides ordered the removal of crucifixes and other religious symbols, and that no hymns or prayers be said in Najib’s presence.
This was closely followed by the confiscation of two consignments of around 40,000 Bibles from Port Klang and Kuching. Najib finally ordered one batch to be released but Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein stipulated two conditions prior to the release, which resulted in the Holy Books being defaced.
This year alone, we have seen allegations of Christians wanting to replace Islam as the official religion of the country in readiness for a Christian prime minister. This was followed by a JAIS raid on a DUMC charity dinner because there were claims that Malays were being proselytised.
The latest Christian bashing is when Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Education Minister, said that there were attempts by school teachers or tuition teachers to spread other religions to Muslim children.
It had been reported that Muslim children were given free tuition by non-Malay youths and had been taught to sing songs in adulation of Jesus Christ “while making hand signals to show the crucifix symbol”. The children were fed stories about Jesus, his crucifixion and his teachings.
Muhyiddin said, “Such things cannot be done because we have specific laws, (and) enactments.”
He announced that the Islamic religious department in each state had the power to take action against any group who tried to spread other religions to Muslims.

Political ploy
How does this arrogance compare with the Star reports in 2006 that RM10,000 would be given to each Muslim preacher who married an Orang Asli woman and converts her?
In addition, the preachers would receive free accommodation, a four-wheel-drive vehicle and a fixed monthly allowance of RM1,000.
Some Orang Asli were tricked into giving personal details which were used to fill up the conversion form and a token sum of RM400 paid. Others claimed that they had been promised development and aid as incentives.
Aren’t these people being converted for the wrong reasons?
Perhaps Muhyiddin should be more open and permit religious knowledge at school. It is shocking that many of our young are not aware of the existence of other faiths. They fail to respect others and expect non-Muslims to conform to their beliefs.
I went to a boarding school in England and so did a few of my cousins and their friends. Many of our political leaders like Najib (Malvern) went to a Church of England (C of E) school, just like his cousin Hishammuddin (Cheltenham Boys) as did Raja Zarith Idris of Perak.
They said the Lord’s prayer everyday in chapel and attended Sunday service as well as Carol services. As do the children of the ministers who attend English boarding schools, today.
As most people are aware, the UK boarding schools are mainly C of E schools. Prior to that, I was at Bukit Nanas and CHIJ in Malaysia. None of us have been indoctrinated into Christianity even though the Lord’s prayer was said every morning during assembly.
We respect the Christians like they respect our adherence to our own faith. In UK, none of my Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu Malaysian compatriots became Christians. We sang hymns or Christmas carols mainly because we liked singing or it was part of the school culture.
So what is it about the Christian faith that scares our political leaders so much? Is it the message of love and forgiveness? Or is it a political ploy to scare Muslims into thinking that only Umno are defenders of the faith?
Mariam Mokhtar is a FMT columnist

Monday, August 22, 2011


This is an Article by Dr Ng Kam Weng (Kairos Research Centre) expressing his personal view in the trespassing of DUMC grounds issue.

By nkw
The war drums beat ominously. The platoons are quickly mobilized for attack. The commanders are confident that their target will be hit and destroyed given numerous artillery salvos. I am not talking about shock and awe in the Iraq war. I am talking about how JAIS and UMNO activists have carefully orchestrated their recent attacks on the Malaysian church after their illegal raid of DUMC.
It is easy to be confused, especially when JAIS and UMNO activists deliberately cloud the issues with wild claims, hoping that their illegal transgression of a church will be overlooked and the innocent victim (DUMC) will somehow appear guilty, if accused repeatedly. It does not matter that till now JAIS has failed to produce any credible evidence to support the raid. JAIS seems to operate on the basis that people will end up believing lies so long as they are repeated enough in the media.
But how does one sift out the truth from the lies? First we stress the undeniable facts:
A group of 20-30 members from JAIS and the police raided the premises of DUMC where there was a thanksgiving dinner held by Harapan Community in appreciation of people who have supported their community service. This raid was undeniably an illegal act since the officials were unable to produce a search warrant.
In effect, the JAIS violated the sanctity of the house of God. The raid is not only illegal; it is an almost unforgivable sin. Any Muslim should know this and would shrink in horror and be tempted to retaliate should officials from another religion violate their mosques.
JAIS initially defended the raid by claiming that they are empowered to act on grounds of suspicious activities. But even if we go by the requirements of the Penal Code, such a raid must be backed by reasonable suspicion, that is, there must be prima facie evidence to justify the raid. Till today, JAIS has failed to offer the slightest modicum of evidence that can be accepted as 'reasonable suspicion', much less be accepted as prima facie evidence.
JAIS backpedaled from its claim to have the authority to raid DUMC and now describes its act as an 'inspection' - a definite sign that it realizes (but not admitting publicly) that the raid was illegal.
BUT what gives JAIS the authority to inspect DUMC or any church for that matter?  The supreme law of the land, the Federal Constitution specifies that Shariah has no jurisdiction over non- Muslims. JAIS officials accompanied by the police or not, have no business to interfere with what is going on inside the church - especially, when there is not the slightest reasonable suspicion.
To repeat, JAIS violated the sanctity of the sanctuary of another religion. The raid is not only illegal; it is an almost unforgivable sin.
JAIS' violation is unjustifiable and would set a dangerous precedent if left unchallenged. Christians are naturally aggrieved (and MBBCHST publicly shares the same sentiments with a public statement) and have good reasons to demand an apology and receive an assurance that such acts will not be repeated.
This grievous issue must be kept in the forefront, especially now that JAIS is desperately trying to muddy the controversy by heaping a series of accusations about Christian proselytization and conversion of Muslims.
But the allegation of proselytization just won't hold water:
First, JAIS has not linked, much less produced evidence to support allegations of proselytization in DUMC. If there is any allegation of proselytization, it is directed towards Harapan Community. DUMC is only the renter letting out its premises to a bona fide NGO. DUMC's innocence and integrity is above reproach. In contrast, JAIS exceeded its bounds of authority.
Second, JAIS has failed to produce credible evidence to support the charge of proselytization by Harapan Community. It produced a scanned picture of a quiz on Islam and took offense that words like "Allahu Akbar" and "Alhamdullilah" were used at the dinner. But this evidence proves to be dubious upon a closer examination:
The quiz turns out to be an exercise to help people understand Islam better with questions like. "What does the word 'Quran' mean? How many sura are there in the Quran? What are the pillars of Islam?" It may be granted that JAIS may have (still disputable) grounds to charge Harapan community if the quiz was on Christianity, but it turns out that the quiz was on Islam. If anybody has reason to be offended, it is the Christian community, since apparently Islam was taught in church!
Likewise, what's wrong with Christians using the words "Allahu Akbar" and "Alhamdullilah"? The phrases mean "God is great" and "Praise to God". Malay speaking Christians who share strong historic links with Arabic Christians would feel as natural singing these phrases as when singing "Hallelujah". As such, praise to God there certainly was, but proselytization, there surely wasn't.
All in all, JAIS must be pretty desperate to clutch to these 'evidence' to support the alleged proselytization.
JAIS tries to buttress it case by making reference to Muslims who have converted to Christianity, but these cases have nothing to do with Harapan Community. But for the sake of argument, even if a Malay attending the thanksgiving dinner eventually declares he is a Christian, JAIS cannot simply jump to the conclusion that Harapan Community was guilty of proselytization. It could be the case, that this Malay became a Christian on his own initiative (given easy access to teaching of Christianity in the internet) or that he was influenced while studying overseas.
JAIS may implicate Harapan Community of proselytization only if it produces evidence that directly links the social services of Harapan Community to proselytization. So far, JAIS is unable to produce any evidence. A fortiori, it is even less able to associate DUMC with questionable allegations of proselytization.
To conclude and to recapitulate to the main issue, JAIS has no justifiable grounds to raid and violate the sanctity of a church (DUMC).
That JAIS has failed to produce credible evidence does not mean it will not keep trying. But the longer it takes for JAIS to produce such 'evidence', the less credible the 'evidence' will turn out to be.
Naturally, JAIS has been unrelenting in wanting to haul up the twelve Malays who were at the dinner for further questioning. These Malays were first required to report for 'counseling' which would imply they were guilty of an (unproven) offence. When queried by the lawyer representing the twelve, JAIS replied that they were called to give statements (which should mean the twelve are innocent until proven guilty).
The lawyer representing the twelve sought the following clarifications before advising his clients to report to JAIS, that is, what legal provisions enable Jais to issue the Notice Orders requiring their clients to present themselves;
•    The offence or details of the offence Jais is investigating;
•    The offenders, if any, who were being investigated by Jais;
•    The real purpose requiring their client's attendance before Jais, whether to attend 'pre-counselling sessions' as offenders or merely to assist Jais in its investigations, if any.
As far as I know, JAIS has so far not answered these questions. There is now a new threat that the twelve will be arrested if they fail to turn up for questioning, as this would amount to an insult to Islam. This new threat is most disturbing when one notes a parallel phenomenon related to the charge of blasphemy to justify all manner of abuse of power by Islamic officials in Pakistan and some Middle Eastern countries. Submitting to JAIS' threat would initiate a new trend that allows "blasphemy" and "insult" to cover a multitude of power abuse.
One can only surmise how the twelve will be questioned by JAIS and in the light of JAIS' questionable behavior so far, people can only be skeptical of any 'evidence and 'confession' that may eventually be extracted from the twelve.
One final observation:
First, it bears repeating that the real issue in this controversy is not about the alleged proselytization of Muslims by Harapan Community; it is the unprecedented act of violation of the sanctity of a Church (DUMC).
JAIS would have succeeded if it manages to deflect attention from this primary issue with its machinations of charges of proselytization and insult to Islam.
Even then, despite the importance of remaining focused on the raid of DUMC, it should be noted that the main target of this present exercise by JAIS (or whatever UMNO puppet master behind it) is not Harapan Community or DUMC. The real target is PAS.
UMNO officials and Malay supremacists like PEMBELA think they have found the right tactic to regain support from the Malay electorate. By seizing on the bogeyman of 'conversion' and 'proselytization, it would catch PAS wrong-footed, put the Menteri Besar of Selangor on the defensive and if possible seriously damage Pakatan Rakyat.
If PAS fails to side with JAIS and condemns the alleged conversions, it will be accused of abandoning its role as the defender of Islam. UMNO then offers itself as the only genuine defender of Islam. If PAS publicly sides with JAIS it will lose its hard earned support from the non-Muslim electorate. Either way, PAS will be gored by the horns of dilemma set by UMNO.
Without a doubt, Islam is exploited by politicians to gain political power. It doesn't matter if Harapan Community and DUMC happen to be convenient tools in the struggle between UMNO and PAS. They are just dispensable collateral damage.
This article also appeared in Malaysia Insider on 15 Aug 2011 LINK

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The 5 W’s on Drought and Hunger in the Horn of Africa - World Vision

This is a heart wrenching article posted by the World Vision Malaysia highlighting the hardships of the people in Africa. Let us be thankful for the abundance of providence and protection from natural calamities that we in Malaysia enjoy. Let us not take for granted the blessings that God has given to us. As we read this article, let our hearts be moved to extend a helping hand to the suffering people of Africa through the right channel i.e. WORLD VISION MALAYSIA

There may be other organizations and people who will be rising up to raise funds to help these people in Africa. We strongly advise you to be wise in your giving. Check with others or your pastors on the background of the organizations or the persons involved in the fund raising, to ensure that all monies collected are really reaching those affected. God bless.
by Peter Warski, World Vision US
16 August, 5:57 pm
The number of people affected by devastating drought and hunger in East Africa, also known as the Horn of Africa, has catapulted from 7 million in March to more than 13 million now. Vulnerable children and families are subject to extreme and potentially deadly malnutrition as livestock perish, vital crops are destroyed, and diseases increase.

Informed by these disturbing statistics — as well as reports from our field offices, international media, partner agencies, and the World Vision international partnership emergency response team — we’ve compiled the following information, which answers the who, what, when, where, and why of the drought and food crisis in East Africa. Expect more posts to come concerning this crisis.

WHO is affected?
An estimated 13 million people in East Africa — 2.7 million of whom live in World Vision’s areas of operation.
  • Cattle-herders are hit hardest, due to lack of food and pastures for their animals. “Many of those who have been hit the hardest are pastoralists,” said Nicholas Wasunna, World Vision’s emergency adviser based in Kenya. “Where they used to trade two goats for food, they are now trading four goats for the same amount of food.”
  • 26 out of World Vision’s 63 area development programs (ADPs) in Kenya are affected.
  • 32 out of 68 ADPs in Ethiopia are located within some of the highly affected areas.
  • More than 200,000 children directly supported by World Vision live in areas under distress.
  • In Somalia, approximately 70,000 children within World Vision’s areas of operation are in need of emergency assistance.
  • Changing weather patterns now affect Tanzania, where more than 500,000 people are affected in 23 World Vision ADPs.

WHAT is the cause of the crisis? The worst drought in over 60 years is causing a major food and hunger crisis.
WHEN is it predicted to end? Meteorologists forecast that the region may not receive normal rains until early 2012, and scientists have described the year 2010-2011 as the driest period in the region since 1950-1951. “The international community needs to take immediate action, because this drought is likely to persist until 2012,” Wasunna said. “We have not seen the worst yet.”
WHERE exactly is this happening? Drought is widespread across East Africa, also referred to as the Horn of Africa, including the countries of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and now, Tanzania.
  • In Kenya, World Vision is working to increase access to safe water by rehabilitating boreholes and trucking water to vulnerable communities. We’re also providing nutritious food through targeted community distributions and cash voucher systems in places where food is available at local markets.
  • In Ethiopia, World Vision is implementing a six-month emergency response to aid more than 485,000 people severely affected by the drought. They will be provided with grain, seeds, livestock, and medical support, while vulnerable children and mothers will receive supplementary food.
  • The crisis is especially dire in Somalia, where there are scarce resources in the South Central region after aid organizations were forced to leave in August of last year. Many Somalis are fleeing to Kenya to receive services in overcrowded refugee camps or stay with family, further stressing already limited resources. World Vision notes a recent announcement that aid organizations will be allowed back into Somalia’s South Central region, and we will coordinate with the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations to assess the possibility of returning to the area to deliver aid.
  • In drought-affected communities in the regions of Somaliland and Puntland, World Vision is drilling boreholes and rehabilitating clean water storage facilities, as well as providing emergency feeding and cash-for-work programs.
  • Some parts of Uganda, Burundi, and the new Republic of South Sudan are also showing signs of stress from a combination of drought and increasing fuel and food prices. World Vision is closely monitoring these places as well.

WHY is World Vision responding?
With the number of people in distress and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, the situation is dire. Global acute malnutrition rates in East Africa have increased exponentially, ranging between 23 percent in Kenya, 25.5 percent in Ethiopia, and 30 percent in Somalia. These figures are far above the 15-percent threshold typically seen in emergency situations. Reports also show a sharp increase in school closures, the number of children dropping out of school, increasing separation between children and parents, and child protection challenges. The humanitarian effects of the drought and hunger crisis will have lasting impact on millions in East Africa.
HOW can you help?
World Vision is responding to this crisis through feeding programs, food distributions, agricultural training, development of irrigation systems, peacebuilding between tribes, and more. Malaysians interested to contribute, do use this
donation form and indicate “Horn of Africa Drought & Hunger Crisis” behind the cheque. Thank you.

Please go directly to World Vision Malaysia website to donate. God bless.

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This is the Press Statement issued by the Bishop Ng of CFM.


4th August 2011


The Christian Federation of Malaysia is deeply shocked and appalled at the raid by the officers of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) and the police conducted on the premises of the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) on the evening of 3rd August 2011.

The dinner function organised by Harapan Komuniti, a community development NGO, is an annual thanksgiving celebration to commemorate its efforts on its numerous community projects for the benefit of Malaysians.

It is ironic that such a celebratory gathering of volunteers, leaders, supporters and members of the community should be disrupted by the high-handed and repugnant actions of the state religious enforcement officers.

This arbitrary action of the JAIS and the police officers is an affront to the values of mutual respect and harmony which should be accorded to every person, regardless of religious, cultural or ethnic background in Malaysia.

We also wish to question the legality of the raid and the subsequent interrogation and harassment of the guests present at the dinner as to whether the officers were acting within their legal jurisdiction.

Christians are shocked and saddened at this deplorable action. In recent times, we have witnessed an increase in incidences where Christians have been singled out and targeted with unjustified accusations and prejudice from various groups as well as certain mainline media who have made inflammatory statements against the spirit of 1Malaysia.

We call upon the relevant authorities, including His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, to conduct a thorough investigation over this unjustified raid.

We also call upon the government and all Malaysians to work together to build a truly cohesive and harmonious society based on mutual respect, dialogue and understanding.

In this holy month of Ramadan, we Christians wish to extend our heartfelt greetings and felicitation to our Muslim friends.

Yours sincerely,
Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing
Chairman and the Executive Committee,
Christian Federation of Malaysia

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Community Thanksgiving Dinner Trespassed at Dream Centre

This is a press statement issued by the Senior Pastor of DUMC regarding the raid at church grounds during a charity dinner.

Click here for original source : DUMC DREAM CENTRE or PRESS STATEMENT

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NECF - 40-Day Fast & Prayer 2011

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Follow this event on FaceBook. Click here for link : 40 Days fast & Prayer

Event Title:
40-Day Fast & Prayer ShareThis
07-Aug-2011 to 15-Sep-2011
Theme:Be Agents Of Change
including 40-Day Pastors & Leaders Prayer Shield

40-Day Fast & Prayer (Klang Valley) Launch is on 2nd August, 2011 at SIBKL.
Malaysia Day Prayer Rally is on 15th September, 2011 at GA611 Bread Of Life Prayer Tabernacle


Transformation Vision

The theme for NECF Malaysia's nation-building agenda is "Transforming the Nation through the Local Church". To realise this theme, it is our vision to see Christians within the nation live out their purpose and calling as agents of transformation in the various places and sphere of influence that God has placed and called each one to be in.
Agents of Transformation
As agents of transformation, Christians, as individuals as well as collectively as the church, must live as witnesses and instruments to proclaim the Good News and seek the welfare and good of society and the nation.
To do so, Christians found in and belonging to every sphere of society and within the institutional structures - whether in the family unit, neighborhood/communities, profession/place of work, politics/governance, human rights/justice, media/entertainment or economics - must intercede strategically, live as authentic disciples of Christ and engage in intentional mission for the purpose of transforming society and the nation.
The focus of this Transformation Vision is to inform and direct believers' participation in every sphere of society to address and mediate change in their own social context and environment towards justice and righteousness.
This is achieved by identifying and connecting all believers, facilitating their roles and empowering them by the Holy Spirit to pursue good in every aspect of human life and interest. Christians should mediate change by proclaiming the Good News, becoming socially involved in issues plaguing society and the sphere of influence they are in and by engaging the social-cultural institutions for the common good of all people to the glory of God.
The Role of the Local Church
The local church must play the role of encouraging, nurturing and enabling believers for this work of mission in seeking the welfare of the city, society and the nation. This Transformation Vision is not intended to divert believers' involvement in the ministries and programmes of the local church. On the contrary, believers are expected and encouraged to live out authentic discipleship wherever God has placed them in, whether in churches, workplaces or the communities.
NECF Malaysia's Role
NECF Malaysia, through the Nation-Building Committee, will strive to promote this Transformation Vision by providing consultation, facilitation, assistance, networking, and other services to churches and individuals to inform this vision, initiate opportunities, impart skills and know-how and implement strategic action to realise this vision.