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Another church in Singapore under wrong leadership?

This is a testimony written by a broken-hearted parent who has seemingly
"lost" the son to the Church in Singapore,  which was taken from the Facebook 

Let this parent's testimony be an eye-opener to all parents. 

Pastor owns a church and temple
by Marcelli Mario 

                 Since 2002/3 I attended chc and have
always questioned why the church needed to plaster Sun Ho's posters
ALL AROUND THE CHURCH - from-wall-to-wall. I was there for service to
fellowship and to worship our almighty God but each and everytime I
went during those early days, I was greeted by our celebrity wannabe
pastor Ho in the name of a certain crossover
. After many many many
weekends, I decided that I shall crossover too because our paths
surely did not cross with one another. One have crossed to the dark
side. It’s either me or the leaders of chc. I left.

                 I left not because of posters plastering or blasting
of Sun Ho music before the service began or the non-stop, constant
promotion and pushing of Sun Ho ho album sales by pastor Kong in
church. But the fundamental calling to fellowship in church has been
completely turned around by the church to pursue fame and wealth that
resulted in every service is about GIVING AND MORE WEALTH, money and
more money.
It can go on for weeks and it become very scary especially
during building ! fund season. Everyone just wants to give more and
more money so they can have more and more money. If you are there to
seek refuge for other emotional needs, you will probably ended up dead
because this is not a church for a broken soul. It is the church for
the money hungry souls.

                 And I know Pastor Kong Hee has to live up to his
preaching hence he needs to show he is rich, through the years. How
can a man preach about richess and wealth when he is a church poor
mouse? He needs to get rich and get rich fast, if not its not
convincible that every weekend he is talking about getting wealth.

                 The crossover in my opinion from a close member of
chc, is so the chc leaders acquire the worldly rich and fame because
they want to, they aspire and are called to. They are a bunch of
show-offs. If you have meetings with them you will understand what
Christ-show-offs are - It's all in the clothes, in the tone of voice,
in the attitude, in the eyes. The richer you are, the more time
pastors have with you because you are valuable assets.

                 Chc has leaders tracking members 10% tithes, and
also their building funds commitment. They have cards and notes with
your commitment in writing how much you are offering whether paid
installment or lump sum and you must follow through. I was on many
occasions asked to pen down my commitment in giving because it is for
the big picture for chc accounts to know what to expect a month in
receiving. To help them account for it. It helps chc accounts
department to trace and track too, who committed but never pay up so
that they can follow up with you...

                 I have seen with my own eyes, hear with my own ears
that chc leaders holding their “accountable” book asking members why
their building fund sum for the month was not in. Have they paid up?
By what means, cheque, cash, giro. And if not done yet, well there is
machine to withdraw money from or better there is credit card mode of
payment which can earn points!!! The feeling is just so terribly a!
wful looking at the leader and the young man who is “reminded” to pay
up. Shouldn’t we all be happy giver. Cheerful giver. Why the need to
haunt and remind people to give. This method liken a debt collector
within the premise of a church.
If god visited chc at that instant
moment or see all the money collection department coming down on their
people to pay pay and pay up, what would he say? I really wish god can
provide me with wisdom – tell me god that perhaps I am the blind one
who didn’t see and didn’t know. What has become of our church. Is
money all that matter? I left really disillusioned. I know what the
people said of me from chc. I have gone to the dark side.

                 2.Marcelli Mario Part II-

                 Then after chc, I went on
to another church that my son goes to for fellowship. This time I got
really close to the pastors because they seem really caring for the
youth. Although the problem now is not money but time. My son spent
all weekdays in church and all weekends in church. The name is Heart
of god church. But I have not known the couple pastor Seow How and
pastor Cecilia Chan running HOGC are so close to chc pastor kong hee
and pastor sun ho that one day even the same building fund message
from chc gets repeated in hogc. Exactly the same give until you cry
message. When I heard it eventually I really cry. Chc is everywhere

                 Things were fine until the sun ho cd album saga
again. Heart of god church sent their trusted youths (they only have
youths anyway which are so innocent) out to the music stores to buy up
all the CDs in the local music stores to boost rankings. We have
hundreds and hundreds of Sun Ho CDs in hogc church. Every single
member was given one CD each. If your family of 4, father, mother and
2 children, you get 4 CDs. I really don't know what this is for. All I
know after we gave away hundreds of CDs, we still have hundreds left
in church. That was then I knew chc power in ensuring even “sister”
church members are not spare! d of crossover project. And the pastor
Seow How and pastor Cecilia chan, like two obedient followers building
their mini church who themselves are still struggling, sent their
young people to buy up hundreds and hundreds of cd in the name to help
chc crossover project.
To push sun ho CD to top ranking so those from
"another world" get to know who sun ho is and hopefully in turn can
hear the gospel. Because of my giving to church, I was separately
given a lot of sun ho CD to give away personally, the pastors see this
as a love gifts. I took them on obligation and all still sitting in my
house in box with price tags of different music stores... I don't even
know how to tell others or give away to who. Tell them to listen to my
non gospel pastor music and be saved?

                 But I am thankful that at least heart of god church
pastors didn’t and couldn’t force us to buy sun ho cd. They, pastor
seow how and pastor cecilia chan, in return are the one buying up
using hogc funds definitely, so that in their heart they know they too
have helped the crossover project. We did it again and again everytime
sun ho album is released. Until I really believe there is no way we
can avoid the powerhouse chc pressing on obedient young affiliated
churches to buy and buy and buy.
All the different price tags on the
CD covers are like war badges to show why Sun Ho ranking can topped. I
am 100% confident it is the act of man that her music topped all music
charts. The pushing of CD album sales is full scale project and it was
massive sales pitch with big agenda. Until now whenever I talked about
the effort on ensuring Sun Ho CDs and music charts are topped make my
hair stand! It was like the church is going out for war and the man is

2.Marcelli Mario
                I reckon the hogc pastors are
doing good stuff for the youths. But they still need money since the
church is young, so I really don’t understand why throw the money into
buying cd? If crossover is chc project why hogc also need to give and
give until you cry and blo! od shed. The pastors shared the same
sermons like kong hee. Pastor Cecilia Chan also preached the same to
give and give until your heart ache in her building fund message.

Exactly the same... It's most unfortunate that she has contacted 
cancer now.

Pastor owns a church and temple
                 The thing that really woke me up for I was a stupid,
slow and really slow and stupid believer, is where pastor Seow How
said he owns a Chinese temple left by his late dad.
As a pastor you
must lead and guide in the right way. How could you still publicly
said you are the one and probably the only one in the world who has
both a chinese medium temple and a christian church.
It is not funny
at all, pastor Seow How! You are not a kid. Don’t make a fool of
yourself and bring the youth into wrong believing. When he preached
about this "blessing", he proudly declare the property of the temple
is so worthy. It's near orchard road and look how he is blessed...
What fool he is. As a pastor and leader, you should cut off this sin
from your fore-fathers and not continue this sin.
Yet you take it on
and proudly declare you are now the owner of a temple AND a church. Do
you not know your duty.
God will provide for his people. You took the
temple because the land is worth some money, some good money. But I
really don't get it how you can missed this point that you are a
pastor. Not a property agent! Have you also become a businessman like
Kong? Becoming a property investor overnight?

                 The last of it all was when I see youths and young
people from heart of god church giving beyond their means, and having
to borrow money to fulfil their commitment to the building fund, all
in the name of GIVING.
Already time is taken away from these young
people's family, they are always spending time in church, Monday to
Sunday. Now money is next. Pastor Seow How always taken the route to
preach about giving and more giving. It's either to Give Time, work in
church for free, cleaning, sound, video, serving, EVERYTHING! ! Then
with those who cannot give time, it's MONEY - The same type of message
chc shares. I see people in hogc publicly declaring they are giving
$100k , $1m, in hogc especially during building fund season. Its a
line up of stories after stories with powerpoints and charts! It’s a
standard now. And if you can give, it means you have been blessed to
receive, because imagine if you gave $1m, that means you will have
received $10m. Wow! Now everyone wants to give $1m so that they can
have $10m. Simple maths, it's 10%!

                 But in the real world. I see the kids struggling to
give. Some borrowed to give. Some don’t give their parents. Some dont
even have basic savings for themselves for rainy days. Their financial
is so terrible that the only body benefitting is clearly the church
and the men of church.
Many do not give to their family because they
now have the second family - our home Heart of God Church. Their new
parents are pastor Seow How and pastor Cecilia Chan.

                 I know because I have lost my son to them. Whatever
I said is nothing compared to the darling Pastor Lia @Lia_Chan and
Pastor How @Seowhow. They are family. Our home is now as good as
hotel. My son comes home to sleep, dinner is never possible now.
Weekends are hogc only. The closest family is Lia and How. Everything
I said or I dare bring up about the church made me a devil, demonised
to speak ill about the church. I am clearly the one who don't get it
for there is a bigger cause to die for and I just am not the chosen
one to see it.

                 For years I fight so hard and I pray and ask God why
have I failed as parent?
I provide the best education and provided
roof, food and cloth my son and we have a very good family
relationship until he attended this church and given all his time,
effort, energy to build hogc as the next mega church and now his
money. I go to hogc listening to Pastor How and Lia to know what he is
up to. Breaking up family and taking away kids at their tender age
where they are all trying to u! nderstand the world and when they are
innocent while searching for an answer for everything. Pastor How and
Lia mesmerize with their love, care and gives them a goal to achieve
when they have no goal. I clearly lost the battle for the children all
want the attention of How and Lia. They are one big family where the
mother and father at home are nothing but nagging old folks. Read
their twitters and you shall see blind faith worshipping man.

                 If you listen to Pastor How story of his family, his
father beating his mom, his father's objection to his work. You will
know it's a brainwashing message to get the youths, the children to
rebel against the family, to fight the family so they get to do what
they are called to do - build hogc family. This story is told again
and again and even made it to the basic training material for ALL
newcomer new member of hogc. It stir up a rebel in the children to go
against the family. Listen if you can get it, and you will know what I

                 There is no different from chc and hogc. Hogc is the
next of chc. Chc can go down but there will be another chc that will
come up. The same type. The same breed. It never stop here. It will
continue to grow with roots deeper than earth...

Friday, July 20, 2012

CFM Letter to the Malaysian Churches & Christians on the Forthcoming 13th General Elections


18th July 2012 


In the first two chapters of Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, we read 

of two separate accounts of God giving to Adam rule and authority over the 

earth and all that live in it.  In the first book of the New Testament, the Gospel 
according to St. Matthew, chapter 5 and verses 13 to 15, Christians are told that 
they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.  

These two passages and the collective message of our Holy Scripture point to 
the inescapable conclusion that Christians have a duty to protect and safeguard 
the earth, and all that live in it.  Christians have not only been granted rights of 
leadership, but also the responsibility of stewardship.  

In the context of the nation state, Christians, like other citizens, have been 
granted certain rights, including the right to participate in the democratic 
process of a country. This right to participate must be balanced with the 
responsibility of exercising that right, and doing so wisely.  

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) therefore invites and encourages 
all Christians to be conscious of their political rights – to vote, and to use the 
power of the vote to elect a government that will ensure justice with equity and 
the well-being of our nation.  The CFM is not politically motivated nor is it 
endorsing any one political party.  

It is of fundamental importance in a democracy, that citizens actually exercise 
their right to vote. Having the right to vote without utilising it is of little use.   

Voting ensures that every Malaysian citizen participates in bringing about a 
more just and equitable Malaysia for succeeding generations to come.   

Therefore, it is important that as Christians, we undertake our duty as citizens 
and exercise our right to vote and express our preference for a political coalition 
that will best achieve our vision of a better Malaysia. 

In terms of our vision for a better Malaysia, CFM encourages Malaysian 
Christians to think about the following priorities: 

  A nation guided by the ethics of respect for human dignity. This means a 
nation where its citizens are engaged fairly as equals, and their rights 
respected in accordance with the provisions as guaranteed under the 
Federal Constitution. Such a nation treats its citizens with understanding, 
honesty and mutual respect. 

  A nation where extremism of all kinds is rejected and quickly curtailed. 
Racial and religious bigotry, manipulation and lies that have now come to 
define the social sphere, the print media and political posturing must end 

  A nation free of corruption, putting in place strengthened state and public 
institutions whose members conduct themselves with integrity, 
transparency and accountability.  

  A nation that works towards the fair and equitable distribution of wealth 
and ensuring well-being for all, regardless of citizenship status, ethnicity 
or creed. Every citizen and every community should be empowered and 
enabled to pursue economic activity and achieve advancement duly and 
fairly supported by the government where needed and necessary without 
favour or discrimination and without being overly or unfairly supported 
by the state. 

  A nation where care for the environment is privileged over self-seeking 
capitalism and where its political leaders weigh all decisions with 
ecological interest and sustainability as an essential aspect of 

A nation where language and education are de-linked from political  

  A nation where elitism and inequality is not rampant and people are 
recognised and respected as human beings and not discriminated against 
due to social position, educational attainment, political beliefs, gender, 
race or religion. 

  A nation where religious freedom to profess, practice and propagate one’s 
religion is allowed to flourish without undue curtailment from the law, 
restrictions or even prohibition.  

The CFM encourages Christians to pray that good leaders will emerge from 
the 13th general elections who will not only fulfil the above criteria, but who 
have the interest of our beloved nation and its people as their first and only 

Malaysians today are better educated, politically and socially more aware, 
and geographically more mobile than at any time in our history, and these 
have led to a citizenry that is more knowledgeable and experienced.   

Churches have a responsibility to help guide their congregations to use their 
wisdom in the exercise of their right to vote in order to bring about a nation 
where all Malaysians, and those who choose to make their living in this 
country,  can live in harmony and prosperity,  peace and justice.  

May the grace and the peace of God be with you.  

Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing 
Chairman and the Executive Committee  
The Christian Federation of Malaysia

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2012 24-7 Year of Prayer for Malaysia - July

A few weeks ago, we have been enlightened with the actual facts about where and how the leadership in Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur have used the money collected through the Faith Promise Pledge. The Faith Promise Fund was supposed to be used to support Missions work but instead was used to fund Calvary Church's own internal Church ministries.

To read more about the above, click : Is Calvary’s Faith Promise Giving a Sham? 

Then we were shocked by the arrest of Pastor Kong Hee and 4 others from Singapore over the abuse and misuse of Church funds.

When the Church fail to fulfill it's responsibility to utilize the hard earned money that the people give to help the poor and to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, what should the Christians do?

This month's PRAYER EMPHASIS gives us A GUIDE.

However, we should not only pray for the Migrants and Refugees but we should also attempt to be God's hand extended to them by supporting the Churches with special ministries to these groups of needy people.

From this month on, let us put our money in the hands of Church leaders who truly care and are really reaching out to people in need of our support.

To read the previous months' Prayer Emphasis click : 2012 Year of Prayer for Malaysia 

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