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CALVARY TODAY BLOG is experiencing some technical difficulties caused by the breakdown in the submarine cables linking Malaysia to Europe and USA as announced by Telekom. Those who are trying to access the blog through computers serviced by land lines may get this message :

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This is a technical problem due to the internet service breakdown and not because someone has blocked or hacked into the CT blog.

However,  may still be accessed through the WIRELESS mode i.e. using a wireless broadband, WIFI or mobile internet access provided by Maxis, Digi, Celcom and private networks.

Below is an announcement released by TM last week.


Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to announce that its consortium members have detected a cable fault on the Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 4 (SMW4) submarine cable network between Alexandria in Egypt and Palermo in Italy linking Malaysia to Europe and the United States (US). The consortium will be carrying out repair works on site on Saturday, 24 April 2010 and it is expected to be completed on Sunday, 2 May 2010. During the restoration process, there will be some interruption to the traffic to Europe and the US carried through that cable. TM is taking active steps to minimize disruptions; we have added additional links on other routes and coordinated with other international carriers in order to provide additional bandwidth for our customers.

Despite these initiatives, customers using Internet services nationwide may experience some degree of service degradation such as slow browsing while accessing international websites. Customers using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to Europe and the US will be assured minimal degradation of service, if any.

TM will provide necessary updates on the progress of the restoration works, and would like to elicit feedback from our customers on the quality of service experienced.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this disruption, whilst at the same time, would like to assure customers that we are undertaking all necessary measures to ensure that customers experience uninterrupted service.

TM wishes to thank its customers for their understanding and patience during the affected period. Meanwhile, customers can call TM at 100 and select “Technical Assistance” or e-mail us at for any Internet related problems.

Added on 8 May 2010 and posted in CT.

We have not been concern over this as we have the assurance from God that He is in control and He has a higher purpose in allowing this to happen.

We received this assurance from God last Saturday when we sought Him for wisdom and guidance in this issue.  

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, 
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 
- 1 Thessalonians 5:16 - 18 - 

We have remained silent because we believe that God wants us to focus our attention to intercede for our nation in this month of May. Many have told us that they have been reading Berita Calvary since they could not access Calvary Today. This we believe is the work of God, who always directs us to fulfill a higher purpose for His Kingdom and in this month of May, our calling as Christians in Malaysia is, to PRAY FOR OUR NATION.

There are two major events that has been organized to rally Christians in the whole nation together to pray for Malaysia. 

1.  Run For The Nation to be held on 22 May 2010. Participation is by registration with the organizers.

2.  The Global Day of Prayer to be held in Stadium Malawati on 23 May 2010. Admission by Ticket Only. We were told that tickets for this event have all been given out. (Sorry. There are still tickets available for the event. Please contact your church pastors.) Ticket holders are encouraged to go. If you cannot make it, please return the tickets to your pastors so that it can be given to those who wish to attend.

Please read earlier posts for details.

In line with this call for national prayer organised by our national Christian leaders, we encourage all Christians to unite with one another in prayer and intercession for our nation in this whole month of May.

God Bless Malaysia. 

ON ANOTHER NOTE, tomorrow is MOTHER'S DAY. The administrators wish all mothers a 



Monday, April 19, 2010

Run For The Nation 2010

A special Prayer Run has been organised on

22 May 2010
5am - 12 noon

About RunNat

Run For The Nation (also friendly known as RunNat) is a single morning running event that sees Christians praying as they run throughout selected areas in the city or town where the event is held. The Runners are grouped into teams of three and each Team is required to cover a 5km run of a preselected route passing by homes, schools, commercial areas, government buildings, religious sites and other places of interest. As the Team runs, one will lead in prayer while the other two will agree. With the aim to cover most grounds, the Run adopts the relay style by using Prayer Cards in replacement of batons.

RunNat was started by a group of Christians who are committed to bring revival to our land, Malaysia. It was first implemented in October 2007 by a local church among its church members where 105 Runners signed up and prayed for their neighbourhood as they completed the 40km Run. In 2009, RunNat went nationwide involving 14 state capitals in the country with the guidance and leadership of each state’s RunNat Committee; each group running in their neighbouring areas simultaneously covering the places with prayer and successfully covered 1,010km in Malaysia. All these were made possible by God’s Grace upon all the Runners, Volunteers and Working Committee.

IN 2010
RunNat, in partnership with Sports Partnership Malaysia (SPM) and Global Day Of Prayer (GDOP), organises yet another nationwide Running event to embrace the importance of prayer for our nation in times like these. This time round, there will be two parts of the Prayer Run – Community Run and Torch Run. There will be teams running in the community which they live in (Community Run) and another teams running across the nation through the highways (Torch Run). These Runs are united in one purpose: To pray for our people, communities, and country.

United from all walks of life and different parts of the country, we gather to make a difference in our nation – Malaysia. And we hope that you will join us in heeding God’s Calling for our country.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Global Day of Prayer 2010

The Committee of the GDOP Malaysia, is organising this time for corporate prayer, joining thousands of Christian worldwide to call upon our Lord God to heal our lands. Let us join in this exciting event and pray that God will forgive us, bless us and heal our land so that He can send us Revival.

Click here to read the source of this flyer and to get more details : THE GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER 2010


Pray globally, gather locally

A rising movement of prayer for renewal and revival has swept across Africa and the earth like an incoming tide. In 2008, more than 250 million Christians in 204 countries joined in repentance and prayer on the third Global Day of Prayer. The echoes of desperate prayer for transformation sounded from stadiums, open fields, community centers and private houses. These prayers have the power to transform our world and to fill the nations with the glory of God.

On May 31th Pentecost Sunday 2009, Believers gathered in every country of the world to pray. On 23 May 2010, God is again calling the nations from the North, South, East and West to embark on this prayer journey with Him. God is moving in His awesome power, and He is challenging us to be part of this journey. It is a journey that is not about us, but about a world in desperate need for His glory and compassionate love. It is a call to respond to His invitation in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. May He hear our prayers, forgive our sins and heal our land.


Read the Article published in The Star Online :

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Call To Intercede For Our Nation

This is a forwarded mail sent to us. Let us take heed to the prophetic message and intercede for our nation.
Dear Leaders and Co Leaders,

May the Lord bless you all for your faithful services.

I am writing to request that during the koinos time, prayers for our nation or national issues be prayed with fervency.

I have included an excellent prophectic revelation which I feel is the actual state of condition of our nation and our churches......
The Intercessors at the 24/7 Prayer House in Kenya have been fasting and praying for Malaysia since the 5 January, 2010 for 40 days.  There was a very, very strong burden for Malaysia and during their intercession there was much weeping and crying out for this nation.  
The following is the message they received from the Lord for Malaysia:

Malaysia is at a very important crossroads.  The Lord says that He has been so faithful to the nation of Malaysia.  He has protected Malaysia in 3 areas:
1.        The principalities over Malaysia have tried to cause racial dissension.  Feelings were stirred in the hearts of the people to rise up for destruction but because of God’s grace, He has prevented this destruction from happening.

2.       God has protected Malaysia from natural calamities when the surrounding regions have been hit by such disasters.

3.       God has protected the church.  Seeing that you are in a Muslim land, the church has a high measure of freedom thus far.  Many times the enemy has tried to come up to close in on the church but God has not permitted it.

·     God’s faithfulness and favor towards Malaysia is not because the Church has been praying. In fact, the Church in Malaysia has entered into a comfort zoneThe Church is so contented and so comfortable and in slumber.  There is prayerlessness in the church and she is not carrying the burden that God has for the “cousins” in the land.  Most of the prayers that take place in the churches are personal prayers but not a burden for the nation and the lost.

Warning from the Lord:
The veil of protection over Malaysia is slowly giving way over this land.  
The heavens over Malaysia have already begun to close.
The burning of the churches is but a tip of the ice-berg of what the enemy is wanting to do over this nation.  There is a looming judgment waiting to take place over this land if intercessors do not arise.

Teaching on Abraham pleading for Sodom & Gomorrah 
Abraham prayed for Sodom & Gomorrah but his prayers could not deliver the cities.  His prayers alone could not prevent the judgment of God upon the cities.  Abraham was not living in Sodom & Gomorrah.  The people of the land themselves need to arise to intercede for their own land.  Unfortunately, there was no one in the land who took up the burden to pray for their cities and the cities were destroyed.

Application to Malaysia:
Only the prayers of the people in Malaysia can deliver their land.  This burden has to be taken up by the  Malaysians themselves.  They have to arise to pray for their land, cry out to God, influence the people and to tell them that the nation is at an important crossroads.  Tell the people that the next 5 years is so very important.  They either arise to a very, very powerful revival or slide in the other way.

God’s will is for Malaysia to rise up to her destiny (being a “Rainbow Nation”) and for a great revival to sweep through this land.  Our brothers from other nations are just here to help us “PUSH”.  They are like “midwives” to help the Malaysian Church push until they see the baby born (the destiny of Malaysia).  The Malaysian Church has to pray and intercede to open the heavens over Malaysia.  To see revival, we need the heavens to be open.  Prayer will open the heavens.  The enemy will try to hinder our prayers but we must persevere and pray until we see the revival.


Penang is like the umbilical cord.  Just as an umbilical cord supplies nourishment to the baby, Penang provides life to sow prayer and seeds for the revival in Malaysia.  The baby about to be born is the revival that God has planned for the nation. The Lord is asking the Church in Penang, “Are you willing to pay the price for the revival to come?”

Penang is also like the church in Pergamum where it was mentioned that the “seat of Satan” was there in the city.  Penang has attracted the enemy to this place.  The Lord wants to raise up prayer warriors in this city to stand in the gap.

Teaching on Altars 
In times of judgment, people were to raise up altars to reverse the effects, to bring about healing for the land.  There are 4 altars that need to be raised up at a time like this:

1.        Personal altar:  We are the temple of the Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit indwells us.  We need to activate our personal altar.  We need to pray everyday.  Develop your personal prayer life.

Pray at least one hour a day.  Jesus asked his disciples, “Could you not tarry with me one hour?”

2.       Family altar:  Husband, wife, children need to gather together to pray.  We need to establish the family altar.  Exercise authority over your household in problem areas.  When men break faith with their wives, there is no family altar and this has great impact upon the children (Malachi 2:13-16).  Family prayers will affect your neighbours and neigbourhood as well.

3.       Church altar:  My house shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7).  The strength of the church is not measured by how many members, how much money or how powerful the pastor is.  It is measured by how strong the prayer life of the individuals in the church.  Very few people at the prayer meetings, a common sight in our churches.  

Prayer meeting is for everyone, not just certain groups of people.
God wants to establish the Territorial Church  (territorial altar) in the city to impact the city.  There needs to be a unity among the churches in the area or city.  The territorial church can deal with the principality over the area and thus have great impact over the area or city.

If all cities have territorial altars then every city will begin to experience transformation.

4.       National altar:  People from the various territories or regions that have set up their altars will need to gather together to form the national altar.  The prayers that rise from the national altar will greatly impact the nation.

Finally, let’s take heed of God’s Word concerning watchmen who are not doing the work of watchmen.

God has called us to be watchmen on the wall, to warn the people of impending judgment or danger.  Let us not be like the watchmen as described in Isaiah 56:9-12.  If we are like watchmen who are blind and dogs that cannot bark or shepherds who lack understanding, then the “beasts of the field…… the beast of the forest” will come and devour our land!  

Take heed, Church in Malaysia!!!!  The Lord has spoken through his prophets (Amos 3:7).

Monday, April 5, 2010

Message From A Regular Worshipper of 20 Years

This is a Comment posted in CT in the article, "Calvary Church Makes The News Again". We have made some arrangements to the paragraphing of this Comment for easy reading but the contents are left unchanged.

I was a regular worshipper in CC for more then 20years. It saddens me to read, see and hear all that is happening. From what I read in the newspaper it is very shameful for our church to make headlines not for something good but for something very disgraceful …..not once but twice. I am sure there will be many many more.

Before leaving, the last time I noticed that the church worshippers were decreasing rapidly. In the different ministries such as the choir, ushers…just to name a few. It saddens me deeply to see all have joint other churches and even sadder to know and see some has even stopped going to church altogether. I have heard of members saying....we have to face people outside church and they are asking what is happening in CC, why is your Pastor still preaching, has he no shame?….Hasn’t he step down while he can?....Why no authorities step in?.....

All pastors are the same better stay home and talk to God then go church no point went all the pastors cheat our $.Tithes? Where does all the $$ go? ...... (I think somebody should publish a book called “Questions and Answer handbook for Christian” I will buy the 1st publication) .

I was taught that as Christian we are not suppose to bad mouth the church.....When I speak the truth about what is happening in CC it saddens me deeply...Now that I know my scarifies is going for club/gym memberships, business class trips, luxury living, etc, I have stop giving to tithes, all the different pledges in CC but do more charity outside, at least I know where my $$ is going and I get to help the needy....tho it may be small but the satisfaction is there. Many small churches I visited are in need for $$ not for comfort but for basic needs for their church as for CC the $$ is there but SP does not know how to appreciate it (ie new carpet, new pews, new AV system – maybe somebody can enlighten us how much did it cost etc). Why do we need a big church (with member decreasing by the weeks) and why not more satelite churches. Do we need all the facilities in CCC when we won’t be utilising all the facilities everyday?

Why not help the Caring Ministry went they are really in need for help (every Wednesday they feed and provide food and shelter for the people on the street and spread Gods word) even for the handicap which I notice they have not been attending church because they have no transport (cant CC provide them with a permanent Van?) or the Feeding Program (in KL-is has since been stopped),

Missions (also got its Terms and Conditions – I do myself and I don’t need T&C just need $$), Calvaryland is for whom? (last heard that it has T&C-maybe that why it has less than 5 member the last time I heard) why not take the needy on the streets, abandon babies we hear from the news or even their mothers together as a temporary shelter until they are able to support their little ones and themselves or even start an orphanage or even an old folks home (full time and not like sunshine home-day care centre) (our members are not getting younger-show some appreciation to them after all they started our church.

Even when we make a collection it does not go to the rightful people……but make someones (no need names mention as we all know who we are talking about-as the saying goes-siapa makan cili dialah terasa pedas) life even better then it is already…..

I pray that all will end soon before judgement day. Have a conscience and repent while you still can and do the right thing. Enough is enough the buck stops here.

Message From An Overseas Malaysian Pastor

This was Comment posted in CT on April 2, 2010 5:41 AM in the article "Calvary Church Makes The News Again".


A Malaysian pastor serving overseas said...

I am a Malaysian pastor who has been serving abroad for 3 years now. I have been following the Calvary church crisis for a long time and it saddens me that it has reached this stage.

My prayers are with CC and NECF as well as they seem to have been dragged into this by their association with PG as Advisor.

I do hope and pray that those affected are documenting everything meticulously so that lessons learned the hard way here do not have to be relearned in the future.

Money and power seems to be the two big issues here. Whatever happens I do hope that checks and balances in these two areas are strongly established.

Perhaps my 2 cents on my personal experience may be of help since entering my new pastorate.But please note that I am not presuming to tell anyone what they should follow. It is just my experience and personal convictions. I am now in my 20th year of full time ministry.

I for one have a policy where as pastor, I am not being allowed to sign any church checks (am not a signatory) or make any financial decisions except for those specifically stipulated that relate to my ministry expenses budget (which has a strict limit and and stated criteria). And even that has to be vetted by the church treasurer and church board. I pay first and make my claims later. If not approved, then I do not get reimbursed (though this has never happened .

Also my salary is not excessive and is in fact an average salary (it is lower than that of my wife who is a "professional" who holds an equivalent to a diploma). For the record I have a Bachelors degree and 2 Masters degrees (all earned the hard way) but I do not think that this should mean that in the church I should be paid according to secular systems of remuneration. It has to be a fair wage of course so that as a pastor I do not have to worry about the needs of my children and I have the means to financially help the poor and set an example in my tithing and giving, hospitality etc.

In terms of "power" I am the pastor and therefore on equal terms with members of the board / elders. And in some areas due to the practical aspects of ministry a "first among equals". However authority needs to be a shared one, so all major decisions and directions need to be a consultative decision making process where unanimity is sought, if not consensus.

Also the added principle is that as a pastor, I need to realize that though I lead the church it is Christ's church not mine and I am also a paid employee. God may call me to move on and the church needs to (in fact it will) survive and thrive without me. Hence whatever vision I have as a pastor needs to be owned by the church board and the members, if not major problems will occur if I should be called to leave, fall sick, fall into a major sin and disqualify myself for ministry - may God give me grace that this does not happen, or even be called home to be with the LORD!

Just two areas that has helped me not just keep sane in ministry but enjoy ministry.

A Plea From A Teenager

This was a Comment posted in CT's article "Calvary Church Makes The News Again".

I am a teenager who has attented Calvary Church eversince I was born. It was at Calvary Church that i learned the word of God, learned how to pray and how to love and appreciate our Lord Jesus. I attended the carpenters workshop,Missionettes and eventually Royal Rangers. however,2years ago, my parents stopped attending Calvary and moved to another AOG church instead.It is only now that i come to realise that the reason why they did that is because they could sense beforehand that PG had something up his sleeves.

On behalf of all the youths from Calvary Church, it really hurts and confuse us to see our SP act in such a manner.It is at this very church that we learn values such as honesty and integrity. I have a friend,a fellow R.ranger, still attending Calvary Church. I asked her recently about her thoughts on this matter. She told me that at first, she did not want to believe the things that people accused SP of. She belived that her pastor,more so a Christian senior pastor, would do such a thing. However, once he started to show his guilt by refusing to step down and firing all who has opposed him, she began to see clearly the major flaws in SP's character. her only wish now is that everything will go back to normal and everything will be okay again.

And that is what all of us, youths, want of our church we love so well. we want everything back to normal so that we may once again learn God's word in Calvary Church.

When i was in school, my Islam friend asked my catholic friend and i which was the better faith, christianity or catholic? i, of course replied that christianity was better.however, my catholic friend opposed, saying that being a catholic is better because christians are full of corrupted dishonest pastors.i then asked what made him say that, he told me that he has read about what was happening at cc. i feel sad and angry that our christian name should be tarnish in such a way just because ONE man decides to do wrong.

So please, if u(SP) or any of his 'supporters' happen to read this, we youths beseech you to put an end to all your sinful wrong doings. I believe that God opened our eyes to this matter in hopes that u would repent and ask for forgiveness after all is exposed and u are aware of all your wrongs. so Please, for the sake of the church we love so well, put an end to this madness!! i believe that in your heart you KNOW that u are wrong. Maybe you're just scared that of the consequences or maybe your own HUGE ego won't allow you to admit you are wrong..But whatever it is, time is PUSH aside ur ego.PUSH aside you fears of the consequences.instead, BOW BEFORE GOD and confess ur sins and REPENT!

I pray that God's presence will once against be restored to calvary..there is nothing else we all want more than that.

May God touch ur heart and open your eyes to all the sins you have commited.