Monday, April 5, 2010

Message From A Regular Worshipper of 20 Years

This is a Comment posted in CT in the article, "Calvary Church Makes The News Again". We have made some arrangements to the paragraphing of this Comment for easy reading but the contents are left unchanged.

I was a regular worshipper in CC for more then 20years. It saddens me to read, see and hear all that is happening. From what I read in the newspaper it is very shameful for our church to make headlines not for something good but for something very disgraceful …..not once but twice. I am sure there will be many many more.

Before leaving, the last time I noticed that the church worshippers were decreasing rapidly. In the different ministries such as the choir, ushers…just to name a few. It saddens me deeply to see all have joint other churches and even sadder to know and see some has even stopped going to church altogether. I have heard of members saying....we have to face people outside church and they are asking what is happening in CC, why is your Pastor still preaching, has he no shame?….Hasn’t he step down while he can?....Why no authorities step in?.....

All pastors are the same better stay home and talk to God then go church no point went all the pastors cheat our $.Tithes? Where does all the $$ go? ...... (I think somebody should publish a book called “Questions and Answer handbook for Christian” I will buy the 1st publication) .

I was taught that as Christian we are not suppose to bad mouth the church.....When I speak the truth about what is happening in CC it saddens me deeply...Now that I know my scarifies is going for club/gym memberships, business class trips, luxury living, etc, I have stop giving to tithes, all the different pledges in CC but do more charity outside, at least I know where my $$ is going and I get to help the needy....tho it may be small but the satisfaction is there. Many small churches I visited are in need for $$ not for comfort but for basic needs for their church as for CC the $$ is there but SP does not know how to appreciate it (ie new carpet, new pews, new AV system – maybe somebody can enlighten us how much did it cost etc). Why do we need a big church (with member decreasing by the weeks) and why not more satelite churches. Do we need all the facilities in CCC when we won’t be utilising all the facilities everyday?

Why not help the Caring Ministry went they are really in need for help (every Wednesday they feed and provide food and shelter for the people on the street and spread Gods word) even for the handicap which I notice they have not been attending church because they have no transport (cant CC provide them with a permanent Van?) or the Feeding Program (in KL-is has since been stopped),

Missions (also got its Terms and Conditions – I do myself and I don’t need T&C just need $$), Calvaryland is for whom? (last heard that it has T&C-maybe that why it has less than 5 member the last time I heard) why not take the needy on the streets, abandon babies we hear from the news or even their mothers together as a temporary shelter until they are able to support their little ones and themselves or even start an orphanage or even an old folks home (full time and not like sunshine home-day care centre) (our members are not getting younger-show some appreciation to them after all they started our church.

Even when we make a collection it does not go to the rightful people……but make someones (no need names mention as we all know who we are talking about-as the saying goes-siapa makan cili dialah terasa pedas) life even better then it is already…..

I pray that all will end soon before judgement day. Have a conscience and repent while you still can and do the right thing. Enough is enough the buck stops here.


Anonymous said...

The first thing Sister Petrina should do is to sell her brand new car which was bought for her by a church in Singapore. Why does she need a new when her old car was running well taking her from A to B. She could have kept her old car and asked the Singapore church to buy a van for some needy outreach church.
Leadership by example. The Guneratnam family should sell their homes and give the proceeds to the CCC as a way to start the ball rolling instead of just expecting the congregation to loan their hard earned savings.
The Guneratnam family must be rolling in money since even their dog food and electricity is paid by CC.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how SP can stand at the door of the church after service to greet members. Yuk, I refuse to shake his hand for fear his dishonesty will rub off on me.

Anonymous said...

We worship in an AOG in the Klang Valley.This"Honour the Pastor" thing. Now and then he gets away on paid holidays by the church while we have to slog out a meagre existence. We were much blessed on reading the Articles' How Pastors Get Rich". The exposure is very timely.I think we have to stay very close to God and to each other to discern these shameless wolves in our midst.

God Bless YOu All.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for expressing your thoughts.I think you said what many of us out here keep locked in our bosoms for fear of touching Gods "anointed". The truth is , some of these guys are lostand aimless.Does the AOG Council have a guideline on the dressing code for their ministers? My Pastor comes to work clad in shorts like he is working on a farmyard. Sigh, Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Last Sat there was an article in the business section on Nam Fatt not able to service their repayment loan. They are in deep deep financial problem. This is a serious signal that right from the very beginning the decision to pick NF is a grave error.