Monday, April 5, 2010

A Plea From A Teenager

This was a Comment posted in CT's article "Calvary Church Makes The News Again".

I am a teenager who has attented Calvary Church eversince I was born. It was at Calvary Church that i learned the word of God, learned how to pray and how to love and appreciate our Lord Jesus. I attended the carpenters workshop,Missionettes and eventually Royal Rangers. however,2years ago, my parents stopped attending Calvary and moved to another AOG church instead.It is only now that i come to realise that the reason why they did that is because they could sense beforehand that PG had something up his sleeves.

On behalf of all the youths from Calvary Church, it really hurts and confuse us to see our SP act in such a manner.It is at this very church that we learn values such as honesty and integrity. I have a friend,a fellow R.ranger, still attending Calvary Church. I asked her recently about her thoughts on this matter. She told me that at first, she did not want to believe the things that people accused SP of. She belived that her pastor,more so a Christian senior pastor, would do such a thing. However, once he started to show his guilt by refusing to step down and firing all who has opposed him, she began to see clearly the major flaws in SP's character. her only wish now is that everything will go back to normal and everything will be okay again.

And that is what all of us, youths, want of our church we love so well. we want everything back to normal so that we may once again learn God's word in Calvary Church.

When i was in school, my Islam friend asked my catholic friend and i which was the better faith, christianity or catholic? i, of course replied that christianity was better.however, my catholic friend opposed, saying that being a catholic is better because christians are full of corrupted dishonest pastors.i then asked what made him say that, he told me that he has read about what was happening at cc. i feel sad and angry that our christian name should be tarnish in such a way just because ONE man decides to do wrong.

So please, if u(SP) or any of his 'supporters' happen to read this, we youths beseech you to put an end to all your sinful wrong doings. I believe that God opened our eyes to this matter in hopes that u would repent and ask for forgiveness after all is exposed and u are aware of all your wrongs. so Please, for the sake of the church we love so well, put an end to this madness!! i believe that in your heart you KNOW that u are wrong. Maybe you're just scared that of the consequences or maybe your own HUGE ego won't allow you to admit you are wrong..But whatever it is, time is PUSH aside ur ego.PUSH aside you fears of the consequences.instead, BOW BEFORE GOD and confess ur sins and REPENT!

I pray that God's presence will once against be restored to calvary..there is nothing else we all want more than that.

May God touch ur heart and open your eyes to all the sins you have commited.

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