Monday, April 19, 2010

Run For The Nation 2010

A special Prayer Run has been organised on

22 May 2010
5am - 12 noon

About RunNat

Run For The Nation (also friendly known as RunNat) is a single morning running event that sees Christians praying as they run throughout selected areas in the city or town where the event is held. The Runners are grouped into teams of three and each Team is required to cover a 5km run of a preselected route passing by homes, schools, commercial areas, government buildings, religious sites and other places of interest. As the Team runs, one will lead in prayer while the other two will agree. With the aim to cover most grounds, the Run adopts the relay style by using Prayer Cards in replacement of batons.

RunNat was started by a group of Christians who are committed to bring revival to our land, Malaysia. It was first implemented in October 2007 by a local church among its church members where 105 Runners signed up and prayed for their neighbourhood as they completed the 40km Run. In 2009, RunNat went nationwide involving 14 state capitals in the country with the guidance and leadership of each state’s RunNat Committee; each group running in their neighbouring areas simultaneously covering the places with prayer and successfully covered 1,010km in Malaysia. All these were made possible by God’s Grace upon all the Runners, Volunteers and Working Committee.

IN 2010
RunNat, in partnership with Sports Partnership Malaysia (SPM) and Global Day Of Prayer (GDOP), organises yet another nationwide Running event to embrace the importance of prayer for our nation in times like these. This time round, there will be two parts of the Prayer Run – Community Run and Torch Run. There will be teams running in the community which they live in (Community Run) and another teams running across the nation through the highways (Torch Run). These Runs are united in one purpose: To pray for our people, communities, and country.

United from all walks of life and different parts of the country, we gather to make a difference in our nation – Malaysia. And we hope that you will join us in heeding God’s Calling for our country.

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