Monday, October 25, 2010

US Church files for Bankrupcy

This is an Article taken from : Yahoo News

Crystal Cathedral megachurch files for bankruptcy
By AMY TAXIN, Associated Press Writer – Mon Oct 18, 7:48 pm ET

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – Crystal Cathedral, the megachurch birthplace of the televangelist show "Hour of Power," filed for bankruptcy Monday in Southern California after struggling to emerge from debt that exceeds $43 million.

In addition to a $36 million mortgage, the Orange County-based church owes $7.5 million to several hundred vendors for services ranging from advertising to the use of live animals in Easter and Christmas services.

The church had been negotiating a repayment plan with vendors, but several filed lawsuits seeking quicker payment, which prompted a coalition formed by creditors to fall apart.

"Tough times never last, every storm comes to an end. Right now, people need to hear that message more than ever," Sheila Schuller Coleman, the Cathedral's senior pastor and daughter of the founder, told reporters outside the worship hall decked with a soaring glass spire.

"Everybody is hurting today. We are no exception," she said.

The church, founded in the mid-1950s by the Rev. Robert H. Schuller Sr., has already ordered major layoffs, cut the number of stations airing the "Hour of Power" and sold property to stay afloat.
In addition, the 10,000-member church canceled this year's "Glory of Easter" pageant, which attracts thousands of visitors and is a regional holiday staple.

The church was founded at a drive-in theater and attracted congregants with its sermons on the power of positive thinking. Its worship hall opened in 1970 and remains an architectural wonder and tourist destination.
The "Hour of Power" telecast, filmed in the cathedral's main sanctuary, at one point attracted 1.3 million viewers in 156 countries.

Church leaders said the Crystal Cathedral's Sunday services and weekly-telecast "Hour of Power" will continue while in bankruptcy.

Other megachurches have also suffered from the downturn and reduced charitable giving.
Crystal Cathedral saw revenue drop roughly 30 percent in 2009 and simply couldn't slash expenses quickly enough to avoid accruing the debt, said Jim Penner, a church pastor and executive producer of the "Hour of Power."

Vendors owed money by the church formed a committee in April and agreed to a moratorium to negotiate a repayment plan with the Crystal Cathedral. But after several filed lawsuits and obtained writs of attachment to try to collect their cash, it was difficult to keep the group together, Penner said.

Now, the church is avoiding credit entirely and spends only the roughly $2 million it receives each month in donations and revenue, Penner said. The church still hopes to pay all of the vendors back in full, he said.

"What we're doing now is we're trying to walk what we preach, we're paying cash for things as we go," he said.

These are some photos of the Crystal Cathedral.


Anonymous said...

Modern day "Towel of Babel". Calvary Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur heading towards the same way. Time for the people to be scattered all over. History repeats itself over and over again. God is interested in people NOT buildings.

Anonymous said...

Will TOB CCC goes the way of this abandoned Church?

i.e. being privatized.

"For whatever reason, this church was begun, then never completed. Ran out of money, perhaps? Divine intervention? This video was filmed from a distance of about 500 feet, and I was standing right next to the fenceline separating the large field in front of me from Rt 32. On my next trip out this way, I'll try to sneak inside one of the many gaping holes in this structure to take a peek.

As of 11/9/08, it appears that construction had resumed on the structure. When I drove past, considerable progress was evident. Apparently the building is finally coming to the light at the end of the tunnel. I was wondering what bank provided the funding, since in this day, the crippling credit crunch crippling the US has pretty much dried up most sources of funding for new home purchases and other reasons for borrowing. It is good to see the building finally nearing competion."

Just read the comments especially by Ringo4life & gfooce85

Isn't it by designed Calvary Convention Centre is named rather than being called a Church?.

Anonymous said...


Greetings in Christ. We totally agree with Anonymous Oct 30 11.28am about History repeating itself with SP's grandiose vision of CCC, (officially labelled as a commercial convention centre, not a church); designed by a self admitted Freemason who incorporated a Serpent and a Pharoah's Tomb in the CCC building, identified as the contemporary version of Tower of Babel (a zigurrat), born out of the Babel ruler's self serving quest to boastfully build the tallest and largest structure of its time to symbolise his personal pride and power, at the expense of his ever suffering bullied populace.

Copying a page from the early Roman Catholic Church top leaders (including the Popes, Archbishops, etc) selling indulgences to its sinners who were purposedly misled to believe they could use money to buy cleansing of sins, apparently SP skilfully tries to apply similar "marketing technics" to welcome new members (to offset the loss of 400 odd "redesignated" members) eager to pay for indulgences. The newies maybe "coached" to willingly and obediently "contribute" to the church coffers to try to satisfy the ever expanding financial "targets" esp for CCC mega project. SP1 treats CC like his sacred golden cow, ready to be milked and remilked. A gigantic piggy bank ? He has masterfully positioned himself into a enviable position of absolute authority (read "dictatorial"), surrounded by die hard "yes men" and "yes women" (read "brainwashed and helpless") eveready to satisfy his whims and fancies. BTW, can anyone with common sense and godly wisdom figure out how SP1 going to succeed filling up the 5,000 odd seats in the future CCC, when he cannot even fill up the existing mother church in Damansara Endah ? Are the pews now occupied by phantom members ? (Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Pun absolutely 100 percent intended). The unholy family dynasty is every deeply entrenched. The whole in the CCC project site should now be big enough to swallow them all. Howver, be encouraged, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, that God has allowed it to happen. Why, we don't know... but we surrender to God who is in full control. SP1 and family will eventually (read "definitely") fall from his Tower of Babel when God shows His Wrath. Let God deal with the problem makers. Let's see who has the last laugh. We just stand aside and watch. Meanwhile, we pray for the Judgement Day to come soon. Amen.

Anonymous said...

The American congregation of Crystal Cathedral should be "pleased" to hear that the overall size of their financial problems, totalling USD 36 million mortgage and USD 7.5 million, appears like a minute miny sized peanut, appears absolutely nothing, compared to what CCC already cost we poor CC congregation, estimates snowballed allegedly from RM50 million, to RM100 million, to RM200 million to RM300 million, to ... ?!!! Figure out yourselves other added costs besides construction costs, servicing bank loans, legal fees, other professional fees, insurance premiums, painting, air conditioning systems, security systems, lifts, escalators, lightings, audio-visual systems, seats, other fixtures and fittings, partitions, curtains, other renovations and a zillion other costs. Would RM500 million even be enough ? We wonder ... !
Now added pressure has started ticking to get the CCC ready before the August 2013 deadline. Will there be another appeal for the congregation to borrow from banks to pay for the CCC's probable huge "rush job" financial burden ? Wonder why we keep hearing the nonstop song "Money, money, money ...." in our heads.
The other neverending song sounds like "Material girl" !!! (Change the title to "Material boy"- MB). Enough said about MB aka Money Honey. Turn off the tap (TOTT) !

Paul Gesh said...

No tears for this liberal church and the heretic Robert Schuller who stated that "I don't think anything has been done in the name of Christ that and under the banner of Christianity that has proven more destructive to human personality and, hence, counterproductive to the evangelism enterprise than the often crude, uncouth, and UNCHRISTIAN STRATEGY OF ATTEMPTING TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF THEIR LOST AND SINFUL CONDITION." (Time, March 18, 1985)

Anonymous said...

The original CC had gone through stages of destruction, being gradually but surely transformed into an "EGYPT",ruled by an usurper Prince of the dark forces, with his iron fists over his "kingdom". Like the Israelites of the past, members of CC congregation had individually or in groups made their exits, scattering into other "lands", seeking nourishment for their parched spirituality. Among those few who chose to remain, we suffer in pain and in silence, praying for miracles to break the chain of oppression imposed by the evil ruler. God hear our cries for justice and truth.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9.24 am Nov.4th..

I don't understand, why should you or anyone be suffering in pain & in silence for leaving CC? Should you not be glad to leave an apostate church led by false preachers. Obedience to the Word of God, His Truth is much more important than any kind of sentimental feelings for the church, and in this you all should rejoice and be glad in the Lord.

For the leaders of CC and the building of CCC, their end will surely not be good for they shall fall because they have broke the law of God.

Anonymous said...

We thank the Brother or Sister in Christ Anonymous Nov 5 4.24 pm for his / her comments. In reply, we wish to admit that we still treasure the strong sentiments of attachments, over the decades, to CC, the church where we spent decades of our lives, growing up physically, mentally and spiritually together with our families. Being flooded with human emotions, we still hold tight to the GOOD MEMORIES of wholesome Christian fellowship and brotherhood / sisterhood, participating together in the various ministries and activities, stong bonds developed by our children in Christmas and Easter presntations, in Royal Rangers and Missionettes (which today are poor shadows of past glories with declining members and instructors) ... Yes, we confess the strong sentiments that "bind" us to remain in CC, instead of taking the "easy way" of migrating eslsewhere to other churches - to seek greener pastures. We confess being human. More importantly, we confess our strong faith that GOD will heed our prayers for HIS help to bring back Godly leadership in CC. We believe that God will not abandon us to despair, or forsake us, and be steadfast in enforcing Justice and Truth, removing all the evilness now happening in CC, under the unholy xxxxx alliance. We believe in staking our rights as stewards, in God's kingdom on earth, and not run away from the battle ground.

We choose to remain, not abandon CC, waiting for God's return. We hope and pray for the growing hundreds who have "migrated" to other churches to join us back in this stance.

We pray for faith to be able to walk on water with Christ, and be counted among the faithful. We are not prepared to abandon the "sinking ship" CC.

(Leadership by example, SP preached about walking on water last Sunday. Has SP done what he preached ? Jesus Christ walked on water of the lake, in full view of spectators, including the deciples, before He asked them to follow HIm walk on water.)

BTW, we draw our spiritual strength from God's Holy Word, the Bible. It does not matter whether we are worshipping in this church or that, or CC. Physical building means nothing.

Arise and shine for Christ!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on 11th Nov. 12.39pm.

I cannot understand how you or anyone can still participate in worship services conducted and led by pastors whom you have knowned to have committed spiritual sins against God and who don't lived by what they preached by their BEHAVIOUR. God will never used such 'false pastors' to serve Him. If you think you can still gain spiritual nourishment from their preaching, you are only deceiving yourself. God in judging CC pastors had already send a powerful delusion upon them that they should believe a lie. A strong delusion that had caused them to accept the lies of satan to be the truth of God. CCC is one of the lies, for God never did called them to build.

It does matter which church you worship with for it involves your own spiritual life, for you must know who your pastors are and whether they lived by what they preached. It matters because Jesus & the apostles continually warned us not to be deceived by the false prophets(preachers) that will arise in the end times, those who preaches in His Name behind pulpits, and yet Jesus still called them false prophets. There are times when God in all His wisdom would have to call upon us to " Come out of them my people and be not yoked with evil doers" I know many of you will not be convince of this. What has happened in CC with the pastors is a fullfilment of Bible prophecy that there will be a "great falling away from the truth" just before Jesus's return to earth. The Bible did not predict there will be a "great repentance", so don't hope for CC pastors to have a change of heart and repent.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you for pointing out the right path through your God Given Wisdom. It is time to for us all to move on to a better future in seeking the greener pastures in the "Promised Land". You are so right, God has turned His Face from the present leadership in CC. There is no more Anointing in the sermons, church activities, etc dished out - so spiritually dry. The socalled pastors and their invited speakers (local and overseas) preach only one message - money, money and more money to CCC bulding fund, (besides lashing out full scale hatred against fellow Christians!!! For example, "Get out", "Shout up", "Sack him", "Troublemaker", "Kick him out", switching off microphones when someone is asking questions or making some comments/suggestions, removing membership of those who dare speak out for truth, transparency, good governance, etc). What happened to God's central message of loving one and another, loving others ? All signs point to that eventual fall of the sinful ones. Time for the remaining members of CC congregation to leave Egypt with its decadence and superficial attractions into the Promised Land God has already prepared for us.

Anonymous said...

The danger in Personal-Driven Ministries with little financial accountability with give opportunity for fraud for someone who is inclined to misuse such funds and divert them for personal benefits. Indeed, the church setting is most ideal for those who set their hearts upon greed.

Anonymous said...

After worshiping at Calvary for almost 20 yrs, my family moved albeit sentimental reasons and that being our 'home church' for the longest time. We need to leave because by continually attending Sunday services etc may give PG a false perception that he is still the choice leader when he is clearly not. By worshiping there, we would also be bringing our tithe and offerings there referring it as our store house, a place where we also should be drawing spiritual nutrients, but it is clearly not the case. After much prayers and thinking (God gives us a sound mind and not to be intimidated), we decided it's time to move, an empty church and a near empty vault is a good and clear indication to PG & family that, their scam has been exposed. It's time they move on. Once they pack up and be gone, all will return.

Anonymous said...

As the year closes, May grace & Peace be with all of you. I do admire your courage. I am glad that finally someone has actually stoop up against these wolves in sheeps clothing.Well done!!

Ex- Christian.

Anonymous said...

Well Done- contributors to this blog.I note that there is no evil intent or maliciousness on this blog. All that is demanded is transparency in financial dealings from Pastors.PG -I would not have believed it unless I had heard it myself on this blog- your church meetings. Ordering those who question you to get out of the church- how can you humiliate others like that?? Don't you realize your salary comes from folks like these??:"I strongly believe you are hiding many other things and since there is no way you would stand down- you should be removed!!! And all the Yes men who surround you!! All of you have lost the respect of the congregation.Look at you- you can't even preach 1 sermon without asking for $$$!!@! Step down SP-the people have had enough of your eloquent bullshit!!!! Go start your life all over again somewhere else! Absalom

Anonymous said...

Most of the comments made had been centred on PG & family, but very little had been said about the associated pastors and ordinary pastors. I had always held my view and considered the associated pastors as worse than PG. Why? because they should have stopped and objected and disallowed for any spiritual unrighteousness committed by PG & stopped all spiritual abuses from happening in the church. I am sure they knew it their hearts what had been wrong, yet they allowed them to happen and even participated in carrying them out. They failed in their duty to God to watch over His flock. How can they still go up to the pulpits to preach as if they had doned nothing wrong. Do they dare to stand before God and made a declaration to Him that they had not committed any spiritual unrighteousness in their administration and to the members?

Many of us had personally knowned some of these APs and I am just dissapointed with them as I never thought they are capable of such behaviours. How can they be role models to the young?

Anonymous said...

Why would the Associate Pastors of Calvary speak up against SP and jeopardize their own pay checks? They are in the position of the unjust steward spoken of in Luke 16 who,when his dishonesty was discovered said "I am too old to dig and too ashamed to beg!"

The Assistant Pastors are only qualified in religious matters- they can probably be hired as clerks,taxi drivers or selling insurance in the secular world.
(If you are from CC, then they wont let you near the $$ counter)Personally,if I were the AP- as a matter of personal dignity- I would rather resign then go on blindly down this alley.CC leadership is thinking that by finishing the new church project, those who left the church will return( from inside source). I think they are in for another sordid eposode!! Associate Pastors- do the honourable thing-do the right thing- do not beg for any more money - under the disgiuse of Holy Communion and soft music in the background!! Resign now.All of you have lost credibility. have you learnt nothing from WikiLeaks? Its only a matter of time before all of you are exposed.( One journalist I know have been quietly collecting data about CC. When they have enough material-its going to make front page news in Asia)CC leadership is Unbelievably Hardened and Stupid!! Pride goeth before a fall!! Remember the story of Humpty Dumpty??

A Malaysian Whistleblower

Anonymous said...


Two, or for that matter, Multiple wrongs do NOT make a right! When certain individuals are appointed to be pastors (whether in responsible positions as Senior Pasters, Associate Pastors, Executive Pastors, Assitant Pastors (or other Pastoral titles they fancy) of a church, there is a high level of public expectation that they would lead Godly lives, guided by Godly principles, and moulded by Godly values. They are looked upon as holy men and women, as leaders of the church, leading the church congregation as holy examples to be admired and copied. The same high expectations in all churches from the congregation and the general public (including other denominations and faiths) can be said of appointed members of the CC Borad of Deacons. We must also add that Truth, Transparency, Good Governance are EXPECTED to be ALWAYS practised by ALL these Senior Pastors, Associate Pastors, Assitant Pastors, Executive Pastors and other pastors in/of CC. The same high standard of Godliness must be upheld by ALL members of the Board of Deacons and othe church leaders.

The truth is we all believe and conclude from our personal observations that it is NOT done and had NOT been done over the years in CC.

However, we all know now what has been happening and is happening in CC. Instead of worshipping the Triune God, the above mentioned leaders "worshipped" another human being who has and had been practising unChristlike behavior and using unChristlike language.

His followers seemed enslaved by some kind of power from him, fulfilling all his whims and fancies, always obeying his bidding. They are all not daring to challenge his wrongs, not daring to point out his mistakes, following the path of eventual destruction of the church - overwhelmed by the grand vision of CCC. Likewise, we are sad that AOG Msia pretended nothing bad happened, like an ostrich burying its head and neck in the sand/mud.

What will each of them tell God on Judgement Day about the wrongs they committed against their fellow Christian brothers and sisters ? Dont they tremble at this eventual appointment with God ?

The truth shall be made known. There is no escape. God will see to that promise.

The CC congregation will continue to shrink in size, TOTT already has serious effects on weekly collections, no response from congregations despite promptings from the pulpit speakers. Try to ignore these signs, evil ones from the leadership. You know who we mean.

God is great. He has always been in charge, CC be patient. God always wins.

Anonymous said...

The year 2010 is drawing to an end. With the New Year 2011 fast approaching within days away, many (esp the secular world) are already thinking of celebrating the countdown with a big bang, including nonstop partying.

At this juncture, we humbly ask the present CC leaders including SP1, SP2, APs and other ps what are your New Year resolutions ? Are you confessing your sins committed in 2010, repenting your wrongs and vowing to commit to the right path ? Are you vowing to practise what you preach - the truths, nothing else but the truths ? Are you prepared to confess your wrong doings ? Admit the grave sins committed against fellow Christians ? Including CC congregation members and staff ? And the donating public ? Are you going to practise Truth, Transparency and Good Governance ?
Are you going to tell us all no matter how bad, the real situation concerning the CCC mega project ?

Or are you doing otherwise ? Pretending everything is fine, when the spiritual flood, volcanic erruption, earhtquake and tsunami going to hit you altogether ?

Change for your own good, and for us all, praying for you. Do not fall for the Devil's schemes.

Reflect on the significance of Birth of Christ and His Sacrifice for our sins. Do it before too late.

Anonymous said...


Sounds so familiar to CC members ? LEAP IN FAUTH was the title of a movie aired by Astro during the Christmas holidays. It portrayed the actions of a chartlatan priest who mananged to build up his loyal followers of diehards, willing to obey his every command, travelling across the length and breadth of US of A, a travelling circus of sorts, setting up a gigantic tent sesating thousands, selling "Christian" stuff, bibles, cruxifixes, other etc, holding healing sessions where he would plant some confederates for show of instant recoveries eg lame can walk, blind can see, cancer patients can testify recoveries, etc. Even the poor man who testified contributing 10 dollars into the collection bag can share that he received mysteriously 20 dollars in their pocket. Sworn by the spirit ? Steve Martin acting as the main character of the crooked priest, pushed the faithful with brute force onto the ground ! So they appear slain by spirit ! The priest sweet talked people sacrificing their money for the better good, toucing their charitable nature. sound familiar ? They said religion is the best business. There are some crooks in priestly garments too.

Anonymous said...

[dated 27-12-2010]

I think it is grossly unfair to generalize all ministers as portrayed by the movie "Leap in faith". There are still many God fearing ministers in the field but they are mostly unknown. Someone has once said that the best Christians are the ones whom we seldom hear about.


The problem with the AOG system is that they are above the Church Board and have a direct say in finances.Other churches have realized and outgrown the fallacy of this sort of system long ago and have now put the Church Board above the Pastor.It is much safer. I have seen many medium scale churches run by the Pastor like his Company.(Some have even gone to the extent off registering their fellowship as a Sole Proprietorship).Usually there is a side business like selling insurance, printing or floral services to give it a legitimacy as a front.Basically its a hogwash and a "kerja budak sekolah"- work of a brain that is not functioning properly.

Secondly,when the power in a church is centralized in the Pastor alone-there are consequences.When we don't realize that the Pastor is "like passions" like the rest of us,capable of blunders,and attributing his powerful preaching to be above the harsh realities of life- the sheep are making a mistake.And they will find out sooner or later.They have only themselves to blame.

It is most regretabble that the ministry of pastoring has developed into a heirarchy of titles of Senior Pastors,Rev's and what nots.Sometimes they even get offended when someone address them as a brother/sister.( Mostly AOG material)

I do not think this matter is about to be solved anytime soon.The system exists for the benefit of the wolf-for the dump sheep.

Lastly, I do not believe in single unmarried ladies with a Rev. Title presiding over a congregation- no matter how spiritual they may come across.Please do not try to convince me they have overcome their passions and achieved some sort of Nirvana- all desires and sexual urges have disappeared.Thats another hogwash for the dump sheep.There are so many titled women out there today.(This has never convinced the Muslim mind)Dia tak ada keperluan kah?? is the usual snide remark.I work in a Govt department full of Malays. ( I leave the interpretation to the readers)

There is only one alternative left for God's people everywhere- keep your private prayer intact and return to the Scriptures.Pray for discernment- and pray for the minstry of pastoring.( Not the titles) pastoring is Gods calling- just like teaching or hospitality, but its been tarnished by the very ministers for " filthy lucre"./

Finally,authors of this blog- dont let anyone make you feel guilty about this blog.Many ministers have gone into silence since your blog emerged.Although I do not subscribe to all the views mentioned here- still I think it has become necessary for the bigger family of believers- who usually remain silent.

And to those who have left Calvary- I want to say this-your great Shephard and Guardian of your souls is Jesus and he has said 'I will never leave you or forsake you." May you prosper in your new place of worship.

"You were baptized into His body" and who is he who is able to axe you out of this body? Kerja budak sekolah!!!

Anonymous said...

New Year Resolutions for believers who worship in AOG churches.

1. Cut off ALL attachments which are useless and does not build up- even if those relationships are found in churches.

2.Walk in the Spirit and determine not to be drawn into any gossip.
(Has it occured to you why people come to you with their unfruitful talk? Somehow they have sensed that you are the type that loves to hear gossip/whispers- so it is easy for them to pour poison into your ears.This may be the reason they are drawn to you.

3.If anyone starts any whispers demeaning another brother/sister-Excuse yourself or Tell him/her - "Excuse me- do we need to hear this?"

4.The CC episode has taught us much. We can pray and support our Church with our time and $$ and suddenly we are booted out not because of scandal but because we were accused of "not sharing the Church vision".(your own vision and the Devils)

As for me and me house we have returned to Jesus- our True Shephard.

Me and my family are happily worshipping in an independant church and we will never set foot in any AOG church again.We just dont have the stomach to be disappointed by another "Super talker".Surely there must be a more dignified way to earn one's daily bread than begging for $$ all the time.

Lord thank you for rescuing us from the system.We have come back to you.

Family Man

Anonymous said...

To Family Man at 12:18pm Jan l, 2011.

I am truly glad to hear that you now realised and knew the truth behind these preachers of AOG churches & their system. I hope more will follow you. These are the ministers that the Bible warned there would be false teachers within the Body of Christ. They were 'among them' in the Body of Christ as wolves in sheep's clothings. They may preached some truth from the Bible, but that does not mean or certify them as true ministers. God taught us we were not to discern by their gifts, but rather by their character according to their thoughts and attitudes of their hearts. Many in CC had fallen into the very deception of these ministers concerning money and character. One must be able to discern with the Spirit and give according to the will of the Lord and not according to the emotion hyped up by these "prosperity ministers" on sermons of giving and promising rewards. If we were to take time to read the Word of God, we would find the truth concerning "sowing and reaping". The blessing comes from this lesson was not based on giving to wealthy ministries, person-driven ministries or ministers, but rather on giving to the poor in our midst.

These Pentecostal Charismatic preachers of the AOG churches are simply not practising true christianity as taught by Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament.

Anonymous said...


We wish to extend our sincere apology to all men (and women of God), priests, reverends, etc if we have unintentionally slighted, insulted or otherwise offended any Godly leaders of churches by our comments on LEAP IN FAITH. Our comments were related to the movie, esp the main characters, warning church members of the danger of cult leaders misleading them astray from the orginal teachings of Jesus Christ. Some churches are destroyed from within by SOME of their own so called leaders (read cult leaders), who do not practise what they preach about loving their neighbours, and other commandments laid down by God. They are skilful in manupulating the mindsets of the congregations, fast in sowing seeds of hatred against fellow human beings, including other Christians, quick to split ther church into two ro more opposing parties. Some others are experts in extracting funds for unauthorized usage. for unknown purposes. Some have been charged in courts of law, jailed or fined. Some such cases have been exposed to public knowledge, and in the media. For example, Rev. Jim Jones who misled his whole congregation (men, women and children) to commit mass suicide drinking poisoned Koolaid, in a socalled self sustaining farm community in Guyana. Prior to this tragedy, members were brainwashed by Rev. Jim Jones to sell all their possessions to buy that piece of land in Guyana - part of Jim's grand vision "from God". Hundreds died, listening to Rev. Jim's last order "for a better life". These cult leaders are the certain church leaders we must beware, not the rest.

Do not be suckered.

Anonymous said...

Regulations,Rules & Order

S 364(2)
Every person who in any return, report,certificate,balance sheet or other document required by or for the purposes of this Act makes or authorizes the making of a statement false or misleading in any material particular knowing it to be false or misleading or intentionally omits or authorizes the omission or accession of any matter or thing thereby making the document misleading in a material respect shall be guilty of an offence against this Act.

(3) For this purposes of subsection
(2) where a person at a meeting VOTES IN FAVOUR of the making of a statement referred to in that subsection KNOWING IT TO BE FALSE,he shall be deemed to have authorized to making that statement.

Penalty: 10 years imprisonment or RM250,000 fine or both.

Simply put,if any person sitting in a Board ratifies any misleading financial statement,knowing it to be false(usually blind supporters & plain stupid )you will be liable to a prison term.

PS. We believe a church leader's arrest is going to make the headlines in Malaysia very soon.( Apparently some churches have learnt nothing from Rev. Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts and the latest sordid episode-Rev. Robert Schuller)

Will the church EVER learn??

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the light" 3 John 4

The Tax Collector

Against stupidity, even God above is powerless. German saying.

Anonymous said...


The preacher talked to me and he smiled
said come and walk with me
Come and walk one more mile
Now for once in your life you are alone
But you ain't got a dime
There's no time for the phone.

I just gotta get a message to you
Hold on hold onOne more hour and my
life will be through
Hold on, hold on.

When was the last time you remember any of the CC pastors walked with you, genuinely show concern, had a good Christian fellowship with you ? Especially when you are NOT one of the blue eyed true blue yesmen/women followers or inneer circle members ? When was the last time they were close enough to you for you to share your problems ? Or for them to pray for you ? Especially when you "ain't got a dime in your pocket" ? Are they the rich and famous, not you ? Are they the usual "gang" of loyal diehards ? Of course, SPs APs Ps dll got a very important repeated message for all of us. In fact, they share a common concern for .... money, more money, much more money ! For the future CCC... Of course !
They are all a very concerned lot - for your money, not you. And remember what the specially invited lawyer specifically told us the congregation - you got no right to ask where the money goes to and for what purpose, remember ? Reminder of this main point. No right to ask.

Got the message ? Good. Pass the word around.