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Logos Hope - Inaugural Visit to Malaysia

Latest Update dated 30 September 2011 on the Logos Hope

... in Port Klang, Malaysia 
29 September – 23 October 2011
Port Klang Cruise Centre (formerly known as Star Cruises Terminal, West Port)
Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday :  10am - 10pm

Sunday                  :   1pm - 10pm

MONDAY                 :  CLOSED

Entrance Fee: RM1

Free entrance for children 12 and under, 
but they must be accompanied by an adult.

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Penang : 25 August - 25 September (earlier as reported in their website)

Port Klang : 29 September - 23 October

Kuching : 28 October - 14 November

Kota Kinabalu : 18 November - 4 December

Operation Mobilisation's newest ship - MV Logos Hope (sister ship of MV Doulos) will be visiting Malaysia between month of August and December 2011. We hope through this visit, it would provide many opportunities to bring knowledge, hope & help to our nation.

Operation Mobilisation (click for link to OM website)

Here's a little write up on the mission of the ship taken from the OM website.

Ships – Bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope

Our desire is to share the knowledge of God’s love and compassion with every visitor to our ships and with the wider community in every port.

Cambodian orphans look at ship pictureTouching lives with knowledge, help and hope. For decades, OM’s ships have travelled the world supplying literature, helping people in need, motivating Christians, training young people and sharing the Good News of God’s love.
Today, the Ship Ministry is still touching lives—powerfully demonstrating God’s love through our international community living and serving together onboard Logos Hope.


Known for their floating book fairs, the ships have made over 1,400 port visits in more than 160 nations, welcoming over 42 million people onboard. Visitors can select from over 5,000 book titles, covering a wide range of subjects and available at a fraction of their value. Grants of books to schools, libraries, colleges, churches and universities in developing countries have made a positive impact.


Those caught in the grip of poverty often lack basic education and healthcare. OM Ships workers have undertaken a wide range of relief projects worldwide. Their efforts include constructing orphanages, building shelters for victims of natural disasters and distributing medical aid, food and supplies.


In a world of uncertainty, true hope is only possible by engaging in a personal relationship with God. In every port, volunteer crew members share this message of hope with those they meet.
Having a purpose in life also brings hope. Through the on-board training programmes, we offer an ideal environment for crew members to discover and cultivate their gifts. For many, it’s a significant step towards a life-time of serving God.

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