Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NECF's Call to Pray - 40 Days Fast & Pray

NECF Malaysia has called Christians in Malaysia to unite and pray for the people in the Nation starting TODAY (22 July 2009). Let us as fellow Christians in Malaysia, join hands with NECF and other Brothers and Sisters in Christ, set aside time to pray together.

Event : National 40 Days Fast & Pray
Theme: Love Our Neighbour
Date : 22-Jul-2009 to 30-Aug-2009
Venue : Nationwide

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Prayer Booklets
English (PDF, 1.3MB)
Bahasa Malaysia (PDF, 1.3MB)
中文 Chinese (PDF, 2.9MB)
Tamil (PDF, 13.2MB)

Children Prayer Booklets
English Children (PDF, 0.83MB)
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Coming Together to Love our Neighbours
A Shining Light To The Nations

Malaysia as a nation enters its 52nd year of independence this year. The dynamics in the country have changed so much that Malaysia itself has become a mission field. There is so much that we can do in our very own backyard. Therefore, the theme for our 40-Day Fast & Prayer, "Love our Neighbours – A Shining Light to the Nations" has been chosen to meet the growing challenges the churches are facing.

When our Lord met the Samaritan woman, the first thing He did was not to introduce Himself and offer to help her get out of the terrible situation she was in. Instead, Jesus said, "Give me a drink" (John 4:7). Jesus asked for help to give Him something which He could have provided for Himself. He, however, became weak in order to win over this woman who was rejected and regarded as an outcast by society.

Our Lord Jesus cares for those who have been overlooked and cast aside. He is concerned about people with needs. When we open our hearts to those whom God cares, we encounter His presence. The recipients in turn will experience the change and blessings when we allow God to work through us in compassion.

The churches in Malaysia therefore need to come together in unity and in action to care and bring about change and blessings. This is how we become the salt and light to the community and nation. In today’s society, people are so distant and detached from religion and faith that they will not usually respond immediately to our witness. We need to be with them, to understand them and help them understand us.

My prayer is that while we intercede for the nation, we should humbly come together in unity of hearts and minds to seek and be sensitive to the Lord’s direction to respond to the practical needs around us. In that way, we will "let our light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven" (Matt. 5:16).

Sam Ang
NECF Malaysia Secretary-General
July 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Inspirational Story for July

This is a fictional story about Our Dreams and God's Plans for our lives.
This is a Story of the Ambition of 3 Trees.

Once there were 3 trees on a hill in the woods. They were discussing their hopes and dreams when the 1st tree said, "Someday, I hope to be a treasure chest. I could be filled with gold, silver and precious gems and be decorated with intricate carvings. Everyone would see my beauty."
The 2nd tree said, "Someday, I will be a mighty ship. I will take kings and queens across the waters and sail to the corners of other world. Everyone will feel safe in me because of the strength of my hull."

Finally, the 3rd tree said, "I want to grow to be the tallest and straightest tree in the forest.
People will see me on top of the hill and look up to my branches, and think of the heavens and God and how close to them I am reaching. I will be the greatest tree of all time, and people will always remember me."

After a few years of praying that their dreams would come true, a group of woodsmen came upon the trees. One came to the 1st tree and said, "This looks like a strong tree, I think I should be able to sell the wood to a carpenter," and he began cutting it down. The tree was happy, because he knew that the carpenter would make him into a treasure chest.

At the 2nd tree, one of the other woodsman said, "This looks like a strong tree. I should be able to sell it to the shipyard." The 2nd tree was happy, because he knew he was on his way to becoming a mighty ship.

When the woodsmen came upon the 3rd tree, the tree was frightened, because it knew that, if it cuts down, its dream would not come true. One of the woodsmen said, "I don't need anything special from my tree, so I'll take this one," and he cut it down.

When the 1st tree arrived at the carpenter's, he was made into a feed box for animals, placed in a barn and filled with hay. This was not at all what he had prayed for.

The 2nd tree was cut and made into a small fishing boat. His dreams of being a mighty ship and carrying kings had come to an end. The 3rd tree was cut into large pieces and left alone in the dark.

The years went by, and the trees forgot about their dreams. Then one filtered day, a man and woman came to the barn. She gave birth, and they placed the baby in the hay in the feed box that was made from the first tree. The man wished that he could have made a crib for the baby, but this manger would have to do. The tree could feel the importance of this event and knew that it had held the greatest treasure of all time.

Years later, a group of men got in the fishing boat made from the second tree. One of them was tired and went to sleep. While they were out on the water, a great storm arose, and the tree didn't think it was strong enough to keep the men safe. The men woke the sleeping man, and he stood and said "Peace," and the storm stopped. At this time, the tree knew that it had carried the King of Kings in its boat.

Finally, someone came and got the third tree. It was carried through the streets, and the crowd mocked the man who was carrying it. Finally, the man was nailed to the tree and raised in the air to die at the top of a hill. When Sunday came, the tree came to realize that it was strong enough to stand at the top of the hill and be as close to God as possible, because Jesus had been crucified on it.

The moral of this story is that, when things don't seem to be going your way, always know that God has a plan for you. If you place your trust in Him, He will give you great gifts. Each of the trees got what they wanted, just not in the way they had imagined.

We don't always know what God's plans are for us. We can be assured that God will always give us what we need and not what we want. In times when we do not get what we want, then just know that His ways are not our ways, but His ways are always best.

Sometimes our heart sees what our eyes don't see.

Author Unknown

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Planning Your Escape by Doug Hunter

Topic on Integrity and Ethics.

The knot in my stomach grew as I listened to South Carolina’s governor, Mark Sanford, reveal to the world that he had joined the tragically long list of men and women in positions of great influence who have fallen morally, sacrificing not only that great influence, but so much more.

Ironically – although very typical of how God works in my life – I have just been studying David in my personal quiet times, and I found the knot I felt this week very similar to the one I feel when I read of David’s failure with Bathsheba … and all of damage that fall caused for David, his family and the whole nation of Israel for years to come.

Of course, the Bible tells us that our hearts are all “desperately wicked”, and we can trace this pattern of failure all the way back to Adam … so what should we expect? Right? … actually, I don’t think that is right at all. Certainly, God knows we are all moral failures – “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) – that is why we need a Savior. But He also says that we don’t have to be slaves to that failure, and that He “will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.” (I Corinthians 10:13 NASB) God had provided Adam, David … and Governor Sanford … with a way of escape – they just didn’t take it. Too often, I don’t either, but I’m learning to be intentional in planning to use that escape in advance. Let me explain.

Even though you and I can’t know the specifics of the temping situations we will face, we can take steps to enable us to see and take advantage of the “way of escape” God promises He will provide. For instance …

CHECK YOUR FOUNDATION – Fight to maintain a vital, growing relationship with Christ, with your spouse, your family, your church. Know what the Bible says, and let a biblical world view be the lens that brings clarity to your decisions and actions.

BUILD KEY RELATIONSHIPS – David was alone when he got into trouble, and too often that is a contributing factor … “It is not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18) can apply to more than just the need for a “helpmate”, although the depth and transparency of your relationship with your spouse is the most important of your keys. You also need to have people who know and care enough about you to “encourage you to love and good deeds” as well as challenge you when you need to be challenged … and who will pray for you faithfully. You need to be part of a small group – this is why I had to get back into an FCCI group as soon as I stepped into this role.

PLAN – You and I know most of our weaknesses – where much of our temptation is likely to arise – so we can plan at least some of our own protection. Avoiding certain situations (like being alone or traveling with a person of the opposite sex) developing defensive habits (I put a towel over the television set in my hotel room so I have to make a conscious decision to take it off and turn the TV on) or using strategically placed reminders of your priorities (family pictures around your office, subscribe to daily emails that focus your mind on God from the time you turn on your computer, etc.)

I could go on, but let me conclude with two things Governor Sanford said that we need to hear. He began his explanation by telling us “It began very innocently as I suspect many of these things do.” From the very first encounter with man and woman in the Garden of Eden, it has been clear that our enemy is wise and subtle. He takes situations that appear innocent, and turns them into traps … and he takes the truth and distorts it just enough so that it still has the sound of truth, but it’s his version, not God’s. You and I also have to know that, because we have been placed in positions of leadership and influence, that same enemy has even more reason to want to take us down – and as publically as possible. Of course, we don’t want to pin everything on some outside force – as Pogo so famously said, and as you and I can often confirm, “We have met the enemy … and we are him!” It’s good we don’t have to fight this two-front battle alone!

Gov. Sanford also prefaced his statement with the comment that "We'll let the chips fall where they may." You and I need to remember that, as members of the Body of Christ, we can’t live with that philosophy. Falling chips can hurt, and they usually hit more people than we could ever imagine. As Ambassadors for Jesus Christ, as the “light of the world”, as a “city set on a hill”, we have more than enough reason to be intentional in where our chips fall … or IF our chips fall. At a time when the world is looking for moral authority, for stability, for hope … you and I need to plan … and to “take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” (Galatians 6:13 NASB)

Lord, please keep me from ever being the cause of a knot in someone else’s stomach! Amen.

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