Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 24-7 Year of Prayer for Malaysia - July

A few weeks ago, we have been enlightened with the actual facts about where and how the leadership in Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur have used the money collected through the Faith Promise Pledge. The Faith Promise Fund was supposed to be used to support Missions work but instead was used to fund Calvary Church's own internal Church ministries.

To read more about the above, click : Is Calvary’s Faith Promise Giving a Sham? 

Then we were shocked by the arrest of Pastor Kong Hee and 4 others from Singapore over the abuse and misuse of Church funds.

When the Church fail to fulfill it's responsibility to utilize the hard earned money that the people give to help the poor and to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ, what should the Christians do?

This month's PRAYER EMPHASIS gives us A GUIDE.

However, we should not only pray for the Migrants and Refugees but we should also attempt to be God's hand extended to them by supporting the Churches with special ministries to these groups of needy people.

From this month on, let us put our money in the hands of Church leaders who truly care and are really reaching out to people in need of our support.

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