Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God Carries Our Hurting Hearts

This is an e-mail we received last Sunday. We thank God for this encouraging note which we feel will be an encouragement to many of our friends, brothers and sisters in Christ who are hurting spiritually because of the Calvary Church Crisis. There may be many of our dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ who may be in a similar predicament as the writer of this note was in. There is good news for them and for us. We need to know that God Himself carries our hurting hearts. 

Let us continue to pray for our dear friends, brothers and sisters whom we know who may be facing or are in the same predicament as this. God works in different ways with different people but the bottom line to note is that God does carry our hurting hearts - In His Heart!

Be blessed as you read.


Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 9:49 AM
After attending Calvary for past 20 years, I am sitting in _________ this morning... Seeing many familiar faces, they were from Calvary indeed!

My family and I are totally saddened with how irresponsible concerned parties are, some how, the spiritual welfare of the sheep were never been a concern. This is my view. You have the right to disagree.

I briefly remember the story of the 2 women both claiming to be the mother of an infant as told by Solomon ... This is exactly what is happening now. And by the way, the 'mother' of Calvary is God if I am allowed to express this humble view.

There is season for everything.

Politicians, world class sportsmen, corp figures, fund managers had fallen, seemed like God's previously chosen groups are not spared, this is sad.

Common factor? ARROGANCE. This is my view.  Arrogance has blinded many, arrogance has caused some to preached 'strange sermons'.

We are taught not to 'overstay our welcome' in Proverbs. We are also taught there will reach a time for the older servants of God to support the younger ones to do God's work. Have we not learnt? Or is it just pure arrogance to ignore HIS word. I don't know, who I am to say, or to even hold an opinion on this matter.

The only thing I know and will forever remember is HIS grace was and is sufficient for my family and I. We were wondering, church-less, sliding away day by day for a good 3-6 months. Dragging our feet to Calvary, finding all excuses to avoid, and successfully missed church for the longest time...

I am glad God is kind to my family and I, like what Ps Bonke said... God came and looked for us, exactly how Ps Bonke and wife when looked for their young daughter when they first arrived in S Africa!

I now found the renewed joy of attending Sunday service all over again. Looking forward to Sunday to get the food I was deprived of for a long long time. All because He loves my family and I.
It's like a newly adopted orphan's heart that I am writing this.... The only thing that I know is, God indeed carries our hurting hearts, He carries them - in His heart.

It is well, with my soul.

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Former Golden Eagle said...


"My chains are gone...
I've been set free...
My Lord and Saviour has ransomed me.
And like a flood, His mercy flows..
Unending love....Amazing grace."

My niece from another church remarked to me one day, "Auntie,I am so glad that everyone from our families is no longer worshipping in Calvary Church. Praise God for answering my prayers."You see, she has discerning heart. She has prayed for us once she left CC.

Yes, over 20 members of our relatives, young and old, had left the church, one by one or a family by family, no one trying to influence one another. God had spoken to each family in His way and in His time.Our dear Heavenly Father care for us and we are all blessed. Yes, indeed, He carries us all always in His loving arms and He indeed carries our hurting hearts in His Heart.