Sunday, November 22, 2009

Letter from An AOG Pastor

to :
date : Nov 21, 2009 4:55 AM
subject : Crisis

Dear Sirs

I am an AOG ordained minister from __________ and deeply saddened by what has transpired. Let it be clear from the start that I take no sides except the side of truth. If even half of what is said about Pastor Prince is true in your postings, any authentic Christian believer would begin to question his salvation, let alone his ability and qualification to lead a congregation. It is sad that after 40 years or more of ministry, it has come to this. It is utterly shameful because the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is being dragged into the mud, the Church is being scorned and becomes a laughing stock especially amongst unbelievers.

The passage in Matthew 13:24-30 comes to mind as I ponder the allegations. In this passage, it is impossible to detect with the human eye which is the wheat and which is the weed. Only at the harvest will they be separated. We take comfort and encouragement in that. Let me humbly say that I have seen a lot in my time - and it will come as no surprise to me if the SP is indeed 'guilty' as charged. We must never put any man on a pedestal regardless of how anointed, charismatic, gifted or successful he may be. Only God Himself is to be exalted and adored.

My reason for saying this is because human nature is flawed, even in the very best of us. If we know someone well enough, the chinks in his armour will show eventually. Every person, no matter how accomplished or polished, has his own weaknesses and character flaws. These 'flaws' may not be very obvious initially but when we see more of the individual, they will emerge. I know of someone who is highly respected as a Bible teacher, who is very disciplined with his spiritual disciplines. But when it comes to food, he lacks self-control. Another leader is very disciplined where food, diet and exercise are concerned. But his weakness is he has a short fuse - he gets angry easily. Yet another is a very caring, patient and gentle leader - to the point where he does not dare to confront any wrong or faults within the church. He lets things slide. No one is perfect but we can be consistent.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that we are all sinners saved by grace, we continue to be saved by grace, and we minister also by grace. If any Christian thinks he is better than the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Atheist, he has another think coming. Christians are no better than any one else. In fact, from what I have seen in church, I think we are the worst of the lot. This is why God has to save us first (and I am not kidding here). Many leaders develop a sense of entitlement after having served in ministry for many years. They never say it verbally but their whole attitude shouts it out loud - I deserve special treatment. They forget that they are sinners saved by grace. They forget to be grateful and humble; they forget that serving God is a privilege.

Finally, I pray that justice and truth will prevail, that there will be a speedy closure to this ugly episode and that Calvary Church will emerge stronger as a result. This is not the end. Our God is still on the throne.

Rev _________


Christian said...

Dear Ordained AOG Minister,

I'm a member of CC. This episode has taught me that ordained ministers are equally flawed and sometime worst than the so called ordinary member. No wonder Christ spoke so much against the Pharisees of his days. How can u assess any person's salvation, that's God's prerogative alone. We are to love the sinner and hate the sin. Christ is indeed our only role model and He is the Head of the Church, not any minister.

As an ordained minister, your life is supposed to mirror Christ's, more so so that we the members can also look to you as a guide, as you follow Christ.

Sadly, as I look around in the churches, there are none, yet saved our Lord. May God also began cleansing His Church in Malaysia for its sorry state and failure to be a salt and light of the nation. Its the responsibility of every member of Christ's body, you and me, to let the light of Christ shine through our life and community. Though we have this treasure of Christ in jars of clay.

Testing God said...

The Lord Jesus taught us that as followers of the Lord Jesus we are firstly servants rather than masters of others. Jesus gave us an example on the night before He was betrayed. He took the role of a servant and washed His disciples' feet and He also asked us all to follow His example.

Calvary Church's SP, Associate pastors and BOD know the Scriptures very well. They taught us the Word and hence they should be the first to show us good examples. Yet now they are the ones in breach of Bible principles.
Furthermore, they refuse to acknowledge their wrongs and are clinging to their powers and positions. Why?

Reason: They think that there is too much at stake on earth to lose if they repent.

However, they have to wake up and fully realise that if they refuse to put things right with GOD now they will have everything to lose in eternity!

It is a fearsome thing to fall into the wrath of God. And no one is spared from God's judgment not even the "righteous" man who once did many good deeds but when he sinned he refused to turn from his wrongful deeds and to ask for forgiveness from GOD. Consequently God still made him responsible for his sins because he refused to repent. The "righteous" man will die for his God puts it in Ezekiel.

Likewise for our pastors and BOD even if you project the wrongs to others do you think God will remain silent and you don't have to face God for your negligence and wrongful deeds?

GOD is being merciful and gracious all this while. Don't test God for too long.

Christians and non believers alike around the world are watching and waiting what PG, PG2, pastors and BOD of CC are going to do next.

Anonymous said...

You summmaried & said it CLEARLY "Many leaders develop a sense of entitlement after having served in ministry for many years. They never say it verbally but their whole attitude shouts it out loud - I deserve special treatment. They forget that they are sinners saved by grace. They forget to be grateful and humble; they forget that serving God is a privilege." I did noticed this negative sign in 2004 when the EGM was held to approve the purchase of the 4.9 acre piece of land to build The Calvary Convention Centre. You need to exercise the "Gift of Discernment" to point out that the Virtue of " Just Let Go " on material things is very much lacking & missing!
I was not shocked by this Scandals at Calvary Church.To me it was part of a PROPHECY that has come to pass. The CCC must be SCALED DOWN to avoid being blogged down by too many VOs. Do not built a Space-ship, JUST build a Simple Building to house a church for 15,000 congregation to worship the LORD.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed very sad to read this unfortunate issue happening in Malaysia. Here we are praying to uphold the Christain principles and attempting to witness for Jesus to win more souls and win Malaysia for Jesus.

Are we believing and practising what we are taught from the Bible? We are told never look to man for help. Anyway, let us continue to honour God with our lives.

Anonymous said...

I just came to know about this church issue when on Christmas day I called my cousin who attended CC.I was rather shocked to hear from him about this issue and he told me to read it myself from the net. As a Christian, I really feel sorry and pray that true repentance and healing will come to CC. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I used to reverence pastors but after 3 decades I got disillusioned.I usually dont comment on "Gods Anointed". I later realized that Pastors are human too although they may seem to be free from the troubles that afflict the rest of us.I have stopped going to an AOG for a few years now. My last pastor spent more time with the young church ladies than with his wife.It was evident to us that his marriage life had collapsed.He even used to take the youth group to holidays on Islands-of course most of them were ladies.And most of the time he dominates the entire conversation talking like an expert even on secular matters in spite of the fact that he is on the church payroll throughout his working life. I was taught not to judge so i did not judge- but I left.I think beneath that innocent look lies a sinister character.And i dont want to be there when another scandal erupts.