Monday, November 23, 2009

A Letter from a Calvarite

We thank this writer for this thought provoking letter although we must say it is a very vocal expression of a person's inner feelings. The writer has written with unminced words that may be hard for some readers to digest. While we appreciate the contents in this letter, we must put in record that the administrators of CT/BC do not necessarily subscribe to all that the writer has written and therefore in no way in full agreement with the views presented.

to :
date : Nov 18, 2009 6:30 AM

subject : Two cents worth but tonnes of freedom

Dear Editor / Administrator of the Blog calvarytoday

(This is a very long comment, feel free to share it with whomever)

I am fellow believer and sometimes I wonder what's wrong with the "church" today, not just Calvary DH. I used to fellowship in AOG churches but no more and also Calvary DH when I was 18 years old when I was staying with my uncle and sister in DU after Form 6 working part time in PJ. I used to see Calvary tithe envelopes in the house.

Over the past few years, I have been led to many good bible teaching websites overseas presented by earnest and honest folks that finally confirmed all that the Lord has put in my heart. All it takes is some googling and the Lord will confirm it through people he has raised up in all corners of the world for such a time like this – a time when the sheep is separated from the goat, and the chaff is blown away so the refiner's fire can purify us that we can be counted worthy as priests in the order of Christ when he appears.

"/For He is like a refiner's fire and like fuller's soap. And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; and He shall purify the sons of Levi and purge them like gold and like silver, that they may be presenters of a grain offering in righteousness to Jehovah. Then the grain offering of Judah and Jerusalem shall be pleasing to Jehovah, as in the days of old, and as in former years./" (Mal 2:17)

It takes a clear mind, a neutral disposition, a neutral ground and and an environment that is FREE from intimidation (such as public web blogs and forums), to compare, dissect, discern and find truth. And the internet is the best place for it because everyone's thoughts, ideas and belief can be voiced without filtering or prejudices unlike in traditional church environment where no one is allowed to hold the microphone, even though Paul went into churches and debated with people there to WIN them over and not just take the gospel, preach it over loudspeakers and shove it down their throats. What we see today is ABSOLUTE totalitarianism in full motion in most churches where there is no debate, do discussions and “truths” is just prescribed directly to the sheep like mass vaccination!

In my personal experience and deliverance from the clutches of Babylon, truth is a process of delayering wrong foundations, primarily in the form of teachings that have been laid over time by people whom we have always looked up to as mentors such as SP's and P's and the shaky foundation is built up because of one's lack of own discipline to pursue truths, gullibility, need for love and affirmation and peer pressure to conform. It's like finding a needle in the haystack, but it is really worth the time and effort put in because it completely liberates and separates RELIGION which is POISON from TRUTH which is LIFE GIVING.

I truly commend the search for truth, transparency and accountability within the family of God on an individual or collective basis. If non-believers can do it, what more the church which want to be called the pillar of society. No one is really indispensible anymore in this day of truth and enlightenment whatever the title. As a matter of fact, we will ALL be held accountable in the end.

*_Here are some interesting findings:_*

1. The tithes is illegal for NT living! And not 10% of a person's gross salary. Not all in OT tithed. Tithes are farm products! And tithes are also "eaten"! But today - tithe is 10% of gross salary! (CT/BC do not subscribe to this view)
2. Pastors have taken over the five fold ministry completely. Some are also promoting themselves to Apostlehood with no shame at all.
3. People speak in false tongues a lot nowadays like She ka raba raba raba...he robo yan de, shi di di la ba ra ba ku .... ! And the service still goes on despite profane fires with no discernment at all and Paul's instruction that no tongues is allowed unless there is interpretation
4. We are baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit even though, there is only one verse with all three mentioned in one sentence in the entire bible and everywhere else when the disciples baptised people in the NT, it was ALWAYS in the name of Jesus only! Studying the historical development of water baptism dating back to the Nicean Creed AD 325, and earlier, will debunk this Trinitarian formula which was a politically-motivated man-made ecumenical mandate alongside the spurious commission in Matthew 28:19 which can be traced to Eusebius’ true and original translation of the verse – with no such commission to baptise in the name of the “Trinity”! (CT/BC do not subscribe to this view)
4. "Disobedience to Pastor is asking to your funeral" - quoted from a SP from a very large church in Malaysia
5. SP seems to be on lifetime payroll! While the sheep retire and have to make ends meet themselves. Most also don’t work nor hold full time secular jobs like Paul the Apostle who sew tents so that he wont BURDEN the sheep!!
6. The giving and offerings are always one-way traffic!
7. The increasing need to play golf, upgrade cars, buy insurance and property! What happened to "Do not love the world...? Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh etc?
8. There is a lot of nepotism to maintain the OT style of priesthood lineage to keep it all in the family and elevating family members even if they are not CALLED, CHOSEN AND ANOINTED
9. The minority who pursues truth is always excommunicated
10. The sheep will always be a sheep for life. And emphasis is always on separating the "CLERGY" from the "LAIETY" when disagreement occurs. Aren't we all Priests in the kingdom of God with Jesus as the only High Priest?
11. The sheep do not think for himself/herself anymore.
12. SP always want to keep the sheep as sheep. We never seem to "graduate" even though Jesus did taught his disciples for only 3 years, but we who have the born of the Spirit of God are always subjected to SP and SP always want to reign, reign and rule the sheep for the rest of his lifetime, listen to a crummy sermon on Sunday, attend Bible Study and Prayer meetings for life!
13. The modern church has made merchandise of the gospel - charging for bible study materials, charging for entrance to seminars with foreign speakers, selling and buying, promoting books, tapes, recordings, videos etc - all that Jesus threw out of the temple when He was on earth we are doing now without batting an eyelid or questioning their validity in the name of submission
14. Christians also make the worse friends - once u leave a congregation, they stopped "fellowshipping" with you!! Even heathens don’t do that!
15. I also noticed a very high prevalence in these super churches that practice quoting and selective-use scriptures out of context to promote their agenda

There is more than what’s listed above, and it will take a long time to undo the damage. But thanks to so much illumination from all over the world, there are people that we God has used to bring to light all these falsehoods and we can access them so easily today.

But the faster a person wises up and finds the truth, the better for his finances, his social and mental health and spiritual growth which will shoot off the charts with no hindrance! And sometimes it takes a crisis like this to wake people up.

At the end of the day, Jesus who represented "truths" was hated all the way to Calvary by the Pharisees and Sadducces (the church then). It's not an irony that people who pursue "truths" will be hated, ostracised, outlawed, and excommunicated by the majority just as much. Like the Gospel, the truth is ALMOST ALWAYS with the minority. And the gospel was preached from a minority to the majority. History has proven it over and over again.

*_In conclusion:_*

1.The church has really become an abomination as we head towards the last days. Read Revelations and that’s the conditions of the MAJORITY of the churches and that will is really the description of the "church" of today by the Alpha and Omega; and WHO truly seats on the throne of the modern church today (Rev 2:13)
2. We are told to "Come out of people" in Revelations 18:4,5, yet how many people really dare and do COME OUT OF HER?
3. The church is not a building or a large multi-purpose convention centre- it’s just "people/believers". God is in us, not buildings! But humans have organised themselves to be led by people, structures and hierarchies even though the veil has long been torn and removed! And building on another's man vision normally disguised as from the Lord! The minimum requirement is just for 2 persons to gather anywhere, anytime and God is there to meet them/us! Even Christ had only 12 disciples, why do we need MEGA CONGREGATIONS! (CT/BC views that there is a need for people to gather for corporate worship. It is encouraged in the Bible)
4. Real sheep hears His voice and not just SP's voice and knows how to discern
5. Love will win the day no matter how oppressed the minority.
6. If people still want to remain with a false leader, their blood, guilt and remorse is in their own hands. Call it folly and stupidity, but these people are not really believers. Jesus is the head of everyone, not SP or any man.
7. Join a church where the SP holds a fulltime job (CT/BC believes there is a need for full-time pastors and church workers) and all KINGDOM expenses are based on charity and emanate from LOVE and not OBLIGATION and true giving is inspired by the Holy Spirit and NOT shouted from the pulpit via the sacred microphone. Keep an eye on TITHES or BUILDING FUNDS, PERSONAL CLUB MEMBERSHIPS, MILLION DOLLAR INSURANCE POLICIES, FANCY CARS and find a congregation where both Shepherd and Sheep SUBMIT to ONE ANOTHER and not just one way traffic as prescribed in Eph 5:21

I really hope more people will rise up and take their authority and freedom in Christ and not be shackled again by religion of man because our freedom was really purchased with a heavy price.

The Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is LIBERTY… 2 Cor 3:17 (NOT OPPRESSION, BRICKBATS, ACCUSATIONS, PRIDE, PREJUDICE, SUPERIORTIY. SUBJUGATION etc) And of course the freedom to live and express Christ in our lives with both believers and non-believers and become ALL that we are intended to be in HIM, for HIM and for HIS glory not men’s.

God bless let the healing begin! The truth is really out there for those who truly wants to find them.

18 Nov 2009


Anonymous said...

Ex-calvarite in reply to" A letter from a calvarite & a reply to "A letter from a former regular worshipper"...

I am in total agreement in what both of you has commented. So I am not alone too. I left CC a few yrs ago, because deep in my heart I felt something are just not right with the worship in CC. To the first writer, what you have written is almost similar to my thinking. However, somehow I sense there is something more you intended to write but refrain from doing so. Perhaps it has something to do with biblical doctrines. Anyway, I am glad both of you and myself opted to leave CC in obedience to the will of God. The only way for TTG to be successful against the SP and pastors is to break the corrupted system of CC leadership, a system that also prevailing in all AOG churches especially in the US. Its truly an uphill task.

Anonymous said...

Response to Letter from a Calvarite:

Many thanks for your insights.I always thought that I have to surrender 10% of everything I earned to the church first.And then another 10% in sacrificial giving.I felt a burden lifted off my spirit after I read your article.Again- many sincere thanks.I left the AOG church for good when the pastor shouted at my daughter in public.He was just so abusive and no one could question him.I feel less threatened outside the church. Struggling Christian

Anonymous said...

I worship at an AOG church but besides contributing financially
(I really dont want to offend God in financial matters),I tend to stay in the background as I have no particular gifting.Last 2 Sundays a strange event happened in our church.During the preaching,the Pastor suddenly started to blast Calvary Today Blog and stated,in an unusually high pitch, that those bloggers have gone astray after Satan.And he started to pray against those instruments of Satan and urged all the church to stand against those demonic forces .His last warning was quite comical, to say the least!!To quote him,"This church does not permit anyone to participate in those Satanic activity"!! Judging by the unusual outburst, I realized for the first time that he may have something to hide.And I decided to to visit your blog straightaway.Why the sudden outburst? I felt sorry for the youth & oldies who were visibly terrified!!I mentioned this incident to my colleagues and we had a good laugh.In fact 1 non- Christian laughed so loud,until her tummy cramped and there were tears in her eyes!!

Hidden Believer

Defies logic said...

Dear Hidden Believer,

Thanks for sharing what your pastor said over the pulpit. I believe God has caused him to utter those words, so that more christians will log in and read about what has happened in Calvary Church.

What your pastor has said only goes to show the mindset of the AOG Pastors. They consider innocent church members who have contributed their hard earned money for years so that the church can function but now just because we ask for truth of where all our money went to, we are branded as satanic.

Our pastor who took, not just thousands but almost two millions and put into his personal so called ministry, he call as godly. Our pastor not only took our offering money but humanitarian money - money to save human lives, he took and put in his personal ministry bank account, your pastor thinks this action is godly.

Seriously, where is the logic?


Monday, November 30, 2009
"And Samuel feared to show Eli the vision."

Shall I tell my "Eli" what God has been unfolding within me? That is where the dilemma of obedience comes in. Most of the time I feel like shielding Eli,because he is the best person I know and respect.To complicate matters, Eli was a lone spiritual authority.God did not command Samuel to tell Eli -Samuel had to decide that for himself.And therein lies the great difficulty.

Never ask advice of another what you have to decide before God in the private chambers of your heart.If you start asking advice- you will almost always side with Satan. When Jesus revealed Himself to the Apostle Paul,Pauls response was reflected in his most solemn words- "Immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood."