Saturday, November 28, 2009

An email bearing God's Confirmation

This afternoon a few of the Concerned Members or TTG (more popularly known) met with a Pastor from India. He has been praying for Calvary Church, the church pastors and TTG, at the request of a concerned Christian. The Lord showed the Pastor visions as he prayed for us - the Church and TTG. God gave him these visions - A Big pond and small pond and God will send rain to fill the small pond and A big ball of fire breaking up into many small balls of fire on earth. The fire is a purifying process from God upon His children.

CT received the e-mail posted below this afternoon and did a check on the authenticity of the article attached and discovered the site wherein the article is found :

Upon reading, we found this line is at the bottom of page :
Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind and love your neighbour as yourself.

Then we checked the "next topic" on the site and this was written in the next article:
For the earth has broken and brought forth her cry and I have heard it...I am sending the rain of My Love...My heart is swelling and I am about to burst....

Oh don't you know the latter rain are the tears of our Father's pain.... (we shared earlier of a vision of "tears". WE asked then, " Whose Tears?")

God is lighting
small fires all over the world. These small fires are being ignited by the purity of His Love and are fore ordained of Him since the foundation of the world... Those found chosen and faithful are being merged as one in His Love, His purity and His joy. . Their prayers have gone up to Him as incense. His tabernacle is being restored.

balls of fire of His Pure Love are being lit in the most obscure places

It is not by coincidence that this e-mail was sent to CT. We believe it is God's confirmation of what the Pastor shared with the group of Concerned Members or TTG this afternoon.

dateSat, Nov 28, 2009 at 2:09 PM

Brothers and sisters of CC,

Let us be encouraged. To stand against religious authority was never an easy task even in Jesus' time. Nonetheless, the will of the Father must be done. There is a part of the Lord's ministry was to expose sins especially on those who sat on Moses seat. For CC, the grace period for this man is over. The men made temple of Babel need to be destroyed, so be it. He would rebuild it in 3 days. The Lord is setting His people free from the bondage of one man and releasing them into the marketplace, preparing them for the end time harvest..........therefore, do not repeat the same mistakes by building another temple. Go to the streets, the highway and byway gather the people in small groups inviting them to the banquet of the King!

Standing with Truth,
Bro J

-by Pam Brown.

God gave me a vision 1 1/2 years ago about one of the biggest names in the Christian world and showed me what this person and many other leaders are doing to the body. I saw a HUGE "SUBTLE" written in the sky after this person's name came up. 

 I was sobbing like I've never sobbed before. It was breaking the heart of Jesus. I kept asking Jesus what was breaking his heart so badly and that's when this scripture came to mind..."How I wish I could gather you as a mother hen gathers her chicks but you would not listen." 

I knew that Scripture and cried even harder because I knew that Jesus wanted the church to turn from her deception and follow Him. That told me that Jesus is very much aware that many in His body are being lead astray. They are decieved and the only one who can open their eyes and get them to repent is Jesus. It's a mixture or a malgam of the truth and lies.

The sense that I got was that much of the church had been contaminated. Poisoned and didn't even know it. Doctrine of demons had entered, New Age/occult ideas and books had infiltrated the body (many are in the Christian bookstores) and famous pastors were leading thousands down the "Apostate Church " road. Not the true church of Jesus Christ. 

 They were leaving out the name of Jesus, the cross, repentance and the blood. It has become a "Social" gospel to many in the church. Just do "good things" and attach the name of God to it... Oh how I pray that people in the church will wake up!!

Well, that was my interpretation of this 20 minute sobbing session that I had with Jesus. Even though I felt like Jesus was extremely sad at how easily His leaders and sheep were lead astray...I still felt like He was going to do some shaking and gather back as many "chicks" as possible from the enemy's camp. 

He doesn't need a huge army... he just needs a few people that will do what he tells them to do and HE will make the needed changes. Not everyone has fallen into deception. That's the good news. 

Just like Elijah thought he was the only one left and God showed him that there were 7,000 other people that didn't bow their knee to Baal.

That's the situation with the church today. 

Praise God!!


Anonymous said...

Ex-calvarite on "Vision of subtle lies" by Pam Brown..

I am particularly drawned towards the following part of the article:-

"Doctrines of devil had entered. New Age/occult ideas & books had infiltrated the body (many are in christian bookstores) & famous pastors were leading thousands down the "Apostate church" road. Not the true church of Jesus Christ."

Jesus had warned believers that in the end times, satan will deceive many with his lying signs & wonders and false miracles. I wish the writer Pam Brown would elaborate more on what are the doctrines of the devil. What are the lying signs & wonders Jesus is talking about? I can only give an indication what they are from my experience in Calvary church, a pentecostal church and gathering informations on the origin of Pentecostalism and their doctrines and discovered that the many lying signs & wonders derived from them. Many of the New Age writers are pentecostal ministers. Perhaps the false spirit that comes from pentescostalism had caused the pastors of CC to behave in such an ungodly manner. This is my view. As for CT or TTG it does not neccesary by your view.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I really value what you’re writing here. Keep going that way.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.