Monday, November 23, 2009

An ex-Calvarite comments on CCC

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date : Oct 9, 2009 8:09 AM

subject : Calvary Convention Centre

Greetings to you all.

I am __________, a former calvarite who had left calvary church some 7 yrs ago, but have been keeping watch on whats happening in Calvary through their website. I have today just discovered your website and I stand by what you have written.

I knew that problems will surely arise from this CCC project, a project that SP said is from a call of God, but never elaborate on how he got this call. The project looked more like a 5 star recreational centre complete with multi facilities, then a true worship centre. I am especialy irked how these so called 'pastors' who called themselves 'servants of God' can compromised and support someone who belongs to an anti christ organisation, the freemasonary to create a design which had a satanic logo on it. Just amazing and unbelievable. No way this project is a vision from God.

Brothers & sisters, you all are facing a very, very difficult task ahead of you, an almost impossible mission I would say. Chances are that you will never win against them. As I see it, the real problem is not with the CCC. The root of all thats happening in Calvary goes far beyond the CCC and all these controversies. But I will rather not say what it is as it might not go well with some of you. It took me 6 to 7 yrs to come to this realisation that caused me to leave Calvary church. Should any of you would like to discuss, you may contact me.

All these controversies and the unchristian- like behaviour of these pastors and others does'nt surprise me a bit. I knew its already there waiting to be erupted now and then. I am no more a calvarite, but you all are, and would have many, many question to ask ahead of you. Why not start with asking yourself, "Is it the true spirit of God that is operating in Calvary, or some false spirit?

Best wishes to you all and God bless.



Anonymous said...

sometimes the contradiction is so obvious. on the one hand we say that Jesus is coming soon and then we go build something so magnificent as though we plan to be here for a very long long time.

Ex-Calvarite #1001 said...

I am an ex-Calvarite, too. For years i had sensed that something was not right within the church, how controlling the SP was over the leadership, in the way the deacons were nominated, the way he started his personal ministry & named it after Calvary, the way he grieved the Spirit by not allowing the operation of spiritual gifts and signs and wonders, etc.

Anonymous said...

Comments to Ex-Calvarite posted on July 31 2010

I have same feelings too. Just one man dominates the whole scenario with no place for spiritual manifestations.Lets face it.PG gift is oratory- and that is fantastic. But it overides everything else. Congregation is mesmerized by his speeches dan onstage drama.The deception goes to a very very deep level and it can't be seen with the natural eyes alone. In my opinion, PG is headed for a humiliating downfall.Anwar Ibrahim was in Court,now its Ling Liong Sik.Do AOG Pastors think they are above the law?? Most Christians earn their bread by the sweat of the brow.And he asks their money for a building? He has lost all sense of shame!! A Magistrates Observation

Susah Ini said...

I was talking to a still-loyal and faithful CC member who made a huge pledge of advance to CCC on 4/7, and she replied that it was good to give to build 'God's House.' I answered her by saying that it couldn't be God's House that PG was building because he hired an antiChrist architect, a freemason, to design a building which gives glory to the devil, and her shocked reply was, 'the design is of an angel,& not a satanic design!'

I post this to let everyone know the extent to which the "die-hards" of CC have been brain-washed by the leadership!

Tower of Babel said...

Building magnificient buildings, although done in the Name of the Lord (using God's Name in vain!), are more of 'for show' and to erect a monument to glorify man, the builder. It's the spirit of pride in operation.

Anonymous said...

2 Chronicles Ch.35 v 25 "Jeremiah also uttered a lament for Josiah....

Jeremiah preached inward repentance.The priest was concerned about rebuilding the temple.This needed big $$.One day Hikiah the priest accidentally "stumbles" upon a Book.He passes it on to Shaphan the secretary who in turn passes the Book to Josiah.To corroborate its authenticy, they are sent to Huldah- an unknown woman- who pronounces judgment on the land- but King Josiah would die in peace.
One wonders why they enquired from this lady from the servants quarters when Jeremiah was still around prophesying.Of course,it was a set up job. The prophecy of Huldah turned out to be completely false.First judgment was to come from the Chaldeans as prophesied by Jeremiah. But Josiah, incited by the Priest Hilkiah went on a rampage against the idolaters of the land- to the point of burning the bones of the priests upon the altars.The irony is that after Josiah died,the Hebrews went back to pagan worship.The great "revival'ended with Josiah's tragic death in war.

The evidence is clear.Hilkiah wanted to centralize worship and needed a bigger Temple.But he was frustrated by Jeremiahs prophecies.Hilkiah had no political clout.But the Book of Moses had great authority.And Hilkiah used the Bible.A whole nation was fooled. It was the ultimate deception. From David Koresh,Jim Jones to Hilkiah - deception from religious authorities is the ultimate weapon of Satan.Eventually the nation was wiped out by the Chaldeans.Exactly Jeremiahs message.

Disciples: What will be the Sign of your coming?
Jesus Christ: Take heed that you do not be deceived. [Who is in a better position to deceive the elect? Satan or backslidden Christian leaders?]

Brother Vijay