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A certain Datin from Calvary Church is going around the Christian community to recruit prayer warriors to pray against the TTG and CT.  A sister from another church was approached by this Datin, who (with her husband, Ray) are good friends of Senior Pastor Prince and Sister Petrina.  This other church sister did not know what to make of such an "un-Christian"  request.  Christians are taught to pray even for our enemies.  How come Christians are being recruited to pray against other Christians?

She brought this up with another Calvarite who is presently seeking religious asylum in her Church.  This Calvarite explained to her that the TTG would not respond to such unchristian behavior and assured her that the TTG had not been praying against anyone.  Instead they have been praying for the church, the pastors, the deacons and fellow Calvarites and have consistently encouraged others to pray similarly.  

However, the other church sister was disturbed by the newspaper reports and wondered if there was any way to avert the bad publicity that had been generated.  From the questions asked, it was obvious that the sister was ignorant of the issues behind the Calvary saga.  Therefore CT felt the need to re-inform Calvarites and the Christian community on what had happened in Calvary Church these past two years.  The following FAQs are extracted from materials available in our archives.

Q1.  What started the crisis and how did it start?
A.  At the 2007 AGM, in response to two questions asked by a Concerned Member, Senior Pastor Prince Guneratnam (PG) told members that Calvaryland, a social concern project with assets worth about RM17 million, and the ten “Extended Ministries” included in the organization chart were not reflected in the accounts and financial statements of the church.   

Subsequently, the Concerned Member met with two Associate Pastors, three Deacons and the secretary of the Missions committee to understand why this was so.  He then wrote to the Board of Deacons or BOD in December 2007 to request that this be corrected and that the accounts of Calvaryland and the Extended Ministries be given to the members at the next AGM.  (Read the letter in CT,  The Extended Ministries”.)   

Instead of responding to him, PG announced to a meeting of Church leaders on 1-03-08 that the Extended Ministries did not belong to the church and what is given to Missions must not be questioned by the givers.  This started members questioning how it could be that ministries like the selling of DVDs, the Prayer Tower, the Bookshop, the Home Schooling centre (CERC), the counseling service (CLM), the short term Bible School (AIM), the Calvary printing press and of course, the RM17 million Calvaryland project not belong to the church.  The ministries were funded by the church from our giving and managed by personnel from the church.  If they do not belong to the church who do they belong to?  The quick answer from PG was that they were independent.

At the 2008 AGM, members were told in no uncertain terms that the accounts of the Extended Ministries would not be given to the members because these ministries did not belong to the church. This stand was taken by PG even after our Church Auditor told the meeting that the accounts of the Extended Ministries should be consolidated with the main church accounts or annexed thereto. After a lengthy debate an Associate Pastor called for a vote.  Surprise! Surprise! The majority of members voted that the accounts of the Extended Ministries must be given to the members.  For the first time the members voted against the stand of the Senior Pastor.  

So at the 2009 AGM, members received the accounts of the Extended Ministries as annexed to the main accounts.  The above are facts which PG and the Board could not deny.  However, there remained unanswered questions:

a) Why did PG and BOD decide that the Extended Ministries did not belong to the Church when the funding came from the Church and the ministries were managed by personnel from the Church?

b) Why was this not made known to the members earlier?

c) Why were the members not asked to approve this unusual decision?

d) What was the motive to keep them as independent of the Church and thereby not needed to submit the accounts to the members?

e) If these ministries did not belong to the church then to whom do they belong to?

f) Why the reluctance to be transparent and accountable for these activities which are all part of the Church ministries?

The 2009 accounts of the extended ministries showed the following:
Extended Ministries
Cash & Bank
Asian Institute of Ministries 
Pam Guneratnam
Calvary Book Corner
Jim Guneratnam
Calvary Caring Ministry
Rev Yow Kit Yen
Calvary Communication 
Jim Guneratnam
Calvary Church Press
Ps Jerry Chow
Calvary Edu Resource Ctr
Katherine Lee
Calvary Life Ministries
Pam Guneratnam
Calvary Prayer Tower
Ps Timothy Ong
Calvary Relief & Devt Agency
Ps Steven Kum
Calvaryland Fund
Ps Shireen Wong
Creative Arts Centre
Ps Christopher Lee**
Calvary Sunshine Home
Rev Sally Leong

*Cost of land not included.  Market value about RM10 million.
**Husband of Pam Guneratnam.

Q2.  Since the accounts of the Extended Ministries are now given to the members why is the crisis continuing?
A.  The Extended Ministries appeared to be settled when the members forced PG to give the accounts.  However, in the process of following up on the detailed accounts of the Missions department, four other Concerned Members discovered the “CIM transactions”. 

Calvary International Ministries or CIM was set up in 2002 as PG’s personal ministry.  At that time, the Church contributed RM30,000 to CIM as an anniversary gift to PG for his 30 years of service.  This was announced to the Church, so we all knew about the RM30,000.  However, the four Concerned Members discovered that about RM1.9 million was subsequently transferred from the Missions Department to CIM  from 2002 to 2007. This sum comprise of an annual transfer of RM200,000 from 2004 to 2007 and another RM500,000 of Designated Offerings. The Church and the members were never informed of these transfers.

The transfers stopped in 2008 when these secret transfers were exposed by the TTG.  The first Concerned Member then wrote to the PG and the BOD suggesting a way to resolve the issue and for the Church to move forward. (Read the letter   Healing and Reconciliation" 3rd Update)
Even with the unexpected exposure, the BOD refused to acknowledge any mistake or wrong doing. They even engaged a forensic accountant and a criminal lawyer to vindicate themselves.  So at the EGM in August 2008, PG made it abundantly clear that the money given to CIM, would be kept in the CIM bank account to fulfill the objectives of CIM.

Subsequently, in November 2008, PG announced that the RM1.1 million still in CIM bank account would be “released” back to the Church.  It was NOT a change of heart.  After investigating a complaint from a Concerned Member, NECF concluded that CIM did not qualify to be a member of NECF.  CIM was then removed as a member of NECF.   The Assemblies of God General Council then investigated and concluded that there was some misrepresentation when CIM applied for NECF membership.  With its membership in NECF removed CIM could not maintain a bank account.  The balance RM1.1 must be moved.  So PG had no choice but to return it to the Church.  

Although the money is now in the Church account we suspect that it is still earmarked for PG’s use, at his discretion.  Nothing has changed despite all these revelations and disclosures. 

The unanswered questions are:

a) When the transfers were highlighted to the BOD by the four Concerned Members initially, the BOD appeared to be ignorant of the transactions.  However, they now claim that these transfers were approved by the BOD.  How come?

b) If the funds in CIM are only to finance PG’s international travels, why were the transfers (RM200,000) so much higher than his yearly travelling expenses of about RM50,000? 

c) Why did the BOD agree to build up the fund in CIM continuously at the rate of about RM150,000 a year?

d) If not exposed would the transfers have continued indefinitely?

e) If there was nothing wrong with the transfers, why the fanfare on the first RM30,000 and then the secrecy on the subsequent RM1.9 million?

Q3.  Whatever it is, the money has now come back to the Church.  Why are you all still unsatisfied?  
A.  The issues of the Extended Ministries and CIM are just symptoms of a more crucial problem in Calvary Church.  It is the almost absolute power that PG can exercise.  With his control of the Board of Deacons, everything he does, can be ratified by the BOD later even though they were not aware of it earlier.  For example, he made a unilateral decision to give a love gift of US$10,000 to Pastor Guynes for chairing an EGM.  He then had it confirmed by the Board later.   There are no checks and balances.  To have better governance the Constitution must be changed.  (Read the article The Need for Constitutional Amendments”)

Another fundamental issue is the extra-constitutional powers and authority of the Missions Department. This department which receives all our Faith Promise giving, monthly Missions offerings and Designated offerings, amounting to a few million ringgit a year is not covered by the Church Constitution. It operates from a Missions Manual which had not been approved by the Church members. Most members did not even know of its existence.  The BOD also has little or no control over its decisions and operations.  PG cleverly removed the BOD from having oversight of the money in the Missions Department.  He and the Missions Director, who is appointed by him, has control over this Missions money.  The operation of the Missions Department must be covered by the Constitution.  

Questions that still need to be asked:

a) Why did the BOD not insist that the Missions Manual be approved by the members?

b) Why the auditors who are all professionals allowed this deception to continue for so many years?

c) Why is the BOD supporting PG in maintaining the status quo when it is so obvious that the Constitution must be changed?

Q4.  Why can’t the Constitution be changed without all these bad publicity?
A.  The Concerned Members first tried to get the BOD to look at the Constitution through a Petition signed by 158 members submitted to the BOD on 15.03.2008, just before the 2008 AGM. The petition appealed to the BOD to review the Constitution with the view of improving governance.  There was no response from PG or the BOD.  

From then till 15.07.2008 various Concerned Members met with PG and the BOD in the hope of getting an Independent Committee to be set up to review the Constitution but without any success. Subsequently, on 15.07.2008 another Petition supported by 146 signatures was submitted to the BOD.   In addition to the independent Truth Committee and Constitution Review Committee, another request was submitted for PG to retire as Senior Pastor of the Church as he had already reached the retirement of 60 years old.  Again there was no response from PG or the BOD.
When the BOD called for an EGM on 15.08.08 to explain the CIM transactions, seven Resolutions were submitted for tabling before the members.  The resolutions called for the setting up of a Truth Committee, a Constitution Review Committee and for the members to ratify PG’s reappointment as Senior Pastor since PG has passed the retirement age of 60 years pursuant to the Church Staff Handbook.  All the resolutions were rejected by the BOD and were not tabled.    

Similar Resolutions were again submitted to the 2009 AGM held on 15.06.2009.  Once again PG and the BOD rejected the Resolutions submitted by the Concerned Members from being tabled for the members to vote on.

Besides trying to get the issues to be placed before the members of the church, we had also tried to get the AOG General Council to resolve the issues.  However, they seem unable or unwilling to act. 

Some Unanswered questions are:

a) As a Congregational Church, why are the members not allowed to decide on such important decisions?

b) Why is the AOG allowing PG and the BOD to exercise such powers that take away the rights of members?

c) Why is PG and the BOD afraid to face the members’ decision when the TTG are prepared to accept whatever the members should decide on? 

Q5.  Have you tried to get help from the Assemblies of God (AOG)?
A.  The AOG had been kept informed from the very beginning and appeals have been made for them to intervene to stop the escalating conflict.  However, for whatever reason they may have, they are unwilling or unable to do so.  In fact the Deputy General Superintendent chaired the AGM at which the seven Resolutions were thrown out.  You must remember that PG was General Superintendent for 26 years and is now the General Superintendant Emeritus.  He is the biggest "shot" in AOG world in Malaysia.  Also the AOG is controlled by pastors and they may have an unintentional but natural biasness.

If you look at the AOG Constitution and the Calvary Church Constitution you would notice that Calvary Church is not in compliance with the requirements of the AOG.  Yet the CC Constitution was approved by the AOG and no one in the AOG dares to even raise the issue. Make a comparison yourself. For the AOG Constitution go to http://www.ag.org.my/ to download a copy. All Calvary Church members can get a copy of the Calvary Church Constitution from the Church office.

Q6.  What about NECF?
A.  They actually have no authority over PG.  They can only persuade.  We were told that they tried to mediate but without success.  Again remember PG was the Chairman for 8 years and is now the Advisor to the NECF Council.

Q7.  What about AOG America?
A.  AOG Malaysia is not under AOG USA.   Letters had been copied to various leaders in AOG USA but  no response was received from them.  A Concerned Member actually wrote to Pastor Delmer Guynes after he came to chair the EGM on 15.08.08.  He did not even get the common courtesy of a reply.  Instead Guynes wrote an Open Letter to the members saying that there is nothing wrong in getting CCC designed by a freemason.  What he said in the letter was totally out of what was requested of him.

Q8.  Why go to court?  Are you not afraid of 1 Corinthians 6:4?
A.  You must have heard that a verse taken out of context is a pretext.  Most Christians have not made a study of this verse much less have a proper understanding of why, when and under what circumstances Apostle Paul made that statement.  CT did.  (To read the three articles   “Christian Lawsuit  by Dr Paul Nah”, “Christian Involvement in Lawsuits by Dr George Wood”,  “When It’s Right to go to court by Doug Goins”, click on:  LAW  AND THE CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE         
CT is convinced that Christians are not barred from taking another Christian to the secular Court, but it has to be the last resort.   We believe the plaintiffs had cleared the five questions asked by George Wood in his paper before proceeding to Court.  After all they are not suing anyone for anything.  They are merely asking the Court to declare the 2009 AGM null and void and for the seven Resolutions to be tabled before the members for a vote. 

Q9.  But why go to the newspaper?
A.  If you heard that a group of Concerned Members marched to the Star office and demanded that they publish their article, then you have been lied to.  No one went to the Star office.  Two reporters were sent by the Star to interview one of the TTG at his office.  This story is of public interest.  CC attracts people from the public to attend its events and also collects money from the public at the CCC fund raisers and events held in the stadiums.  The public has the right to be assured that there is accountability and transparency in the Church.

Q10.  Is it true that money collected for the Indonesian Earthquake ended up in CIM?
A.   Absolutely.  The money was never sent to Indonesia.  It was kept in the Missions department and later ended up in CIM.  This money came from the public. 

Q11.  What about the other items alleged in the newspaper article?
A.  They are all true.  For the church secretary to say that they are baseless was a blatant lie.  The transactions did take place.  They tried their best to explain them away; usually by saying that the Board had approved them.   These attempts to explain are recorded in the minutes which proved that the transactions took place. Furthermore, by the fact that they did not openly deny those transaction but to merely state that the Board approved it shows that the transactions were real and true.

Q12.  Why the demo?
A.  After 400 members were sacked we could turn to no one to help us.  The sacking was to stop the members from attending the AGM, asking questions on the accounts and submitting Resolutions to be tabled at the AGM.  When you cannot get help from anyone the only choice is to make it known publicly.  Maybe the Christian public and the leaders would wake up and do something.  It is not just about the 400 sacked members.  It is about the integrity and abuse of powers in a Christian Church.

Q13.  Have you tried mediation and arbitration?
A.  In November 2009 a prominent Calvarite and the AOG General Superintendant arranged for the two sides to meet.  The place, time and date were all agreed.  Just two days before the meeting PG said “the date is not convenient”.  That date was agreed to by him at least a week before but suddenly it was not convenient.  He does not want to meet because meeting means compromise, give and take.  He is not prepared to give anything.  He wants to keep the status quo with him having full and complete control of the Church.

Q14. If PG is so bad why are the Deacons and Associate Pastors still supporting him?
A.   They don’t have much of a choice.  They were made to swear an oath of total allegiance and secrecy.  As they supported PG initially in some not so clear violations, they got slowly slowly sucked in.  Before you know it they are too deep to come out.  They are also not allowed to read the CT blog, or talk to anyone from the TTG side or talk to independent parties about the problems.  They have put fear in people by labeling the TTG as evil and satanic. That is why you have a Datin from the Church now recruiting prayer warriors to pray against TTG, even to the point of approaching Christians from other Churches to join in their Crusade. The questions that arise from this:

a) What does the Datin expect these prayer warriors to say to God? 

b) Is it wrong to ask the Pastor and  Church leadership for TRUTH, TRANSPARENCY AND GODLY GOVERNANCE in the Church?

c) Would any God fearing Christian approach the throne of God with a prayer that calls down "hell, fire and brimstones" on another person, let alone another child of God?

It had been suggested to the Deacons and Associate Pastors to find out and understand the truth from the Concerned Members.  So far none of them dared or bothered to. It was also suggested that they meet with the prominent Calvarite to find out the truth about what happened to the meeting, either individually or as a group. He is willing to make time so that he is easily accessible to any one of them. Again none of them dared or bothered to.  So the Deacons and the Pastors only know what PG wants them to know.

Q15.  What next?
A.  We don’t know.  The Concerned Members are led by God one step at a time.  Only He knows.

Q16.  What should you do?
A.  You should query the Deacons and the Associate Pastors on the statements made by CT above.  Ask them for explanations and answers to the unanswered questions.  Do not allow them to brush you away with general statements like, “The allegations are all baseless.”  Ask them which part is baseless and put their reply on CT.  CT would then respond to them.

Please continue to pray for :

a)  The character of our Lord Jesus Christ to be evident in His people and in His church. 

b) Righteousness, holiness and Christian love to return to Calvary Church.  

c) All the parties involved that they will be enlightened with the truth and that they will have the courage to respond and act according to the truth.

d)  The Will and Purposes of God to be fulfilled and accomplished soon in this whole saga, so that His people and His church will be purified and ready for a great revival in Malaysia. 

(Posted in Calvary Today also)


yoong said...

the setting up of these prayer warrior is led by a datin..thinking a datinship has credibility. we are no tan sri, no dato no titles just plain simple god serving christians. for years, we been attending and contributing faithfully to the church.
that what we are.
the setting up of these warrior groups is not prayers but a vehicles to unite their forces, keep their people on tight reins.it more of a defensive body. we bear no grievance with them .
we have common good of the church at heart, just the route are different.
what divide us?
if the above funds used were clarified or even apologised for some miscommunications etc, we can accept it.
by setting up an tranparency group.it facilate proper accounting, and proper allocations of funds as c c is not a 50 members church.
with proper procedure as like any co..we must be clean and seemed to be clean.if not, it be havoc.

the trust of the members are utmost , when money is concern..it raises temptations and there is power in these money to dictate who get more, who get nothing.it command loyalty and these loyalty become a cult.
the working pastors are on pay roll, many dont live on words..convenint of having a church subsidze car, petrol , food allowance some perks here and there does help .
these pastors are salaried.the more chances of preaching , leading some dept give them some clout.this enlarge their "market share" this is natural .we undertand as working adults.

we are not ignorant people , we been junior before and along the years of working we know how politics are played.

sp and his soilders of fortune can keep barricading , use the church for their defences.all church resources will be used on t t g and any members not kow towing to him.

that is ok!
for us, we just turn off the tap!

we have all the time , we can still sleep have some scone with grey tea.
we dont depend on the church for our daily living. we dont have private vested interest.

we are the giver instead.

there is division among us ..my question .IS SP SO INDISPENSABLE ?


Anonymous said...

To http://www.proxywebsite.org thank you very much. The steps you suggested on how to get to the calvarytoday website works! Now I can browse using my PC and laptop by the landline.

Yeah, it is indeed very very scary to know what the PG staunch supporters are doing especially using the machineries of CC to pray against the TTG core group and their supporters. Recruiting "prayer warriors" to pray against Truth, Transparency & Good Governance in church??? Isn't this one of the signs of becoming a cult?

I'm extremely glad to know that there is another group of TTG supporters who want to be in the front line to continue fighting for the TTG course in CC. My prayer and hope is that more members and worshipers in CC would open their eyes and hearts to the leading and discernment of our Lord. They would be God fearing instead of fearing for a mortal man.

Anonymous said...

Many thousands thanks to Calvary Today for a good work done in a positive manner to help clear the air in this " Spiritual Warfare " we are facing now!

These concise summaries of 16 brief answers to their 16 Questions are explicitly crystal clear !

As I am praying I sensed that PG & his beloved wife were & are no longer Pastors of Calvary Church ever since 2004 and 2006. I just cannot see them in the CC picture in the spiritual realm! I sensed they stubbornly refused to " JUST LET GO" even they knew their times are up !

I notice them only in CIM as they are called ? Details cannot be revealed at this point of time !

I knew well ahead of this " going around the Christian community to recruit prayer warriors to pray against the TTG and CT "..

PG is fighting to maintain his earthly Secular Power! He knows 24-5-2010 high court case is fatal to his secular plan for secular dominion? If PG lose the case , it will mean he & his wife & children will soon lose their " comfort zones " , lose their monthly salaries and perks, etc, etc...

Let's pray for the Gift of Discernment to fill us & empower us to distinguish the evil Spirits that have come to " Steal, Kill & Destroy " !

"Let no one deceive you with empty words, for it is because of these things that the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience."

So let's Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Revelation, Peace and Tranquility to prevail in Calvary Church and in Malaysia!

yoong said...

this is an easy to resolved, why does sp has to recruit dato s datin s , tan sri , puan sri ..seemed he lacked substance.all he need is have an open meeting display all those transactions. correspondence, cheques books...bank tarnsfers..and minutes of the deacons and decisions to appoint nam fatt.
just paste them up nicely display it after 2 sunday services.
what is there to hide, {kwai kwai shi shi} ?
many members are right minded thinking people..

we dont need to fast pray beat our chest..knock our heads..just common sense!

we dont need to play hide and seek, cowboy and thieves..lone ranger and tonto is outdated .

fellow deacons, cari makan susah ..cari kang tao pun susah.be of courage..we understand that..
as you preach on the puplit, each words you speak are yr own mirror
by delaying , it does nobody good.
you can raise prayer warriors, fast warriors.. i stil have my scone with grey tea.

brotherly advice, dont get gastric and sore throat.just pin up the above.

all be well after all,

we are simpleton.

just the truth !

wong said...

qestion 15? start with masive signature campaign ..even it was done quietly to safe guard the church, nevertheless, t t g can either have a poll at berita calvary .
this will increase members awareness in english and chinese.
a simple poll to be incorporated .
step 2, while some has already iniatited some formal request via yoongsin , i think it be soon.

step 3,circulate the above with press cutting interviews into simple c d s for distribution
step 4 complied all these and have it live interview commentary into utube.
step 4;turn off the tap

another is petition,,mass rally petition to the necf .make these petition at their respective churches .
how long can they play nice guys..?

Anonymous said...

Worshipper for 25 years say ...

Gifted Prayer Warriors will never be conned into praying against the TTG and CT !

Our given Gifts of the Spirit are meant to be used " to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the Body of Christ ,until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to mature manhood, to the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ; "

Many hearts were troubled by this Datin, but I beseech you all to forgive her in humility and humble adoration in Christ Jesus. AMEN !

Let's Fast and Pray for Wisdom, revelation, Peace and Tranquility to prevail in Calvary Church and among all Christian Community! AMEN !

JWCM said...

t is not how much/how long and how many prayer warriors recruit to pray. The answer depend on who will listen to God prompting...Meditate on the above and you will know the answer


Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous May 9, 12.23am

Thank you for giving us the proxy site - http://www.proxywebsite.org. I am now back in Malaysia and can now follow the latest developments on Calvarytoday using my land line.

And tank you CT for your latest posting. Many who are vaguely aware of the saga in CC will now be enlighten as it is more or less a summary of what had been happening the last two years.

Anonymous said...

Worshipper for 25 years say ...

In obedience to the Great Commission,I appeal to all Gifted in the Spirit & Prayer Warriors from all sides, based in Malaysia and overseas, to keep our focus on the main issues at hand.

Let's Fast and Pray for :

1)the Originating Summons which is to declare last year's AGM null and void,

2)for the membership list as at June 2009 to remain status quo ,

3)and for reconvening of a fresh AGM to consider the 7 proposed resolutions, which is fixed for hearing on 24 May 20.

Let's also believe and claim Victory in JESUS's Name ! AMEN!

addicted to CT said...

Hi Ct

I discovered the way to go in to CT. When you click CT under your bookmark, the message is 'server not found' but the way to go is, click CT, then go to any other blog, eg, your children of friends blog, then click forward key, there CT blog will appear..


Wow prayer warrior. If I told the readers here that I have inside information on the Tan Si and team, would they allow spy tactics or sneaky tactics or is this too "dirty"? If Joshua can send spy, is it acceptable today? What if I said every night in the Tan Si residence, there is regular gathering of family members and inner-inner-inner circle BOD on how to manage the situation and the Ultimate Thermo Nuclear job: a worthy Fall Guy cum sacrificial lamb. Suppose I have a spy within or ability to ears drop, is this tactic acceptable? Is this Un-christian?

The appointed day to take power can come in many forms. Can be repentance Sham cum Step Down but maintain control Scam. Note step down only but still on pay. On the proviso some inner-inner circle Pastor be promoted to "Acting SP". Of course the Tan Si family will have furiously suggested on no occasion it must be his siblings or in laws. Tan Si wants to be seen as Anti-Nepotism/Cronyism and open to investigation to a "New Board leadership" (but same money BOD changers). On the other hand Tan Si wants to cover his bases and eternal ATM $$ flow of money to his own loved ones. Tan Si will now make recommendation to pass a resolution that any SP max term is only 5-10 years. Of course the new SP is one crony that will serve 3 years before passing the BATON to one of his "cahaya mata" or favorite sons/daughter or in laws in their PLANNED appointed time. What if their daily "prayer meeting" is to discuss such, fine tune and to make it marketable to CC. Of course none of this is true but on the matter of the appointed time, DO NOT FORGET OR BE WEAK, BUT BE A DAVID THAT LETS GO OF THE SLING TO UNLEASH GOD'S PEEBLE POWER ON GOLIATH!

So have anyone checked on the irregularities of the membership? Any more planned injunction?? Don't worry about Datin and Datuk and those entire sideshow prayer warriors. These are just those BLIND sheep not sure whether its winter or summer!! Unable to see between Evil or Good. These are the aunties and uncles who think Tan Si and Pastor have special direct phone line to God. Yes you have those in all denomination churches....they really irks me!!

Like in the days of Elijah, its time to call down fire from heaven and lets thrown down the challenge. Lets set a time from the date land were cleared and concrete poured. Lets DEMAND from Tan Si and BOD a COMPLETION DATE with CF. IF on that date, month, day, year, still incomplete ......would the entire bunch of False Prophets, BOD, Datuk, Datin do the honorable thing resign and likewise the TTG team? Leave the church, do "Ketut Ketampi", kneel with humility and submission, say SORRY, pay back those ill gotten money if any, put an ad in paper and list of names to say Very Sorry and Repent. (Of course to suggest what needs to be done to the FALSE Prophets like in the days of Elijah is unthinkable today). Assure them that the writ, injunction WILL keep coming. They need to be able to build to completion, the palace and fight the enemy like as in the times of Bible. If God Bless Tan Si and team, it will be completed on the day they nominated, otherwise, IT IS OBVIOUS GOD'S BLESSING IS NOT UPON THEM, THERE IS NO MONEY AND ITS A CORRUPTION SHAM FIASCO. So why don't the Prayer Warrior pray for a specific date of completion.... afraid God Not Listening to You?? So what will be the date 2011, 2013, 2015 2017, 2020.... Forever until Rapture??? A DATE IS GOD'S ULTIMATE JUDGEMENT ON TAN SI, BOD, Their blind loyal supporters, prayer warrior and TTG. How about that?? GET A DATE...for that will tell EVERYONE if the Church have money or Bankrupt! I feel like Elijah now MOCKING the False Prophets/Sheep/Shepherd, "you need to shout louder, perhaps your God is sleeping!". If God is willing “every valley shall rise up and every mountain come down. This CHALLENGE is to PUT FOCUS Back on Tan Si, BOD Team & TTG as oppose to those side shows. SET A COMPLETION DATE…..to be continue!!