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In the latter days, Calvary Church will be more glorious than the former as Christ takes His place as the true Pastor of Calvary Church.

Calvary Church is still on my mind. However, this time the battle is with powers in high places. I am unable to disclose details here but there are those in Calvary Church that know what my recent battles are.

Until the leaders outside the Calvary Community, i.e. Christian leaders in other churches boldly acknowledge "we are our brothers keepers" and respond to the plight of Calvary Church by voicing openly, the battle continues and we need to speak the truth in love.

There are those from other churches who have advised that I "slow down" and be "less vocal", but I cannot. I think of those confused and suffering. Some who have been in Calvary for years - some even as children and now grown adults. What about them?

When Germany invaded Europe, the people of the USA wanted no part in the war. Theirs was a country of plenty and land of opportunity - why get into a conflict with another country across the Atlantic?

Yes, the USA did offer help in some minor ways and gave moral support but none were willing to openly stand with the suffering Europeans. Little did they know that their isolation policy was eating into their moral and spiritual values.

It is only after they have suffered Pearl Habour were they awakened from their slumber - only then was the "sleeping giant awakened".

The same applies to the Christian community and leaders in general. I praise those Christian leaders who have written in the blog but I wished those who were in prominent place of influence could have shown support openly - even make a public declaration of support.

Has any one stopped to think what the congregation is going thru? Has anyone talked to the silent majority who are in pain but unable to articulate their pain out of fear they may offend another because he/she belongs to a different camp? What about friends that were once inseparable but now not in talking terms because they are in a different camp. What about families that are split, wives and husbands, brothers and sisters. Oh! The pain in seeing a church once so vibrant, now split. A church once so admired and a role model, now avoided.



Nevertheless, praise the Lord, for victory, it will come though it may tarry for awhile. There are many who have absolute faith that Calvary Church will be resurrected and will be one of the leading voice of Christianity in Malaysia.

The Bible says the gates of hell shall not prevail. Yes, satan meant for evil, but the Lord meant for good. Surely the Lord is preparing a new army of Christian warriors through a suffering church.

A church that has gone through the 'dark night of the soul' is a formidable force. The Bible says "Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides alone, BUT IF IT DIES - IT BEARS MUCH FRUITS."

Let us all believe, the latter days of Calvary will be more glorious than the former as Christ takes His place as the true Pastor of Calvary Church.


Date added : 22 May 2010
This is a new Comment written by Bro Vijay who usually uses the pseudonym "Bamboo Conspiracy" when writing to us here in CT & BC.

To readers of the Calvary Today and Berita Calvary.

I noticed an interesting article was written by "Anonymous said - The Famine & The Ass" and signed "Bro Vijay".

I have received e-mails from friends and even the Blog Administrator to verify whether "Bro Vijay" and I are the same.

We are not!

I trust "Bro Vijay" is another Christian who wish to contribute to the blog. All contributors are welcome as we all share the same purpose to see Calvary Church return to its rightful owner!

Nevertheless, to avoid confusion, please note that I write under the pseudonym "Bamboo Conspiracy" and sign off as "Vijay". I hope this clarifies the confusion.

The reason I took the pseudonym "Bamboo Conspiracy" is because when I first wrote in the blog, the Lord taught me a lesson from the Bamboo plant. He showed me the hidden truth about the Bamboo - The Bamboo Conspiracy!.

We all can learn from the Bamboo. A Japanese Proverb says: "The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.”

Do you know it takes two to three years for the Bamboo plant to establish its root system, during which time very little bamboo growth happens ‘up top’? The Bamboo hides its true nature. But once the root system is in place, the growth is extraordinary – it can shoot up more than 20 meters in less than four months.

Furthermore, watch the bamboo plant in a storm. The plant bend under pressure from the wind but always return gracefully to its upright or original position after the storm had died down.

When I think about the bamboo plant's ability to bounce back or return to it's original position, the word resilience comes to mind.

And I see the same resilience within the members of Calvary Church that wait to see the Body of Christ return gracefully to her true place.

Satan thought by murdering Christ on the cross, he had won. Satan could not see the Lord's hidden agenda ("conspiracy") when God had predetermined that His Son was to die to save the world.

Similarly, once again satan has failed in his discernment! God's has an hidden agenda (a "spiritual conspiracy"!) in Calvary Church! Though satan appears to be in control now, he does not know that God has predetermined to resurrect Calvary Church to a greater glory. And when it happens, His name will be GLORIFIED!

PS. I hope the reader is mature enough to discern the word 'conspiracy' is used within a positive contact in this article!



Anonymous said...

Let's Fast and Pray for Wisdom, revelation, Peace and Tranquility to prevail amongst all Christian community in Malaysia.
As the Holy Spirit prompted us, let's Stand out and be counted before our Lord God! JUST DO THE RIGHT THINGS to build the body of Christ with the various Spiritual gifts entrusted to each one of us in high and low places. JUST do the right thing according to JAMES! AMEN !

Encouraged indeed said...

Dear Brother Vijay,

We are one that you mentioned. Taking refuge in one friendly church whose love and kindness our family long sought. We love those brothers and sisters in Calvary who persevere even now (may our good Lord sustain them and meet all their needs), and also those who are blinded for the moment. As for us, we found peace and solace in this new home (temporary or for long we do not know) serving freely with gratitude as He enables.

Yes, the powers of the high places is our battle fronts. Unless we know the WORD, how else can we be freed to see. Bro. Vijay, what an encouragement you are. May the glorious day of Calvary resurrection come. May the Truth prevail.

Anonymous said...

Vijay spoke with courage. He feels for the hurting members. He cares. That's the difference with one in Christ or one in the world. That's why he is also facing persecution. Jesus promises that all those who follow Him would be persecuted, one way or another.

Look like he is not having it easy for standing for TTG. That is why he feels it too, like us.

A friend from Singapore told us before we left for Shanghai that he was given a pamplet inviting participants to attend a conference held by City Harvest, a mega church in Singapore. PG was introduced as one outstanding speaker from Malaysia, founder of Calvary Church plus many others credentials. The conference is around this coming weekend. .See, he still has great pull. He still continuing giving half-truth. Others still believe him. Even Pope apologised for the sins of those under his wing. But we are not to be fearful or agitated or upset by what he is doing and continuing doing. Vijay is upset that other prominent Christian leaders are not speaking up for us. But one must realise that one is to do what the Lord wants him to do, another word, carry one's own cross. Are we to be upset by those who still follow him?

An overseas friend

JWCM said...

Dear Brothers n Sisters in Christ

If you really love the church as
you claim you love the church (people/member) ...then you shouldn't leave the a initial sign of betraying.You do not leave your brothers and sisters when problem arises but to stay put and let the love of Christ manifested through your life. There are many brothers and sisters hurting and confuse in the church. They need MATURE christians to be there for them,to ead and to guide them into spiritual truth and divide them.
Please do not speak anything that is negative or use scriptures verses unless God spoke to you directly and clearly...We are all responsible for the words with speak....Remember this.

Remember God is still in Control. He can fight His Battle and not your battle. Trust Him Completely for without Faith is impossible to please Him..

God Bless and Have a Nice Day


Anonymous said...

Just let PG mock the Singaporean Christians and other participants from other countries! City Harvest is giving PG a platform to defend his personal image & his faith in Singapore ?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time there was a sore famine,disturbance,rebellion and infighting in the animal kingdom and so all the animals of the forest held a meeting to discuss this matter. The King of the Beasts,His Majesty the Lion chaired the meeting and spoke up first- my brothers and fellow comrades, I believe that the reason for this trouble is that one of us have offended God by a terrible unpardonable sin.So there is a heavy conviction in my conscience that a confession of our heinous crimes must be made today. I for one in my playful moods have torn many of my fellow citizens to death and had them for lunch, dinner, crunched their bones and squeezed out their delicious marrows for supper.There is nothing like a blood soaked meal.I am still grieving for what I have done.
Then the fox spoke out-I feel very humbled by your Majesty's honesty but I must confess that I have snatched many little lambs from their mothers arms and have had many tender meals.For that I am sorrowful but I feel the real culprits are the Shepherds since they were partying over roasted lambs stolen from the flocks.All the other eminences from the congregation were assembled there -the tiger, bear, crocodile, snake,hyena and each in turn made their grim confession of slanders,accusations, murders, brutal killings,mutilations, rapes,cannibalism and the phythons sobbing confession of swallowing other citizens while still alive.

Then all eyes fell on the ass and the ass nervously made his confession. Well my beloved countrymen -I distinctly remember some time ago that I passed by the old farmers house who lives at the edge of the forest.I could not help noticing the lump of lovely delicious green grass in his farm. So I quietly sneaked up and grabbed a mouthful and quickly slipped away.

To this confession all the other animals shouted with one voice against the ass,screaming on top of their voices- "Why you vile beast, how could you ever have the heart to do such a heinous crime against an old farmer? Surely YOU are the reason for this famine!!! And in the commotion, they tore the ass to death.


Anonymous said...

2 CHRONICLES 10:8-11
“But he rejected the advice which the elders had given him, and consulted the young men who had grown up with him, who stood before him..........And now whereas my father put a heavy yoke on you, I will add to your yoke, my father chastised you with whips,but I will chastise you with bullwhips!”

At the time of writing, Bangkok is in turmoil. Thaksin is destroying the very people that he once was swore to serve . In Malaysia, the MIC has axed a few more leaders who requested the leadership to step down. In Malaysia, all opposing voices will be clamped down by ISA or the infamous smearing campaigns which is so characteristic of our nation right now. It seems in our country anything is “Boleh”. Axing any opposition is not only predominant in politics. It has arrived in churches.

After King Solomon came Rehoboam. But Solomon left a legacy of slavery and endless and expensive building programmes. The people just got tired of him but they did not have a representative voice. Soon after Solomon died, there was an uprising among the people. Jeroboam, an old rival of King Solomon returned from Egypt and took advantage of the conflict, demanded the new King to get rid of the old policy. Rehoboam was in a political fix. If he gave in, it may also be seen as a sign political weakness. Nobody likes to appear weak- we want to be in control of our little kingdoms. And that was the problem here. Nobody likes to “lose face”, especially so in our country called Malaysia.

Rehoboam overestimated his own political strength when he threatened the people with worse policies. His highhandedness and rash decision led to a split in the congregation.When Rehoboam refused to budge, the people turned off the financial tap. And they stoned the tax collector Hadoram to death when he came around to collect money. C10 v 18. His ego dented, he immediately assembled his troops for war but then comes a most shocking revelation from Shemaiah a prophet,“You shall not go up and or fight....for this thing is from Me!” What on earth was going on ?

Jeroboam took advantage of the turning tide. He was observant enough to know that it was the people's faith and religious rituals that united them as a nation.Riding on their disillusionment,he started his own independent congregation. The rituals were all the same, burning incense, the priests, the preaching and teaching-everything was faimilar- except that he erected 2 calf idols which he had seen in Egypt. He succeeded in planting the tares among the wheat.Only the Levites refused to join. 2 Chronicles C 11 v 15

Satan always takes advantage of a situation like that and there always seems some Christians who will fall into this pit.In 1 Cor 2 :11 Paul expressed this fear . “..... lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.” This fear was expressed in the specific context of church conflicts and bitterness. If there is one thing that Satan can use, it is when we are nursing a secret grudge against someone. Now thats a powerful weapon that Jeroboams can use. Like Judas who sounded so pious
“ Why was this not sold and given to the poor?” Noble enough. But John adds a little piece of inside information. Judas did not say that because he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief!! What a devastating piece of private and confidential information. A lawyer would have lost his license for revealing that little information about his client.

If only Rehoboam had remembered that he was anointed King to serve God and serve His people he would not have gone down in Bible history as a hardheaded fool who split Gods congregation due no doubt,to his fragile ego. He did not even listen to his King Solomons advisor's and paid the humiliating price of losing half the nation.


Anonymous said...

Its important to distinguish between being a servant of the Spirit and the prisoner of the organisation. A local body like Calvary is a mixture of the spiritual body of whom Christ is the Head and the old Adamic body.

The Calvary saga is a manifestation of the contest between the two. Let's pray and trust God that light of Christ will shine in the hearts of members of Calvary Church to act and will in accordance to the leading by the true Head of the Church, Jesus Christ our Lord, through His Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Singconnect writes:

Just to clarify the exact words on the pamphlet.....note its founder of CIM and not CC

Asia Conference & Church Growth International 2010
26 - 30 May 2010 (Wed - Sun)
Singapore Expo Hall 7, 8 & 10

Tan Sri Datuk Prince Guneratnam is recognized as an outstanding Christian leader both in Malaysia and internationally. He has been in the ministry since 1966 and is presently in his 38th year as the senior pastor of Calvary Church (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), a church that sends missionaries throughout the world.

He has traveled and ministered extensively and holds several key global leadership positions. He is the vice chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, the secretary of the Pentecostal World Fellowship, and general superintendent-emeritus of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia. He is the founder/president of Calvary International Ministries, an interdenominational evangelistic ministry. He has also served as chairman of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (1994 - 2006) and the Christian Federation of Malaysia (2001 - 2006).

joke of the year said...

This is really the joke of the year.

PG speaking in a church growth conference. He really has no shame - tak tau malu - mmm chee chau. He should be speaker for church loss conference. Those international speakers should come to KL after that conference and see the actual state of Calvary Church.

Anonymous said...

This OS hearing fixed on 24.5.2010 has been stayed pending the hearing of the appeal relating to the Plaintiffs' Injunction in the Court of Appeal.
Which date is fixed for this Appeal hearing ?

Anonymous N said...

I totally appreciate Singconnect clarifying the fact of Pg as the founder of CIM..written clearly in Pamphlet..

In the other hand, I always attend CHC whenever i pay my trip in Sg, it is a super sized Church compared to any Church we saw. SP Kong Hee last word was to target a 12k sized Church from 7-8k of what CHC has now. Whereas, CC is targeting 5k sized Church from its original congregation of 3k. But ever since the saga, i can only see max 2k attendance?i mean the whole congregation, Ampang, Dh, Dp n Cheras?

What i'm trying to say was, if I were Pg, i would just stay back in KL, well.. I can encourage a smaller Church by saying 'my Church' has a congregation of 2k. But CHC- -??i think Ps Kong Hee don't even know where CC is.. Well, i think after Pg sees the sized of CHC congregation n thinking of the possibilities(not from God), he will either felt shame or getting more 'ohm' to build CCC..

Don't give up said...

I read somewhere long time ago about a "100 day rule". The gist of the rule is this (in my own words) ... if you can just ride out the storm in any big scandal / public outcry for 100 days, you will be fine as the general public will generally lose interest, even forget and as after 100 days another scandal will take its place, and the public moves on to the next "new thing".

"Smart politicians" understand this and depend on this "100 days rule" ... and this is how they survive, assuming they don't slip up too often, and have a creative "damage control" team. Numerous examples can be seen in local and world politics.

To see this through to the end, you need to persevere and not keep the issues "fresh" so people do not lose interest. Post news updates often and mobilize people to pray etc.
Publish Reject


Conspiracy or not, don't expect anything to be done by affiliates, associates or other Church Regime to do anything to their fellow scammers. I am actually so tempted to print a big BANNER and Hang it on Calvary Church nice Fence or save money and do a paint job......"RESIGN, If Completion Date for the $150 Million Mega Project is Unknown!!". Even though I am no member, I sure hate these type of Pastors. You see this problem of corruption, cronyism and nepotism within the Church have existed long ago. More so within the AOG circle and nothing is done until the Scam is exposed by the media. Note media and not church members. I can tell you I have a problem with many of these Mega Church, AOG associated for a long time. I am seeing this scam repeated world wide but nothing is done. Ever wondered why Tan Si is not going to go away anytime soon. In this note I want to make more enemies here, not an attack on AOG but an attack on ALL Individual who have lost their God Given Ability to DISCERN. I will name you well known people I have problems with and you need to Google to see their lavish lifestyle, corruption, cronyism and nepotism. Lets start with Hillsongs, the pastor Brian Houston declared salary of AUD$300K, children and members all part of the deal using church money to promote their own ministry BUT sales goes to their pocket. Seems like Tan Si trying to emulate this. Joyce Mayne same story, TD Jakes, Benny Hinn, Ted Haggard, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren....etc. Following in their foot steps is City Harvest Church Supremo Kong. Ever wondered why there is not a book SOLD in the Christian Book store to "How to Discern Senior Pastor Fall from Grace before its too late"? Answer: That is because they have mastered the art of manipulation, cover up and above all control FREAK!! That is why my manner is unconventional, unorthodox and unruly. We are dealing with money changer Pastor world who exchange your ATM kindness with something less of Jesus and closer to HADES. I think pastors in these last days are like those Pharaisee, teachers of the laws in Jesus' last days on earth.....see the similarity???...........and the blind sheep blindly follow and shout Crucify HIM in 2010. The Modern Pharaisee of 2010 wear robes of style, alladin shoes, geek glasses, power, money, lavish lifestyle and influence right up to Ceasar. Wonder what the sheep would do when the whole lot are left behind and wonder what new gospel can be preached then.......Just remember Jesus is the Shepherd. Pastors today need to remember that too....their position in Church is Servant King as oppose to King of Servants....... go on somebody Lift that banner on the fence of CC "RESIGN, If Completion Date for the $150 Mega Million Project is Unknown!!" and other banner "Pray Harder, Prayer Warrior...perhaps your God is sleeping"!!....... At the end of the day at least the Gosple of Jesus id preach but that does not stop my attack on Tan Si and their ilks, for their life style that is so Foreign when compared to Jesus. My bug is telling me Tan Si wants to do just as Brian Houston did to his Dad who was discovered to be a Paedophile. Baton passed to Son but son on the day he de-commission his father just mentioned sacked for sexual abuses not Paedophile activities(in CC case perhaps Financial abuses??). They know how to water down a crime and in the Western World Paedophile is Mega No No like visiting Gay brothel ala Ted Haggard. Frank Houston was welcome back later and got a rousing farewell in his coffin. The POSITIVE cash flow ATM machine is preserved!!.......hello...are you listening??!!??....... to be continued!

Bamboo Conspiracy said...


I pray that the Holy Spirit will renew the minds of Bro/Sis who continue to have a 'neutral' mind set:

1. "We want no part in the controversy at Calvary"

2. "Who are we to judge another - is he not the Lord's anointed?"

3. "God is in control - we can leave the issue in God's hands - He will undertake"

4. "I have to think of my friends, brothers, sisters, children etc. and remain neutral and not take sides"

5. "So and so - who are Tan Sris, Dato's, Drs etc support the Pastor - they all cannot be wrong!"

Bro/Sis - I am willing to accept these statements provided you are walking by faith daily & praying for the Lord's intervention. Daily you carry a genuine burden for Calvary Church & have declared the Lord's will - that TRUTH AND JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL.

Remember - GOD DOES NOTHING WITHOUT APPROPRIATING FAITH!.God only promise to respond to faith that rests in His Word. Are you searching the Word of God and comparing present events in Calvary against the Word of God?

See: 2 Timothy 2: The question is not what we think but what the Lord thinks of us. Is our present stand in obedience to our Commanding Office? Are we workmen approved unto God who is able to correctly handle the truth? Are we daily walking as Christian soldiers seeking TRUTH.

If we are - daily applying FAITH for the Lord to bring forth TRUTH, then the exercising of our faith will cause events to unfold according to His will.

However, if we are only fence sitters, neither praying nor exercising faith - I am afraid the Lord will pass us by and we will remain in our complacency. Sadly the promise of God that LIVING WATERS WILL FLOW FROM US WILL NOT BE A REALITY.

Have we wondered why the glory of the Lord flows through some lives so powerfully? It is because they acted and appropriated faith. It is FAITH IN GOD that enables them to taste HIS LIVING WATERS.

What are you waiting for? Do you not want His Life flowing through you? Than bro/sis today decide whom you will serve. I am NOT asking you to serve those who APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE your Pastor. I am asking you to let the Lord renew your mind. Study the Word so that TRUTH which ONLY THE HOLY SPIRIT can reveal will guide you in your decision as to how you may be an obedient Christian soldier ready to do whatever your Commanding Officer instructs you to do for Calvary Church.

More than 20 years ago when I was a student in country "A". I was caught in a church split. I was a new born again Christian and had friends in both camps. I did not want to hurt either and chose to remain 'neutral' and silent - even when in my heart I knew the TRUTH!

I decided to run away and leave the Church because the pain was too great. I went to another church. An elder suddenly said there was an unwelcomed guest in his Church. I ran out! I returned to the church I had left having heard His voice!

One night, the Lord showed me a vision - one was an easy road which pointed towards a beautiful valley. The other was a high road - full of sharp stones and steep cliffs. He said He will ALWAYS love me whichever road I took. I will forever be His son... but He said, if I want to know Him as Moses, Abraham etc know Him - that secret is only revealed to those who chose the High Road. God's treasures comes with a steep price! - there is always death to self.

I never looked back for taking the High Road. Yes, it meant broken relationship and the 'dark night of the soul' but God replaces what I lost with Himself - Once you know Him you don't need another. You and Christ are in Union and you know the secret to destroy the works of satan!.

NOTE: To stay or leave is a matter of finding His will. I was involved in another church split in a different country "B". Months later, I received a call to serve in another church, & left having discerned His will. Eventually, the rogue Pastor left the country and the church "died"!

Anonymous said...

I am a professional.Me and my family worship at an AOG church in Penang.We sadly decided to leave church for the following reasons.It is related to the CC crisis."Some time back the Pastor told the congregation not to read the Star newspapers.But if you have to read,then tear out the part where church trouble makers appear".An obvious reference to TTG.My teenage children just stared at me blankly.Since when did Pastors have the authority to tell the congregation what to read or not to read? In my mind its none of any Pastors business what people read.He won't say it directly,but now and then he would make statements implying that TGG is Satan's platform.Malays call it"Bodoh Sepat". They look stupid,but are real crafty.This Pastor is like that.Since TGG stood up,this "Rev" has removed all the older deacons in church and put young men in their place- No doubt-YES MEN.He thinks we have not noticed.Safeguarding his ricebowl? My family began to see a different side of this so called REV.In our family opinion, we don't know what TGG is.But we did not find any malice,or satanic activity with these Christians. All thay they had asked is for transparency.RM1.9 million is a lot of money which many of us will not see in our lifetime. Personally I have never believed in REVs. There was nobody called a Rev. in the N.T(Neither Paul nor Timothy).The reason this sick "titled" group emerged among us is because the organization created this title for them.My families' message is this- "TGG-don't falter.Your victory would be a victory for accountability in the body of believers". Our regards to Bamboo Conspiracy
Call Bodoh Sepat SP and his crafty crew to account.


A Malaysian Pastor now serving overseas said...

I think we should be careful not to assume all mega church pastors are in it for fame, power and wealth. (I am not saying that EQUALIZER is hinting at this).

Some have good reputations for things like humility, godliness and being down to earth, even if they are imperfect as all of us are.

Two in Malaysia I can think of is Pastor Daniel Ho (DUMC)and Pastor Chew (SIB).

What makes them stand out in my opinion is their willingness to be openly accountable to their fellow leaders and seek daily to surrender themselves to God. By the grace of God and the prayer support of their congregations and other Christians, they are still around giving God the glory.

BTW, if I am not mistaken, Pastor Chew and his wife do not even receive a salary. For them, they have enough, saved from their past jobs. But he does not expect his co pastors to follow suit as each has different financial backgrounds and needs.

As we continue to pray and / or speak out about the CC saga, let us remember too to pray for the other pastors in Malaysia - that God will protect them from similar situations.

yoong said...

what is happening in cc in happening to other churches, the kelang valley churches are competing for a very smnall market share of the bulidng, new equipments, new vans, new library are just the tip of the ice berg.there are some collecting for investments in properties.
its real disgusting talk god is just an instrument !
for c c, the big sp is still stylo milo !
generally c c members are still courteous doesnt mean we are dumb fooled and brainless.

turn off the tap on the power!

as i have already complied a class action and few of us are in the midst to file at the court.

this is only phrase 1.

Anonymous said...

Latest News! after PG left CHC he also left his spirit in CHC!
or it can be the other way round!

Pastor Kong Hee and 16 other church members were being investigated for allegedly misusing church funds.