Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GDOP 2010 Klang Valley Report

"Even now," declares the Lord, "Return to Me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping...' Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and He relents from sending calamity...Gather the people, consecrate the assembly, bring together the elders, gather the children..."
Joel 2: 12-13 & 16
The Prayer Rally started with the return of the last leg runners of the Run For The Nation participants into the Stadium Malawati.
The Global Day of Prayer rally at the Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam last Sunday, 23 May 2010 which was Pentecost Sunday, was a resounding success.

Thousands of Christian of various denominations from the Klang Valley thronged the stadium and almost filled it to the brim. The prayer event was the culmination of 10 days of fasting and praying which began on 13 May 2010.

Similar prayer gatherings were simultaneously held in several venues throughout Malaysia. This global event was also held on the same day in a total of 216 countries with an expected participation of more than 220 million Christians around the world.

The unifying prayer of the thousands of Malaysian Christians for our nation was a sight to behold. Various Christian leaders and Pastors took turns to lead in prayer. The main speakers for the event were three of the most respected Christian leaders in Malaysia currently namely, Pastor Daniel Ho (DUMC), Rev Ong Sek Leang (AOG Malaysia) and Pastor Chew Weng Chee (SIB).

Although the GDOP event was organized by NECF, conspicuously missing from the Sunday prayer rally was the NECF Adviser, Tan Sri Pastor Prince Guneratnam.

Read The Star Online report on the event : Global Day of Prayer celebrated with a bang

Pastor Alvin & team leading the congregation in the time of Worship and Praise.

Pastor Daniel Ho praying for Repentance & Healing.

Pastor Phua Seng Tiong & Pastor Danil Raul praying for the Bumiputras of Sabah & Sarawak. (Left pic). Pastor Devadas Ratnam praying in Tamil (Right pic)


Pastor Tan Tek Seng prayed in Mandarin (left). Pastor Ong Sek Liang shared a testimony on God's act of Kindness upon his church, Metro Tabernacle (right)

Pastor Chew Weng Chee shared an exhortation on Empowerment For Transformation of the Nation and then ended with a call for the congregation to pray for the pastors.


yoong said...

sp presence would be totally disgraced, which church would he be representing? definately not calvary church.
interesting many of his deacons were also missing!
does it really matter anymore?

Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord God for one of the 1987 Prophecy fulfilled ! AMEN !

Anonymous said...

what prophecy is that? care to share?

yoong said...

23 yrs for it to fulfuilled ? might as well buy empat ekor , sure kena like that!
why 23 yrs why not 1 week 1 month ? next week sp be saying he had this prophecy 30 yrs ago of satan using t t g?

jsk said...

This is really a big fat joke. I cannot help but laugh at this whole situation. So the sheep (church members) were at the prayer rally but the shepherd was not there.

This tells me, the members are there praying for the church revival but the pastor was not there praying for the revival. Where can he be? Is there another place more important than to be with others praying for the nation with other christians?

Friends, I am not surprised. I would be surprised if PG and the Calvary leaders were there. In all my 20 over years in Calvary, this is my first time going for something like this and it is because I read about it here in Berita Calvary. Calvary pastors have never encouraged us to go for such events.

jsk said...


Some prophesies do take time to be fulfilled. But I do agree that PG will take your words and tell the members that satan is using ttg to stop work for ccc. Who else can he blame?

To God Be The Glory said...

To God be the glory! For the great things He has done through RunNat and the Prayer Rally.

Thank you Berita Calvary for reporting on these wonderful events to us who could not participate. Your reports give us encouragement to support the events in prayer.

Keep it up BC! You are doing great work for the Lord. Without your announcements, many of us in CC would not have known about these events. Ironical that CC SP is Advisor to NECF, yet CC people were not encouraged to participate and support such important events.

Anonymous said...

We are not encouraged to attend event by other church because SP afraid we will impressed and attend other church. To SP, it is just about the number, really means the money that comes with the number that he concern. With his ego, he also afraid we may find out that anointing of God is with others but no him. So he likes to govern by isolation.

Anonymous said...

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