Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Financial Stewardship

Shalom Brethren,

I used to think that once I have given my tithe and offering to the local church I have done my part and hence I am no longer responsible nor accountable for how the church spend that money.

I believe that most believers have been taught this "doctrine"

However, the truth of the matter is that all of us  shall one day stand before our Lord to give account of how we have utilized our resources, including those resources that we think we have “given unto the Lord”

Romans 14:12 
So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
      1 Corinthians 4:2 
      Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

I have been reading Calvary today and Berita Calvary and strongly encourage you to publish it  in one of your blogs as I believe  that this would be illuminating to a lot of our brethren.
God bless, have a great day and let me know if you would publish this  article in one of your blogs

I have also attached a word copy for reference

David K, 

Success Is HAVING What You WANT.
Happiness is WANTING What You HAVE
Health Is NOT Valued Till Sickness Comes

This is a letter we received from a brother today highlighting to us the article, “How Pastors Get Rich” by Cultwatch Director Mark Vrankovich. 
Unknown to him, we have written to the Cultwatch Team two days ago seeking permission to place this article here. We have been advised to place a link to their website “because Google will downgrade the rank of our article's page, if it finds duplicates on the web. Therefore to ensure more people can find it when they search for it a link would be best.”
Please do spend some time to read the full article. Click on the Title. 

An article by Cultwatch Director Mark Vrankovich

 This article exposes the secret methods certain pastors use to get rich off God's people. Have you ever wondered how some pastors start a church and then become wealthy living in flash houses and driving luxury cars? Well this article exposes how they do it, extracting money from their congregations to fund their lifestyles. Here are the secrets they definitely do not want you to know.

 Important Note:
As you read please remember that very few pastors use the techniques you are about to discover. The great majority of Christian pastors do not earn much money even though they work hard at their jobs. Most Christian pastors would find these techniques repugnant.

Please do not make the mistake of tarring the many good pastors with the brush reserved for the spiritually corrupt few.

You will discover the secret techniques that certain pastors use to transfer money out of your pocket and into theirs.
You will understand the overall pattern behind their tricks.
You will learn enough to protect your friends and family.
You could gain thousands of dollars (or pounds or euros), literally. Reading this article can set you free. Free to keep more of the money that you have worked hard for. Money you can take and invest in genuine works of God, or in toys for your kids, or perhaps something shiny for your spouse.
 Finally, reading this article can help you please God more, since you will no longer be investing in ungodly works.

Please continue to read the full article here : How Pastors Get Rich


Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

A word of caution, since I was the brother that brought this article to the attention of Calvary Today team. Please read with understanding and with the reverent fear of the Lord and even more importantly with COMPASSION because many churches are caught in this "paradigm" not just one!

DO NOT point fingers and start saying "AHA...I told you so....The role of the "Accuser of the Brethren" is already TAKEN and I doubt you want to be associated as his Helper!

So be wise and be humble, lest he who thinks he stand, falls.

Be guided accordingly,


Anonymous said...

SP should be attempting to heal the breach instead of continuing the fund raising. Is the building so important than its people? Now its asking the congregation for soft loans- will this never end?It always comes back to the $$$.But in the last analysis- a church deserves the Pastor it gets. Sigh>

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the troubles have surfaced for the greater good.Many things have been written on this blog- I thank God for this blog as it has highlighted the weaknesses in the AOG system. Personally I have never believed these men - so if we fall for their crap we have ourselves to blame. I believe all AOG Pastors should be under a Board.They tend to talk about submission while they themselves have very little of this quality.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on July 21, I agree with you. But sadly AOG under the influences of PG has over the time turn corrupt.
Chinese say, good son won't join army. Likewise, nowadays, good pastor won't join AOG committee, because they know AOG committee are corrupted.

Anonymous said...

I read with much alarm here on the blog that someone at CC had announced that Bank Negara had approved the soliciting of $$ from its people.Is that so? You mean, the approval was given verbally over the phone? All approvals from BN must come on their official letterhead signed by the relevant department head, which in this instance has to be signed by its supremo-Puan Zeti herself.Has anyone seen this letter? The game is up for Calvary.But what amazes me is the utter stupidity of Christians these days.Comeon!! Wake up Calvarites!!!Wake up from your slumber!!!There is a wolf in sheeps clothing prowling in our midst. Grieving for all of you!! That building is nothing but a mans ambition. Period. VJ