Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Introducing Calvary Today 2
We will not be posting articles pertaining to Calvary Church Crisis Updates in this blog. Please read the lastest update in either :

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The contents of both CT & CT2 are the same. 

We thank God for wisdom upon our administrators. As we have dedicated the entire month of May to concentrate on Praying together with Christians across our nation for Malaysia, God is faithful and He has given us the wisdom and His favour for us to be able to put together this Mirror site on this first day of June. We have learned that God is never early and He is never late. He is always JUST ON TIME.

We will continue to be in existence until we hear from God to cease.

God Bless and continue to Rejoice in the Lord Always.

CT Administrators


Anonymous said...

Finally we have a mirror site!
Keep up your good work to keep us informed on latest developments.

So AOG Malaysia is RUNNING away from her DUTIES ? Very interesting on avoiding the " Duty of Care " ?
The 3rd Defendant, AOG Malaysia has applied to strike out our suit against them. The hearing for this has been fixed on 4.6.10.

Two said...

PTL!!! Thank God for the CT administrators. The Lord will honour your dedication and commitment to truth, transparency and good Godly governance. You have kept the faith and continued with the race. The scheme of the unrighteousness shall not thwart you.

Anonymous said...

The church theme this year in hypocrisy urge us to rejoice. If we the church are persecuted by the fallen world, we will rejoice; but if the church leaders are as corrupt as the world, shouldn't we mourn and cry to God for forgiveness and revival? How hypocrite the church has become that despite thousands of believers mourn over the persist corruption in Calvary Church by Prince Guneratnam & his gang, the pastors and deacons pretend nothing happen, still make jokes and be merry as though as the tears of believers are not precious. Can a pure christian simply ignore this? I saw a sister in grief while Ps Richard make his joke and some laugh. Church leaders are so cold hearted nowadays; not qualify to be Christian, how much less lead the Christians.

Anonymous said...

All official LG in church today are controlled by the Tan Sri, saturated with brain-washed scheme & without freedom to express the true word of God.
I know many no longer attend LG, while in grief over the corruption by Prince Guneratnam. While such righteous grief is a good sign of christian growth, we do need to support each others in prayer, emotionally, and spiritually. We are fighting a long battle, & meanwhile we need to keep in touch & fellowship with brothers & sisters.
I am from YP & wish to call all concern members from YP, ex-YP and LIGHT to gather for LG/CG. For a start, lets gather at least once a month. We don't need the corrupt Pastors'approval for fellowship. Lets gather to worship the Lord, pray and study God's word. Unlike those church's LG that has hidden agenda to use the members as free labor in church activities, collect offering & as kempen to polish pastors' shoes; let us gather sincerely to simply seek the Lord & fellowship with His family, without any prejudice institution agenda.

CalvaryMan said...

Hi Anonymous. The men who were attending Men's Life Groups have done exactly what you are proposing. Go to the Calvarymen website at http://calvarymen-events.blogspot.com/ and check it out. I can even see one or two PG supporters in the group. This is truly a band of brothers.

Take precaution of hypocrites said...

Hi CalvaryMan,

It's great that the men of Calvary are meeting for a time of worship and fellowship. (Who say you need permission from PG et al to meet?) Just a little precaution with the one or two PG supporters in the group. I do not want to sound or be a wet blanket. Don't mind sharing, one of the reasons why I absent myself from attending some of your activities were because I tak boleh tahan (can stand) these hypocrites.

All the best to the Calvary Men.

Take precaution of hypocrites said...

Sorry, I meant can't stand (tak boleh tahan).

yoong said...

one way to tick sp is have our own meetings.....and get togather hold each other through..there are definately hantu s here and there..we stay clean and stay on course to a new calvary.

Anonymous said...

When the spiritual foundations are corrupt,one righteous man appears.

When people gather in great numbers for religion,the Great Pretence begins.

When there is no harmony within the family,strife in born.

When the country is confused and chaos- change is around the corner.

Lao Tze. Tao Te Ching.
Bro. Vijay

Winds of Change said...

Winds of change is sweeping through churches that have probable gone astray. The Lord may have sent Paul through His breath in the form of wind to warn the churches again, like He did 2000 years ago.

One of the largest church in Singapore, City Harvest, is now under investigation. The church bought Suntec Convention Centre, which is a commercial building. Calvary builds a convention centre... sounds similar?

It is a matter of time before the wind, which is now in Singapore arrives here... be prepared.

The Lord wants is to build churches, His churches and NOT convention centres...

Winds of Change said...

I forgot to put in the link about City Harvest Church story. here it is: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/singaporelocalnews/view/1060093/1/.html.

This church was the one who organized the Asia Conference / Church Growth International where SP and many other prominent church leaders ware invited to speak.


yoong said...

AS SINGAPORE was waking up one recent morning, investigators were swooping on the homes of a senior pastor and 16 others related to a charismatic church.

The commercial crime officers searched the office of the controversial City Harvest Church (CHC) and carted away a large amount of financial records and computers.

The 17, including 45-year-old Senior Pastor Kong Lee, were taken away for questioning as part of a government investigation into complaints of misuse of church funds.

It is one of the biggest investigations of a religious institution here in recent years. No one, however, has been arrested.

CHC is the latest of a series of controversies involving high-profile leaders of religious or charity bodies in Singapore.
meanwhile in malaysia another prominent pastor is facing legal suit. a 150 mil mega church was put to stand still when a public listed company was suspended .
with all intent and purposes, members should stand up and DEMAND ANSWERS.

yoong said...

SEEMed TO ME, more like i endorsed u , u endored me..that another brainwashing. memebers of c c , friends of c c , turn off the tap! write yr questions, demand for answers why happened to your hard earned MONEY!

genesispassion said...

this is one biggest religious scums in malaysia boleh land..was watching george carlin at you tube..religions is bullshit! seemed very true at sp and his deacons digging money from us ..i am for this petition.