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Severe Floods in Cambodia

Special Addition @ 30 October 2011.

This letter was forwarded to us by a regular reader. As this plight is also appealing for donation to help flood victims in Cambodia, we highlight Asia Outreach's appeal here. Please extend help if you are able to.

Please note that this letter was not sent directly to Berita Calvary and as such we have no direct connection with Asian Outreach. If you need further clarification or if you want to view the supporting documents mentioned in this letter, please contact Asian Outreach directly.

Asian Outreach (M) Bhd
No 81, Jalan SS 2/75,
47300 Petaling Jaya

Tel : +603 7876 6789

Fax : +603 7876 6221

Email :

Can you help?

This is a Forwarded email to us, requesting that we send to all who are willing to extend financial help. As we are now in the time of the year where we are preparing to celebrate the Season of Giving in December, we highlight here a plight that is worth our help. 

Many today, especially in Malaysia, have employed domestic helpers from Cambodia. This is a good way to extend our Christian charity to the people from whom God has placed in our homes to help us with our domestic chores. Let us show our love and care by supporting the work of those who have availed themselves by being physically there in Cambodia to carry out their Mission as God has laid upon their hearts to do. 

Not all of us can go to the Missions field to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ but all of us can give a little to those in the Missions field so that the Great Commission of our Lord can be fulfilled.

We have furnished links to their relevant websites. Please check out first before you Donate.


From: Denis Kugler <>
Date: Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:11 PM
Subject: Deadly floods in Cambodia
Dear Brother, Sister
More than 260 people died in the floods, and many are still missing.
In some areas the floods reach 3 meters high.
A few hundred Christian families need your help.
2 NGO ( Seapc and Nho ) and Agape Life Ministries want to help.
With US 50 dollars we can feed 8 people, for one month by giving them rice, noodles, soy sauce and canned fish.

May the Lord bless you all for your help and your prayers
Denis Kugler
Agape Life Ministry

Please read our link below:

Can You Help? Severe Floods 
Posted by Tina Tomes 

The current flooding in South East Asia is the worst in several decades. 
Several countries are affected by this devastating flood, including 
Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Hundreds of people have died due to 
flooding related problems such as starvation, lack of clean water, lack of 
sanitation, and snake bites. Entire families are stranded in their homes 
because they do not have a boat to leave. Other homes are covered 
completely. People and animals are gathering in any dry place they can 
find. Crops have been destroyed. Schools are closed because they are 
flooded. The situation worsens by the day and is expected to last until 
sometime in mid-November. 

In Cambodia, Fellowship Word of Life Church, led by Pastor Sinai, is 
wanting to share the gospel and love of Jesus by distributing food supplies 
to these affected people.  They have figured out that they can help feed a 
family of 8 people for one month for just $50. That’s right….$50. This  
Money would purchase and distribute a 50kg bag of rice, a carton of soy 
sauce, a box of noodles and a carton of canned fish. 

Their goal is to help at least 700 families – 100 at the Mekong River 
Church, 100 in the province of Prey Veng, 300 in the province of Kampong 
Chhnang and 200 in the province of Banteay Meanchey. Pastor Vanna, the 
pastor at FWOLC in Phnom Penh is the chairman of this project and is 
being assisted by several SEAPC-Cambodia/NHO team members – Pastor 
Sinai, Sothea, Sitha, Sokhom, Rathana and Piseth. They are also working 
in partnership with Denis Kugler of Agape Life Ministries in Phnom Penh to 
bring together the needed provisions and funding. 

Pastor Sinai and Sitha visited the affected area in Kampong Chhnang just 2 
days ago. They said that while they were there, a funeral was being held 
for a child who had died because of the flood. Many, many children are 
affected. The Cambodia Daily has reported that there has been no help so 
far from the government or NGO’s (non-profit organizations). Let’s show 
Cambodia that Jesus and His people are concerned and are helping to 
provide relief. 

To donate  you can choose following organisations : 

In the USA...... “South East Asia Prayer Centre” ( 
         Mail to:      
In Cambodia.....  “New Hope for Orphans” ( 
         Mail to: sinainewhope@hotmail.comk 
Bank transfer details 
Intermediary Bank: HSBC Bank, U.S.A., New York, N.Y. 10018 
Routing Nº: 021001088 
CHIPS ABA: 0108 

Account with Institution: ACLEDA Bank Plc., Head Office, 
Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

CHIPS UID: 415637 

Beneficiary Customer Name: NEW HOPE FOR ORPHANS 

FIELD 59:Account Nº: 0001-20-168934-1-5  

In Singapore...  Agape Life Ministries” ( 
         Mail to: 
Bank in Singapore 
Bank                      OCBC 
Acc. Name             Agape Life Ministries 
Branch Number     7339 
Acc. Number          629 012261 001 
Swift add.              OCBCSGSG 


 Click here for link to :  Agape Life Ministries

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