Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Movement of the Moderates by Rev. Eu Hong Seng

We received this Statement written by Rev. Eu Hong Seng, the Chairman of NECF Malaysia putting down his thoughts on the recent Bersih rally.
This article was written primarily to guide members of NECF in their prayers and in their journey as responsible non-partisan Christian citizens. However, for us as Christians in Malaysia, it is also a good encouragement to us and for us to join hands in prayer for our nation.
May the Lord bless, Rev Eu Hong Seng, Chairman NECF Malaysia for his spiritual wisdom and discernment.

Movement of the Moderates 

MALAYSIA continues to face some of her darkest moments as a nation. Over the 
past months, the lack of political will to mitigate racial and religious intolerance has 
naturally given rise to ideologues, extremists, and radicals. All these are no different 
in essence from the keris-wavers and cow-head trampling demonstrators we saw a 
few years ago. 

How one can rant and rave and threaten bloodshed and yet walk the streets a free 
man, whilst those who merely wear yellow T-shirts can be arrested, is most 
incomprehensible and unfortunate. 

Last week’s Bersih2.0 rally is a culmination of frustrations of the nation’s citizenry, 
and I suspect this marks the beginning of a movement of the moderates. 

There is some truth in the government’s reasoning that rallying “is not our culture.” 
But when tens of thousands of ordinary peace-loving people persist to take to the 
streets, besides the many thousands more who could not go due to the blockades 
and gridlock in the capital city, then it is incumbent on all of us to do some soul- 

The arguments for the legitimacy or otherwise of the 

Bersih2.0 rally reminds me of the famous “Lady Justice”. 
This iconic figure wears a blindfold over her eyes while 
lifting a sword in one hand and carrying a pair of scales on 
the other. Symbolically, she represents fair and equal 
administration of the law - without prejudice, avarice, 

corruption, fear or favor. 

If our leaders had likewise worn a blindfold1 and were 

asked to objectively judge the calls of concerned citizens 
and assess their conduct at the rally, their response would 
not have been so immature. 

In many parts of the world, any group or government 

espousing to“clean the electoral roll,” “stop corruption,” 
“use indelible ink” - would have been praised as being proactive, decent, fair-minded, 

honest, rational. Strangely in Malaysia, when some people ask for these very same 

practices, they are “demonized”, simply because they are “not government”.  What 

we witnessed on 9 July 2011 was the epitome of crude partisan politics. 

Personally, I think the demands of Bersih2.0  – for electoral reforms and the right to 
have a peaceful march - were not only reasonable, but impartial as well. Bersih2.0 
was not pro-opposition but pro-democracy. 

The people of Malaysia are maturing in democracy and we can no longer tolerate 
unfair practices, corruption, vote-buying and otherwise. Being “blindfolded” like Lady 
Justice also means we are color blind, i.e. it does not matter if you wear red T-shirts 
or have green banners, nor does it matter if you are yellow, black or brown-skinned. 

A right is a right. A wrong is a wrong regardless of whether it is committed by the 
government or the opposition or whomsoever. 

I know the Church in this nation to be a peace-loving people. But more importantly, 
we are a people of the Book and our Book teaches us principles and values, rights 
and wrongs. 

We remember Christ's mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves and not conduct 
ourselves in an un-Christian manner. At all times, we want to be conciliatory and be 
agents of peace to ensure harmony. 

We must resist the temptation to say and do things that are escalatory and 
antagonistic. When highly confrontational tactics begin to replace more co-operative 
approaches, conflicts escalate and more extreme personalities maneuver to become 
leaders of the conflict groups. 

And when this polarization degenerates till so much that is said and done makes no 
sense, we then need to remind ourselves that Lady Justice, though blindfolded, is 
“not gagged.” This is where the silent majority and the Church must speak up. 
Scriptures mandate us to open our mouth.2 

Moderates must speak up to check the damage intended by hard-liners and ensure 
that democracy is not hijacked. 

We do not subscribe to “political subversion” but the Church has the responsibility to 
stand up against the fanatics and hypocrites bent on corrupting the moral fiber of our 
people and destroying our democratic nation. 

There is nobody to save Malaysia except Malaysians. It is time for the moderates to 
speak up, be heard and play their role in this nation. 
Rev Eu Hong Seng 
NECF Malaysia, Chairman 

This article is written to guide members of NECF in their prayers and in their journey as responsible 
non-partisan Christian citizens 


Remember, the blindfold on Lady Justice represents objectivity, not blindness i.e. she is blindfolded, 

Proverbs 31:8 - Open your mouth for the speechless, ....  9 Open your mouth, judge righteously, And 

plead the cause of the poor and needy. NKJV 

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