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17th March 2011



The Christian community in Malaysia is deeply hurt that the Government has desecrated and
defaced the Bible.

Initial news that the Government had agreed to release copies of the Bible in Bahasa
Malaysia which had been impounded in both Port Klang and Kuching was greeted with joy.

However, this joy soon turned into grief and mourning when it was discovered that the
release was subject to certain conditions. Each copy has to be stamped with a serial number,
the official seal of the relevant department of the Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan Dan Teks Al-
Quran, and the words “by order of the Minister of Home Affairs”.

This means that the Bahasa Malaysia Bible is now treated as a restricted item, and the Word
of God has been made subject to the control of man. This is wholly offensive to Christians.
Any person who respects the Holy Scriptures of any religion would be appalled by this action.

The Christian community in Malaysia has always acted in good faith and with great patience
to find amicable solutions without compromising our fundamental beliefs. But that good
faith has not been reciprocated by the Government. It is the Government that has moved the
“goal posts” over the years through a systematic imposition of unreasonable conditions and

We have never agreed to any wording to be endorsed on Bibles to say that it is only for
Christians. The 1982 order issued under the Internal Security Act 1960 did not state that any
form of words had to be endorsed on any copy of the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia.

The latest letter from the Ministry of Home Affairs dated 15 March 2011 is therefore a set of
new conditions imposed on the release of the impounded Bibles which is wholly
unacceptable to us. We will never accede to any desecration of the Bible since the Word of
God to us is sacred.

We also wholly reject the Government’s contention that the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia is
prejudicial to the national interest and security of Malaysia, and treated as a subversive

As Christians we wonder how our Holy Scriptures can become a national security threat
where countless number of us find it helpful in bringing hope and healing to broken lives and
homes which we can testify to. Besides it commands us to be better citizens of our beloved

We therefore insist that the Government withdraw the conditions imposed on the release of
the Bibles impounded in Port Klang and Kuching. Given that copies may already have been
endorsed, we will NOT take delivery of those endorsed copies.

We call on all Malaysians, from Semenanjung and in Sabah and Sarawak, and from all walks
of life, to come together in unity to reject any attempt to restrict the freedom of religion in our
beloved country.

We invite all Christians in Malaysia to remain calm and to continue to pray for a dignified
and respectful resolution of this issue. As Sunday 20 March 2011 marks the 2nd anniversary
of the impounding of the Bibles at Port Klang, we call on all those in Malaysia and elsewhere
to dedicate themselves to a day of prayer and quiet reflection.

Bishop Ng Moon Hing
Chairman and the Executive Committee,
Christian Federation of Malaysia

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