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PG has backslidden a long time ago.Gold and glory seems to be his middle name for some time now-its no use pretending otherwise.In my opinion, anybody who is prepared to remove heartlessly 400 members so he can carry on with his CCC vision has definitely gone astray.Other tell signs of backslidden Pastors are abusing their authority,rudeness to other Christians,lop sided preaching
(the "give until it hurts" bullshit)and slyly running down other Christians and showing more concern( and spending quality time) for the young ladies in the church than for their wives.You shall know them by their fruits- not their religious talk.
Maybe SP will learn something from the recent Egyptian episode.On the other hand, CC members are partially to blame for putting him on a pedestal.If the archangel Satan can fall- we ought to walk humbly during the brief time here on earth.

SP if you are reading this in privacy, like the many other AOG Pastors- let an interim Pastor take over. Thats the only way healing can begin to take place.Its heartless to carry on preaching when so many are hurting.CUT THE BULLSHIT- DR.